Regulations SEC and Crypto Haters

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always there’s always good news,
is always bad midst of that
spent it it’s always good to focus in on
of good news but sometimes it’s
always good understand where the
bad news is coming from so, wha toe, some tea cup of a on with you to get
some of an coffee awesome terry cool cool to all car a lets up some people necks earned the
community are being and Oman it’s and thinking a
part of it and then it’s it’s
hard to say this you know but if
if you’ve been invested , for if you suffer gains and
losses , you’ve had your OPS and downs
and II think it might be a
little bit easier to one focus
in on longer term strategy and a
somet , you know sometimes it’s it’s
card to stay focused in a
sometimes it’s very easy to be
swayed, by yet people getting
weak yacht a negativity it’s so much order
to stay focused on it so much Carter also an
0212 to go into investing in
anything it doesn’t matter to
know whether not its digital
asset or st a date the first sign of trouble
the bail and a people you know
you put your money and yet you
can’t have to forget about it
lik and also end and like the
grimacing excerpt he is a
long-term play anno and and you
write nothing has changed at all
nothing zer , digital as it’s been around
since 2010 and if you look at
the long game and you look at
those initial years on what it
took ev a political sense of an economic
sense you can never look at
anything in a vacuum and of soap
I look at the geopolitics you know and and you look around
the world and you wanna look in
a vacuum and just capture one
events and other so much more
tha when it comes to history and
geopolitics and tended to go
back tens of years and up not if not to lead the
beginning of an event and are
yet to look for causation and
yet that put all the pieces
together y you it’s not that different in
terms of you we have to look at the
bigger picture you know there’s
no such thing as a get rich
quick scheme on anything the
promises get on your side and it doesn’t
always happen in the timeframe
that you anticipate it happening
out from my perspective you know
it’ , but when I was you know when
I’ve a investing an event I
would say daily a wimp of day
trading ball when I was trading
a stock strategies important you know
whether it’s again digital asset
stock or whenever you do in life , been a solid strategy if you
can’t don’t have a strategy and
play or you know your strategy
with digital assets could be up
on and then that’s it if it if it’s
amazing it’s amazing you know a
bit as mediocre then then that’s
what’s gonna happen and all bu and motions are always gonna get
the better view and it’s so
difficult item number you know,
trading and and you put your
money on the keeps going down in a
lose all this money and I can
get out and you bail out because
of the market is turning and it
all anno and unfortunately know the
big financial institutions are
really good at and playing that
mine game you especially when
the and yelling and so there is yet
deftly a stock manipulation and
things like that they’re taking
place it with are taking advantage of
those that are invested as well
you none so you have to it you
have to get an old very focused
o anno that Ta of dozen really
work with crypto and in the
beginning when I first got into
tribal client some of my stock
investin , and so it you’re looking for
the rover bang theory is the
stock to stretch so far on to
where it’s at a point where it’s
overs and so you know so that worked
in stocks but there’s specific
fundamentals that go along with
that stock that are related to a company, with what the company
position is what a company, you
know what that what their risk
analysis is on that specific com as economics involving
financials and you’re right and
that’s where my my issue and
again I’m no expert on this I
could be an pl , and we’re looking for growth
in utility, but how does that
factor in two T a tale of good
part of all, yet so where to go
over a new life Ta also has to do
with monitoring of the emotional
buy and sell as it was so you
can look at that party and you
can, with that expectation but it
gets its super high risk in the
space taken agreement said USC’s
super young daughter still so
much anno I don’t think anybody
really knows because there’s too
many variables that are involved
an ounce of you look at the
variabl you know and to davis’ prod of
regulation you bring up that
variable that doesn’t apply into
stocks were not concerned
whether n really focused in on you trying
to determine whether not all of
this digital asset is going to
be used in full utility and
let’s time merely because of what it
was designed four, we know what
it was designed for we know it’s
it’s an amazing solution we know as that solution Exe rapid as a
part of the rebel net platform
and it’s a very critical
component of rebel net on and
wants is f some aspects we don’t we all
know when and it will help its
being fully implements anno, or
you know what what what stage
banks you know so there’s just too
much and now we know that that
the par three put excerpt uses
of the digital asset within
their cor , is is just in its infancy that
were just identify now but
things are amazing because we’re
beginning to see bill bigger and bigger use cases
of digital asset and in whether it’s it’s using
not be a theory and platform or
you know what ever might be ill
were identify and that the use
ca a last week and talked about on
their using it for supply chain
moving freight ships off from ma
where was it the Nike number wh of this container ship instead
of doing it via paperwork they
didn’t Tia the black chain and it was super super impactful
because it actually did what was
supposed to do cut down paper to zero is the
norm leaders reams and reams of
paper and it passes through so
many people’s hands, to where it
do , and and that’s that’s the
exciting part and that’s where
we are all ICS the expectation now is for
black chain to move go to the
next level for digital assets
the ought to be integrated at a
much the patient I’m all, nobody
knows all we need to do is focus an excerpt uses you know if
that’s that is you know the one digital
asset that as you know an
amazing amazing to 10 shall all
when it comes to the economics
and we Time Care about us and nine or
should they they folks on the
bigger pay the of the bigger
picture that’s it in a rebel doesn’t the
other not you focused on on nine community opinion as to
what they should or should not
do on the Nike looking committee
opinion based on timeline their , you know if you look at that
the history on and so their goal
is a is deftly a long-term
strategy and it doesn’t happen overnight
and that’s what we all have to
really you remember is that in a
space like this is much as we wa or we want financial
institutions to embrace and we
wanna see the change, Bowe and
their perspective you’ll just
automatically m and then all the sudden say,
I’ve now were to move the rebel
net and we’re just moving
everything over tomorrow than
worry about are very very conservative on
because a responsibility that
they have from a financial
economic perspective , to their clientele tests they can identify that
there’s a better solution out
there began making that
migration the training process a
conversion p , yeah as they gear ready you’re
in a sandbox to whenever it
might be the that’s deftly a possibility
you know so that we Gotta figure
all that out of and a year just
the last point on this also , of the offline guises go
completely agree with you should
talk to others about a table
hyped up expect a lot and
selling disap it the better of them you know
when it comes to investing again
it doesn’t matter whether it’s a
digital asset space or stock yo tell people they they invest and
it’s it’s a motion a
roller-coaster if you’ve ever
traded stocks and it’s very in
Allah and he to what you’re you’re a motion
when you see that initial ride
July, – to take my profit now and back out you never looking
for the high you never try to
get in at the low but they’re
certainly all up obvious points
of en tier it’s a little bit different
you know people are just a
motion all in general because
we’re looking for I like that
the fast you know is that you’re putting
this money and with an
expectation of immediate return
and if it doesn’t doesn’t work
that way y to say what’s up to everybody
about the Honda service enforce
Michael, maybe they could you
cannot put on the TV in the
waiting it’s own Carl Lewis Carr eight so you got your
coffee gaming crypto was ready
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gaming crypto excerpt he is is
you know a guy Zeno it’s amazing
to me tearing a second, gaming crypto
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the and so you know, I like the
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huge a and it’s awesome you know
because I like giving it back of
a sub and it’s a lot of fun, Michael
of medicine are lit see good to
be among people will understand
well doesn’t happen overnight those
seeking immediate wealth and not
a serve the excerpt the space
farewell now and it on hand in
han and again you I think part of
you know what’s brought all of
us together in this community
also was really identify and the
grow you special within the space you
of those that are out there
preaching get rich quick that
was one of my biggest issues
I’ll tel above and beyond that they’re
going to eat too much to attract
people by promising you all of these
enough free air drops and the unfree a free digital asset and you not unite could be wrong
you know, I look at the pitcher
platform the pitcher platforms
almost identical onto the bindings platform if
you look at the two of them the
two apps are almost identical
commune I thought those kind of
inte on muslin adventure because
you’ll be to you are a seems to
be making some move, and you
know, kills me you know if you
look bac , but I never I didn’t get any
and that was going to get in
again when I was at six, you
know and so announce a like 39
and subs and some of these micro
exchanges the popup Becher
couldn’t have been a huge
exchange and they’re just doing
too much to truck t when it comes to these exchanges
are regulations also , to try to copy the form and yet
so that one drop copy the format
and.gaining crypto of finance
deftly is an amazing platform
you , so I’d so check this out young
it around and and and I thought
and I thought this is
interesting you know because , when it comes to a general
economy you know we want a look
at regulation we want a look at
what’s going on in the general
econom , and the UK you know with some
some stronger voices that are
trying to ban on a digital
asset, in the investment of
vehicles al , but again who was it you know
why is it that the government
thinks that there are no smarter
or more important than the
indivi and I wanna do let me let me go
through this first because I
thought I was really interesting
a point by point the more to
come , and in the near future
whenever that might be a near
future let’s call to future on
and in this is interesting to
because I ca , ran into one sand in Niagara
Falls on the lives of lives
overseas, but any also the I
happen to be in this area and we
met up and we’re speaking about we talk
about the Euro and were Tonga
what’s happening over there in
and I brought to light of what’s happening within the
digital asset space and a need
in and know the digital assets
pace of very well but was
interesti years ago like remember on, in
high school there’s a group we’d
sit up and and talk and a and it
was up as interesting just beca and we talk about the economics
are economy and is, stranger
thing about a noun high school
to be able to be kind of astute
like you know the upcoming Euro the
what what that the ramification
of what the before it for Euro
off for the world economy on and then also you know what the potential for
all of the Euro is Ford redman
team after the fact weatherby
success for not what’ll be positive or negative
and are outcome was it was to be
negative for your up and that
eventually would fragment they
wo is class is just using the nest
if you know you been overseas
are or what ever might’ve been I
know you know but a button just
f and know it’s it’s just it’s
mind-boggling and now you know
you look what’s going on in your
up and you look what’s going on
in are at talk a little bit about
that, after aisles wanna get
into regulation because there’s deftly some things are
happening off from a regulatory
a perspective right now , and tell from the regulatory
perspective what’s the SEC doing ought to start tracking block
chain data where they proposing,
and I think that that’s also
very important and looks like
we’re of the Ide negative interest
rate bond of that are issuing in
France, and telling them will will dig down
by one to go through fund first
I wanna see you know what you
guys of which are thoughts are
upo with the same exact message over
and over and over again coming
from these guys so , and I looks like gun it looks like and try to see
here on out that popped up look
at but I thought we had of a
dumb idea why young chat box and my my phone was was
slowing down yes it was really
weird a chap boxes were getting
mixed up I was watching deny tha up by EO I just a quick break
off or though the those of you
wanted a bad it’s so funny
that’s exactly what I was about
this a c on to bounce and and and listen
to loss of lessening the talk
about dove, regulation in and of
all this a mind numbing of mine
o that we enjoy talk about on
soulfully geyser are staying
very caffeinated but yet few
guys are new to the channel
anyone listeni and love of your early mornings
the best and deftly the Basso
Tseng thumbs up on the video of
the haven’t done so already and then and that’s it so
prescient you guys now let’s get
into, some flawed because II
think is interesting alone a
star with are we were, where’s this
article, Mira go on to star with
all of the NFC aid because this is a holiday that that’s
really cool all my highlights
and I put in here are still here, it’s really
cool, Starwood what they what
they said you know what the UK
was saying on taste on based on
digital of this is that of a young as a
UK market regulator again some
guys were nonetheless train the
study does this summer it’s a UK to this happen in the UK a now
it’s interesting in its import
forced to stay in tune with what’s happening in Canada
in the UK and Australia in other parts
your whenever might be a noted
for the we see the direction of
what’s happened digital assets yell not just tell what’s
happening here in the U.S. and
I’m not sure it up and know
where we’re all you guys are of
chiming fro , now what I thought was
interesting and this is the
statement that I wanted to focus
on because we’re going to then go
through other statements from
others all within the space Carl
Lewis and write that’s right
manur , and then they said extreme
volatility the difficulty in
valuing them for consumers and
other focus here the government
saying Sumers actually understanding of
what they’re buying and the
Enrico increase risk of
financial crime so, talk of a new group to its it so, so I think that that’s
interesting this is undermining
the intelligence of the people of main street of of
all of us of anybody wants to
buy into this space because
they’re not they’re not smart
enough i con regulate a cripple assets
and other trying to say an IP
right where you know when you
get into the casino like you if
you wa they go into a with a strategy
on them a standout and that they
understand how to play cards and
whenever might be they have a b where you know, this side of
things and it just it’s amazing
and then they go here that their
their of their savior it is
theref to all but you know as OK if you
any worried about derivatives
and you worried about the event
and of the casino like
investment that these a big financial
institutions may be trying to
take advantage of Utah’s like okay but then they
come back and they and they hit
Carter and they go after you
know big point is a prime
example ma in price a digital currencies
with fluctuations in value of
big point from proving a prime
example so again they say you
ought t Jan saw I look at this and a
similar to these people you’ll
have an ulterior motive you know so an issue I wanted a
title this set this up stream
flooding into a crypto or
ulterior motive are people
really that s you know there is a higher
probability chance that all of
these individuals that are
getting into this all are , they are, or they do have a
bull terrier motive and Unseld
that’s what it that’s what’s
critical and then 10 of the
reason I w of their other instances of of
native interest rate bonds in
audits and it’s crazy you know
so you’re there OK with that
further though they need understand is
no cure for stupid a right to a
NBA and be a good of good day
when that happens to oh so now
let’ kovarik England and and you know
you look at the the Sherman eder
in the United States Brad
Sherman and you what they’re bringing to
the stage in terms of of the
negative on implication of
digital asset you on the end
that the t so the first one and and I was a
big it’s it’s interesting
because you as we as we uncover this , we look and say OK you know
who’s involved in a wire the
same did you know why they have
to speak out about it today
really un to spread MIT misinformation or
simply speak for the sake of
speaking you know that’s what
kills me and this, goes back to
all w And and why it was wrong the
fraud that he perpetrated you know by abusing the
authority of the name Atty. and
went up in front of everybody
you know making some statement
claimed tha no opinion on the matter
whatsoever by making ridiculous
statements in claims of all of knowledge and insider
of information and all of that
and all but there’s a certain
authority of that people in
specifi on in favor war against a
digital asset whether they
understand are not of just using
their position of authority
their name rec on because people are to follow
them and listen strictly based
on the name so this first
article that we pull up, is up
is a sun , and LZ, bit cloying that only a
big point exchange exchange
guide a com to sell any help a
big point exchange tie dye, and the title of the
article crypto crappie is not
compliant and is for drug
dealers and this was, this was
the shark t , I thought was interesting
because you notice the statements crypto
currency is crappie and non
compliant and is seen all the
crypto currency was emailed of
digita you as a level 140 a position of
power on the guy is done some
amazing things with his life,
just because he’s done some
other a and oh so that is young to me
you really really of difficult
to fathom you know that they
have a guy like this again
abusing the on to spread misinformation that
he does a really understand now the says here, let’s let’s dig
in here, if I wanted the
compliance and I told one to
breach any regulators because on
a particip because it’s not complied and
regulators all countries do not
agree and if that’s a true to a
point, where it were still
waiting as deftly some submission there
any goes on all of this
noncompliance top I wanna get
involved with a drive jeep drug
dealer tra is that he’s he’s holding onto
you know some old you know some
old aunt, who have misconception
here about what what big point i and on so he’s spreading
misinformation based on
something that he doesn’t necessarily
understand you know trying to hold onto
that you know so of jay VOL the
scene never understand why they
think that the right when they
don’ anno excerpt the minute of the
up a founder to a ball away from
78 O Chile , just wanna know, they will
will get a chance here and get
some input from up from the
excerpt the minute I what he
thinks abou teams to be pretty exciting not
ship to tell of light so let’s
move on from a from Kevin
O’Leary, you know Kevin O’Leary,
and th till the next one, Jamie Dimon
and this goes back to 28200018
and you Gotta love again
position of power, and these are
just a r , I don’t really give issued
about that point out that one
you know of a terrier motive, I would say so
in 2014 he said that point was a
terrible store of value , you know that a year later is
it when survive and then in 2017
and as read this article on
marketwatch 2017 you said that
big on his of nonsense yuan a just
and I just kept going on and on,
and then the finely taste on I think he started
coming around recently, weary
spine the are realizing up and what what’s actually
happening within the space but
the ulterior motive for him is
that a dozen understand it and
be united all lack of transparency, and so
are you from a from a banking
perspective and then this was its sea of.Ella Rapp is also
back in 2018 , Jamie Dimon a cost crypto
currency a scam and Owen so, as
is you keep it keeps going here
as a city called a fraud and
that he to oh on digital assets in big
point , and then let’s see here again
and then, many goes on to any any cause bit cloying a
frog, a and so and it’s crazy to
because it just it whenever
there’s a little bit of you no
chang , any end his statement is is
that it threatens to diminish
American Power to the odyssey
doesn’t understand digital
assets he d it’s nonsense when he comes out
and tries to outlaw crypto
currency bill based on American foreign
policy and the rule of law this
is what he wants that to tend to
you to rest as is up his case on the dynamics of what’s happening
within the digital asset space
is not about at this point
replacing the U.S. dollar and
know it and this was on.Ellen Rapp but , so they they pulled out a
quote here an awful lot of our
International Power stems from the fact that the
dollar is the standard unit of
international financing
transactions it is the announced
purpose of up a level playing field to
allow all countries to
participate and members within
those can the countries to
participate in the to mention the impact of what
that’ll have on U.S. trade on as where able to develop more
and more things in the United
States and there’s more
countries around the world that will develop and a faster
rate because there’s more money
and more stability onto where they want a buying
consumer goods anno of rather
you’ll see an explosion in trade
and people wanting you know to
buy another one up to buy we bring
more production back to the
United States and people wanna
buy more computers and one by
more tab that whatever might be in others
things they can be a up of made
in the United States as we begin
to bring some of the textile i back in the U.S. for quality
control, and the other’s
countries around the world it
still and will want to and will
continue to in particular that evince
troubling for many years and
need stability of their economy on and the need to be able to
trade any global level and and that’s
good for everybody and nobody’s
holding onto these you old ideas
and now guess you know there is and I do not believe in and a
one world government or a one
world currency and I think
that’s fiction of its knocking
happen any tower in the world on mainly
because of all of you of all
that the status economically
politically there’s a lot of
other things anno but and the fact that the
Sherman eder is taking that
approach but we also know what’s
what’s backing him up and if I
think young nothing happens in in a
vacuum there’s a lot more to it
you what his statements mean why
is making the statements and
then all one of things I read on the
last the last time as to why the U.S. will be able to bandits
of meaning comes from from our
freedoms and Owen and so there’s
things that the government will be able to do on a EU know
at this point if there’s enough
voices all within Congress that
serve as a as a counterbalance b Jamie Dimon I Kevin O’Leary , BC with ASEA did in the UK we see what the Sherman eder of
you know is is trying to do it on this guy goes on here that
guy’s not that intelligent you
know that that’s at the end of the day the
Sherman eder is not that
intelligent or I place right time I don’t
know if I see a lot of these
congressional representatives
they’re not that intelligent,
they just and this doubt on on a whole
bunch of these great comments on an great movement there a
between the yeti client OTC,
because of chip of TSI you know
the big question out there is
you are you what a way to start seeing
airdrops of the yeti: it’s
that’s the big question up there
and so who believes a warm body
doesn’t o two of you I think that you were
to see some of that two because
warren Buffett had some really
nice statements, as we went thro , see Allison and I’ll be the
case, if you can’t be then
joined them and that’s exactly
the direction of moving it and
know they and so the Sherman eder we got
crypto currencies are a crock
the said a CNBC and this was a year ago a sure
meter and a joke disguise the
guiding even I use a cell phone
use a guy that got embarrassed
when or was that is at an apple does
a nap and get you can control
what everybody says and banks
because of Russian influence
other R a lot of the guys the guys if a
guy’s a crock a guy and I’m self
Ya what is what is now you know
this guy needs to be a E voted out with the rest of those
clowns and owned so light its move aunt
of a cell of light said that’s
the clown and then I checked
this one out then we have a Carolyn Maloney of Maloney
baloney over here all what Ishii
say this was a quo and think was
the same article on a nine,
they’ anno well what that does she
know as she sits there and are high
horse you know what their lack
of intelligence is well you know
what what that what is she done
i and what if we look at that
other if we build a little bit a
transparency in the Congress on
and input every action and
reaction because both of these two clowns
hear the Sherman eder and
baloney over here I guarantee
you of that they’re taking money
off fr whereas on the other hand you
have people like Daren Soto, and
in many others, like got an old, worn Davidson and the
list goes on and on a date do
understand digital asset that
have done all what’s needed you
know b , he’s the one that we picks up
a big service phone you know
dozen on a text and a dozen know
what they spoke as does know
what to the dough onto onto a soapbox
here on to go through this body
just rise me crazy you when you
when you see stuff like that in to 00 in only speculate that of
paying which are of up to god
and number payment routes I
thought it was an authentic pain
when and you are a shape that so meanwhile BT see as
outperform the stock market over
the past 10 years ID like that
it’s right , of of of that tax Erp be heading to the mound
saw some enjoy the Mounties enjoy all
that get some good pictures,
maybe throw some good pictures
upper prescient the bounced on
here all , R.I. let’s see where do we
leave off with these guys so I’m just going through the flood
because you’ll as we again to its look at their dolt your
ear motive , this was again a year ago on
and this was a time of block and has a lock on me, Ghana me,
blah, mead of comps and hear
their their theory here was that
he had substantial conflicts of
in and this was a an article that
appeared a year ago, where he
made of numerous comments and we
just talked about and then another company said
here this is the big one so you
connect all this year’s
government thinking they know
better than as they’ll take the time to
educate themselves in all but here crypto currency
accomplishes nothing except
facilitating terrorism narcotics and tax evasion of the last time I looked there
are multiple members of Congress
that it done a very good job of
tax evasion all without digital , an icy of lots of other of
fiat currency that’s gone that’s
gone way before 2010 of it have
facilitated the support of
terrori so looks like we should really
banned fee a currency on because
be a currency is intractable a
fee at currency payments aren’t, supple, and what time is it all minutes
on the hour and I still got a
few more things up two to talk
about it a: that’s their what’s
wro to a hit yet bought the yeti: it’s
going to be a white EC if that
isn’t taken right it’s a Getty:
it’s going to be a and as it hasn’t come out yet
but Getty wasn’t getting
cloying.IE Auer or somebody ago
by the dough by the domain of by
the Demi seed one thirties full cash is
pushing out of a shootout with a parachute to a Tutsi, and will which others as three
months, we miss this, all 2018
at bible this article up and see
this as on news PDC and I like
tr , and the banking number so a
town where was this one , the U.S. base banking
Financial Services clarified in
its 2018 the bank deposit
agreement that a reserve the right to
return are declined to pay for
items related to decentralize
nine fee of virtual currencies
crypto c I can understand if they want
people that they’re in a bar
people from buying crypto
currency using a credit card and ’cause there’s a higher
probability of defaults on that
credit card if people are going
to Max out credit cards to buy
big p if you wanna do an EC age tell
your people need to be held to
account if they are using their credit
cards, for you all for that and nobody can it get beat your
money it’s in your account the
bank itself , cannot a lock you from connecting or
pain or using your bank account
through an AC age transfer your
money over twenties change again
t nice nice and late regions bank and late for you and here it
says regions bank block all
kinds of deposit holder’s
account holders be its savings
or currents ar , I don’t think of it that
lasted on too long, and I don’t
know, I’m not sure what the
outcome of this was this was
that this wa and at this as march of 2019
this is their statements so this
is their statement so if they
have an overturned it then not to best thing to do was just
can’t use regions bank , been the bank of forget you
would you wanna do that when I
can use your bank anymore as a
lot of other options out there,
as w you know of what we will we need
to focus on is the blending of the of the
digital asset exchanges with
banks are already seen that
migration of movement where
we’re staring , I can never been unseated his
name, would see winder he im to
this, the founder of excerpt the
tip of notaries on you know wha base book with the amount of
money that they have it’s been
the end they create you know
which they’ve created they roll
out lib with the amount of money that
they spoke as in this when I
think the revise a central banks as
they can easily start buying a
bank’s it’s not a matter of we
have to already up life for
license and if you have, you and Everett you whenever that
this new entity is that baseball
creates under you know of
whether it’s straight face but
if am su but neither way they could
easily star Bina banks they then
have the bank license they’d
they’d make that acquisition
there’s no a poll done as a component will
pay interest on accounts working
with another entity you know that
that that only a element that is
still unknown variable is having
FDIC insured coverage on the
mone if it is FDIC insured and that’s
not FDIC insured I’m not putting
my dollars in a hold my money
and I don’t care what percentage yet that you look at that you
and in really way of those those
benefits and that’s why we folks
in on it and Tara too wide to do a now you know there there’s
just the other just so many
different statements he knows I
went down just going through
here’s the or in Buffett said this was on
CNBC again is in the name of
using the power on warren
Buffett says big point is a
delusion and a to a fitting track charlatans
and apparel am a charlatan and
so worldview guys are all
charlatans don’t and I don’t
deny I know tow he goes on up the sees no
unique value in the world’s
largest crypto currency , decided Sunday snippets of
coming here, it’s a delusion
basically, the tale CNBC’s a
Becky quick so the question is
whether do which banks dizzy own which
organizations and entities the
zeal which organizations and
entities are in conflict or in
competiti on exchanges are digital assets
on Hassey bought enough, Izzy up
to Izzy of attempting to want
you know, change of the dynamics to what exactly you know what
exactly is happening and Owen so
do we really know you know from
that perspective than you we
don’ but what I like it is what all
of them do every one of them
goes back into that narrow focus
instead of looking at the bigger
pi and they all do every one of
them we saw with the etsi and
we’ve seen with the Jamie Dimon
we sought without Kevin O’Leary we’ve seen it with all the
different banks you know we see
it now with warned a buffet what
is this statement here is right
here , the city sympathetic to
optimists who bought the world’s
largest crypto in hope of a
change their lives and evokes is
on what a big win is lost more than 80%
of its value since reaching a
tiny are 20,000 and then a 2017
a crypto currency was trading at
3 tardy thirties the 3700 on
Monday this is so does an older
article , so they needed at 21 on to say
to track charlatans if you do something phony by
going out and selling yellow
heels are something there’s no
money in it but when you get in
Wall St and no test it was huge money
and in not as deftly huge money unit of all
year ago I like this, or a
buffet also missed out on the
Internet boom based on as arcane thinking
exactly to don’t believe invested in
cool I don’t believe invested in
Amazon I believe he spoke out
against all of them I don’t
believe , cool, I think EEE was a face
book yet base book Amazon know
tang easy FAA’s book Amazon
netflix and cool I think of the
bank s , and and that’s just where he
up where he emphasized you know
so no money and you owe us yet
yet he was around young has made
a again to cut been amazing the
guy’s a billionaire you know he
owns a tonne a stop and he can
take that away from an it with a
po now they come out and speak
about something they aren’t
necessarily fully educated on and yet they want a voice their
opinion on something they don’t
necessarily understand , that’s what is difficult to
fathom now it will love of
warren Buffett would say you
know what I got the best team of top
people together the dog and I
got technology as I got at
economy is I got attorneys we
dug into this you of digital assets and big
point isn’t all what it knew
what it is up and his stated as
an oak here’s why I don’t
believe in based on their own credibility
their own laurels you know they
cannot sit based on Lionel my
reputation in this industry I’m
now regardless of understanding are
not in that to me is the biggest
issue with that because who’s
the charlatan at that point a
cha the net for what it is an
understanding the dynamics of
what if the significance of
matches the black chain but the
transparency as is interesting to know so,
let’s say that’s the guy drill
down one more than I wanna get
over to regulation on because it
sup and see a Kay here’s another one this
was on in may this was a on
markets is from business
insider, and so if they really
understand how and markets are volatile
economies are really all over
the world and its is about to issue
negative interest rates on a
bond meaning that people ought
to pay the whole the bond and
it’s a it’s that point isn’t a unique edge
as it’s vulnerable to the same
marker is as conventional
investments, that’s a new study
that the , okay to oh it’s interesting,
now we the only get into the
trade wars and talk about the volatility on
in the markets in other time
Balser two different things on
the new and so it’s just you
know y in again ages are looking at
that the current up a
overinflated markets or whenever
might be another looking at Yale
fundamental and then these different
countries and other trying to
apply the digital asset
phenomenon of the big point in
Amman two all of t as guy actually did some
research on it you know you have
to dig in, I just think it’s
interesting because these are
the con art , and then OK were an end with
this one later, for string into
regulation and is going down a
some of the things I pulled up.
We and if the eggs about a one and was sir up and to the bad car its own outlets of
backup here, let’s go back so
that that’s the fun you only
loser two guys are commenting on
here I gaining crypto I don’t know
about the other billionaires on
and to look into them and to see the ones that are are
outspoken again really dig into
into individual 1 May have been
really outspoken and really it using or abusing
their position of power on to
voice an opinion like Kevin
O’Leary did to oh, we should sell our crypto
named best and avocados are
these are shortage of avocados
are talking about to a new trend
of , avocados are really good
though orbs full of off of this year
also that they did the trend you
know my cheeks up and Elise Jorge Lozano, see
everybody loves, avocados , mark Cuban on some crypto
question is does you own
avocados and question is how
many of them are going to own
yeti: that’s the , see Allison year, to it, if you a buffet is the
poster child, I still feared a
shake of the RE and weekends away from this
inevitable disruption and all
that say they’re trying to you
know of instill fear yes to
instill fea the theirs deftly a huge power
struggle going on and that’s
what’s really interesting you
know that is it what is a no an
amazin and there to try to hold on but
it’s almost too late at other
terrified what face book is
doing because it is book is gonna put it out
there where it brings it two
main street so fast it was a
1.31.4 billion users a day, active users than 2.6 active
users to breed six build and 0.6
billion active users up are month it’s it’s amazing how you roll
out of the lever: to them you
know whenever we believe are
don’t believe in the lever: does
a mat and got put in perspective I
mean I don’t mind if someone one
of these guys comes up just like
any of us you were doing our
rese and your case and let me know
how many experts you put on the
case to look into it before you
speak out and the thing is like
wi it’s all there is to it , now into regulation so let me
up, highlight this one does a
lot next goal of Doc, I think
this was of this was up
interesting , and a second , wasn’t sharing its if I can share my screen
here are two guys to see this one ,

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  1. I'm much more like an SEC-hater. As long as I can recall being in this space, government agencies have primarily put up roadblocks for investors and innovators alike. We deserve (US) to become a third-world country if our politicians and regulatory agencies only care about maintaining the status quo of legacy systems, both financial and regulatory, turning a blind eye to such a disruptive technology that has the capacity to change the world for the better.

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