Regulations and Cryptocurrency in Blockchain Era

one of the questions that we want to impart get a little advice is that like cryptocurrencies change there's a business that we are in so we're building a service platform for a fraction era there's a financial center for a crypto currencies era yeah so like these cryptocurrency technologies are disrupting the old financial system there's fear based so in the migration there must be some new regulations so how does the US government that thinks on this this part sure I think the big question is how do you protect consumers or people who are maybe less informed about the safety and security of different investments that they might make and in the US there's a long history of from a regulatory standpoint trying to figure out what are the right things to put in place from a regulatory perspective without over constraining the market yeah and so I think those are the big questions that are being struggled with in the us right now and also with the notion that because it's a digital currency and not regulated or based in any one country I think there's a big debate right now about what the international rules yeah for these new kinds of currencies should be yeah and I don't think there's good answers yet to be honest mean yep so basically have nada specification stability its cross the countries border price border if I think is one of the attractive things about the new currencies but it's also a brave new world in terms of the regulatory framework for that so if there's fraud in one country how do you enforce it it's just one of the examples how do you enforce penalties either civil or criminal penalties for bad actors who do who do things that you don't want people to do yeah yeah and I think we'll figure it out there needs to be a strong dialogue across national borders in order to arrive at the right solution mm-hmm all of our countries have a slightly different system of laws I think there has to be some sort of global consensus in order for it to flourish the way that people think it should and the real thing that us they will lead like maybe the wars conference on the crypto financial I think the US will be a player but frankly I think in other countries smaller newer economies that will you know provide some of the starter conversation for the dialogue and I think the US will be a participant but not the exclusive oh ok so so which country do think they're most likely to lead well I just saw a China has banned Bitcoin yeah yeah today's Neil's it's clear that they opted out and says we don't want to have any part of that I think China is making a mistake in that regard yeah but I think you'll have other economies Estonia you know could be an example there are more technology forward-leaning uh-huh I think some of the Scandinavian countries are very interested Switzerland and traditional banking centers around the world London the UK would be a place where a lot of innovation takes place so I wouldn't count anybody out at this particular point include all okay I want I think yeah the great opportunity time why yeah sure be a leader in the others yeah we are trying to lead it yes we are try hard

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  1. Here is a comprehensive guide to where blockchain and cryptocurrency stand with regulators and governments around the world.

  2. Would be nice to see an interview with Micheal Hudson to hear his views of cryptocurrencies and Cobinhood. Hearing a man like that would give many people the security they seek.

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