6 thoughts on “Reggie Middleton & BK CryptoTrader Interview p2 ? ICOs / VERI Value / Exchanges / The Future ?”

  1. BK can you please expand on why he says saying more coins will not deflate the value of VERI tokens?

    Saying it's not like a normal stock. But coins are like normal stocks in the basic sense that the more coins released the higher the MK (unless the price goes down). The more supply the less demand and the less demand the lower the price.

    If all the VERI coins are released into circulation right now and kept their value, the MK of Veritaseum would reach roughly $15Billion. To double in price it would need to reach roughly $30Billion – Larger than Ethereum, the platform it is built on.

    How does this sound at all attractive to an investor?

  2. Would buying BTC right now when it is at its alltimehigh and converting it into alt coins be a good move ? Or would it be better once Bitcoin falls back down.

  3. Much love BK and Reggie. Knowledge off the rip. I crave the recipe, the process. Keep it coming boss king. Soon enough the future will successfully transferred into our hands. No greater power on this planet than knowledge.

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