13 thoughts on “Reggie Middleton & BK CryptoTrader Interview p1 💰 What is Veritaseum / Generational Wealth 💰 VERI”

  1. 🌐👍💥👍👍💥👍💥👍💥👍💥👍💥👍🌐

  2. No need to harp over the same stuff that low IQ cant figure out just show how we can make money on the real platform. We dont want to loose our tokens for high fees. Need know how your leverage work. Real examples pls

  3. This interview was better you were less defensive. Must be hard i know but we need to feel confidence in you. Dont get me wrong we love Reggie we love your concepts. The world needs this change. And your gonna give it good and proper and we support you. Know this

  4. So then one person only needs one VERI token to use the VERI network software? In other words, I don't need 100's or 1,000's of tokens to play with the VERI software?

  5. I own a few 100 VERI and have no clue on how to use it. I don't think I am capitalizing on your product.  Where do I go for the download on "VERI for DUMMIES".  I need to get proficient in VERI.

  6. Hi Brandon – Great opening and a great interview….but the opening. How am I going to follow that. I shall be interviewing Reggie for my channel next week and have learnt a lot from this conversation.
    Thank you for an awesome interview!
    Crypto Rich

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