7 thoughts on “Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian talks Serena Williams, Big Tech, cryptocurrency, and more”

  1. I'm intreagued by watching the program Influencer. This platform allows me to see Alexis Ohanian for the beautiful, evolving mind he has.. he still thinks like 'the kid in school, he ADMITS his fears, and give the entire perspective of WHY (he fears).
    I like the fact that he's NOT taking his company(s) to be publicly traded on the stock exchange.
    The idea that in America (as elsewhere), the worker bees (grassroot workers) are the VITAL components of profit and THEY are paid at say, $25/hr, their value to the company is $200/hr and the $175 difference is being paid every month the shareholders who visit their mailboxes to kiss their checks that they look forward to as the sun rising, but have zero to do with HANDS ON profit growth (besides dumping investment capital into stock), is appalling.
    Shareholders need compensation but people who HANDS ON, grow businesses should get more pay commensurate to their GROWTH VALUE….I'm done. 05/02/2019, 6:54 am.

  2. Thank you Mr. Ohanian, I loved this interview. You are so genuine and I love how you answered the interracial marriage, raising a bi-racial child and stating, we will try to be the best parents possible. I wish you, Ms. Serena and your lovely daughter all the best. I have been interacially married for 23 yrs and we are the proud parents of 16 yr. Old fraternal twins. I would not trade my life for anything. I wish your family all the best. I learned a lot in this interview, thank you again. Tina in Cali.

  3. He is the son of our people and it does not matter where he lives,we in entire history of our people everywhere and always showed all the best qualities, talent,creator and people of peace and labor,unlike some nomads who live on our historical on our historical lands.P.S. We have greate reason to be proud to be ARMENIANS

  4. The Mainstream media know that Tulsi is the voice of reason. The last thing they would do is give her airtime.

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