Record Low Volume!! | Bakkt, Tether, Coinbase & Stock Market Update

in this video I want to continue to talk a little bit about the base cone volume and also the home cryptocurrency market volume because we are seeing the volumes being at record lows and what does that mean I'll go to breakout soon I want to talk a little bit about that and I also want to take a look at the stock market so I want to go through a few big names I wanted to take a look at Google Amazon Netflix and the big indices and I also have a few new stores for this Bitcoin and crypto and user section of this video so if you think that that sounds interesting that I think that you should definitely keep out of this video hello guys and welcome to the moon my name is Carl and I'm ready to bring you another cryptocurrency video and let me start off with a quick little ta on Bitcoin there is nothing that dramatic that has happened so I'm just going to point out a few things right now I think we can just keep in mind and the developments that we have seen here in the one hour time frame is that this is support zone that we were trying to hold here for a little while and it's a very important support zone because we've seen the price actually come up and test this zone several times so it's a very important zone and as you can see when we broke it as we would expect when we break important zones we see a big sell-off or to the other side a big increase which is expected when breaking key support and resistance and well we can see the price actually tried to get above it again we got rejected and since then we've seen a correction and let's not also forget that this zone I put down here actually acted as support when we dip down below to it but one thing that I want to point out here is that the downwards trending resistance line this yellow line seems to actually have played a big role in well resisting the price here we can see the price wasn't really able to break through this line only for a short little period of time it seems like maybe we should actually keep a close attention to this line and maybe right now the price is not really able to break through here because well if the price has tested several times maybe the resistance is too strong so we'll just have to continue to watch time and let me just last right through the EMA ribbons really quick and we can see that only one hour time frame we're just going kind of sideways so it doesn't really hold that much significance but right now we have seen a little bit of resistance on the EMA ribbon so yeah a little bit of weakness in the immediate short-term here go to the for hourly we can see the exact same thing actually we're just trading sideways and we're kind of below it right now which indicates some weakness I think the daily email ribbon that's where I would keep my attention that's there that's the time from that actually seems to actually hold some information for us and as you can see we are trading below it and we are seeing resistance from the EMA ribbon we're not really being able to push above it we have tried several times 1 2 3 4 times as you can see there the prices try to push through this ribbon but has not been able to and I'm actually quite surprised that we haven't seen a big fall to the downside yet that is actually something that I've been expecting pretty much every day here since we've been trading below it so well maybe that's an indication that the price is stronger than I've been believing but it does seem that the email ribbon still is actually quite strong in keeping the price below itself alright but now I want to talk about something important and that is the volume let's just take away all the lines and just bring out the volume like that and if we just zoom out a little bit we can actually see that the volume right now is historically low right now I'm on the cone mist exchange and well we can still see that the volume is historically low and we can take a look at the bit stamp exchange as well and you can see the same thing here that the volume is very very very low and I think that's very important to keep in mind because low volume that means that people are stepping away people are waiting for something to happen they are expecting a breakout and it's the breakouts they are expecting is the written to break it out of this bigger descending pattern that we have the decently triangle or wedge or whatever you want to call it and well I would argue that that yeah probably I mean we are still seeing these lower highs we have not broken the lower highs so we are still in a downtrend in that regard and we're still above this horizontal support line so we are still within this very important range this tightening range and at some point we are going to have to choose a direction and if it's to the downside if we break below the lows that would probably lead to a massive sell-off to the downside and if you are able to break to the upside and break above the previous high right there which is at approximately six thousand eight hundred and thirteen dollars and more importantly I think that we need to actually break decisively above this the high which is at approximately seven thousand four hundred and seventeen if that is possible and if we have volume kicking through and going straight through these levels then that would probably be a massive break to the upside and I think this is what people are waiting for right now and that's why we are seeing the volatility go down and the volume go down because people are not trading people are not buying or selling people are waiting and I think that very very soon welcome T massive spike either to the upside or to the downside but I don't know which way it's going to go and frankly no one knows and when we go over to coal market cap we can see that the volume the 24-hour volume is extraordinarily low compared to where usual is when we go to the core market cap this number is usually between maybe thirteen to fifteen billion or something like that and when it's low usually we see it around ten to eleven twelve that's low volume being below nine billion that's that's very very low and it's just another indication that people are not really in the crypto market right now people are turning off their screens turning off their computers and they are doing are other things because the market is boring we can clearly see that the 24 hour change for Bitcoin not even 1% and that's actually the same for all of these coins I mean not even 1% change for most of these coins that's unprecedented for the crypto markets were used to these hugely volatile moves with with like 2 to maybe 15% changes per day and so obviously this low volatility is making people bored most people went into the crypto markets because of the volatility and the trading opportunities and when that's nowhere to be seen well they are leaving the markets and right now all the focus is actually on the stock markets because that's where the volatility lies for the time being we are seeing the stock market being down quite significantly from the highs and we have seen big big percentage drops in in single days in the stock market so people's attentions seem to be focused on the stock market right now and that could mean that the opportunity right now is in the cripton markets but I guess the summary if we just compare the crypto markets and the stock markets right now is that Bitcoin has actually become the new stable coin because if you compare basic to the stock market's Bitcoin is actually less volatile right now and important things I want to know is that we are still above 200 billion I think that's an important blind and we have the big codominance still not doing really that much in the crypto marks right now we're seeing people not being fearful not being greedy people are born and that means that big con dominance states in the same range and everything just stays all right let's go to the tether corner and just take a quick look at what has happened here because something that is very interesting is that can you see here that the market cap has dramatically changed and not only is that because of the fact that the tether has actually gone down approximately 1 or 2 percent in value but as you can see the market cap line the blue line here which was at this all-time high here was at 2.8 billion dollars so that would be 2.8 billion US dollar tethers that were printed but as you can see they've actually discontinued a bunch load of tethers and let's zoom in actually and that's something that they have not done for like ever really and let's just zoom into the one month so here we can see that we were up at 2.8 billion and then we saw a big drop and they took away one hundred million tethers and basically in the month of October as you can see this was the beginning of to October back here in the month of October we've seen them will actually discontinued almost a billion USDollar tethers we started up at 2.8 and right now we are at one point nine so nine hundred million u.s. dollar tethered they have simply just discontinued and I'm a little bit undecided on like what I think is happening right here and what is what this going to mean for the market but something is happening obviously they are this is a massive amount of tethers that just are vanishing and I'm just wondering like what is happening with the tethers what is happening to the reserves that they actually use dollars that are supposed to back up these tethers and how is the market go to react to this and so far we have not really seen the market react in the last few days but as you see when we saw the first two big chunks taken away from the the market cap we didn't see this big volatility move so but since then when the tethered price has actually stabilized a little bit around the 98 99 cent mark but we have seen the market cap continued to go down and I'm not really sure exactly what this is going to mean for the tether price but let's see if this continues to go down the mark if they continue to discontinue tether tokens maybe we will see the tether price actually continue to go down as we see people lose confidence in tether alright let's take a quick look at these talk markets I would just want to quickly go through these indexes or indices and the Russell 2000 still being down quite significantly we can see that to the to the bottom 15.5% but we did see a small little rebound yesterday so we did see a small little balance in the russell 2000 and let's take a look at the S&P and the SMP also got a small little rebound and so yeah and this is actually true for all of these indices the Nasdaq also had a nice little rebound and let's take a look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average that also got a smaller rebound if we go to the for hourly we can see that that is actually true and so the bottom in the Dow Jones was actually at twenty four thousand five hundred and thirty two dollars and then from the bottom we actually saw the Dow Jones actually bounce up to well actually two percent up so the general theme for yesterday's trading day that the the big Enix is actually got a smaller rebound to the upside but nothing to write home about I mean we're still in the lower hi territory and if we were going to do some ta here we've seen a lower low and then a lower low and here we had a lower high and right now we're still in the lower high territory so in order for us to do anything interesting here we need to well in my opinion we need to go above this high which is at twenty-five thousand eight hundred and twenty five to actually defend the the uptrend but right now we are still in a clear down friend in the for hourly timeframe so well bearish is the word I want to use for the stock markets right now nothing has changed even though with is a small little bounce but we did see a small little bounce back here and still got another lower high lower low and this was actually what made me very bearish I mean I actually thought that we were going to see small rebound and maybe start to more go sideways but the fact that we broke below the previous low there that was very bearish that's actually one of the more Bears things that could happen here we actually broke this support and we're below the 200-day Lee moving average and like everything just looks very very bearish and I mean we're not really used to seeing this because the stock markets and more specifically the US stock markets and even more specifically the Fang stocks have been doing fantastically well for the last year's and just taking a look at a few of these let's just take a look at Amazon and let me just zoom us to the weekly time frame and when you zoom out in the Amazon chart you can see that ever ever since 2009 2008 we've just seen this being a clear exponential run-up and let's go into the daily chart and just take a look at theme we can see that in the short term here we have seen this bubble pop seemingly I mean this does look like a small little bubble pop but still we are actually holding above the 200-day moving average in the Amazon stock let's take a look at Apple Apple is actually holding up fairly well compared to the other Fang stocks let's take a look at Netflix for example Netflix is not holding up very well we've seen a big correction in the Netflix price from the highs to the lows Netflix is actually down 28.8% which is actually any clear bear market remember 20% down that's the line for the for a bear market and Netflix is in a very very clear bear market so that is very interesting that we are seeing a huge name like Netflix being in a bear market with a huge market cap and it's the same thing here on the weekly we see that ever since down here in 2007 2009 we have seen Netflix being in a clear exponential bubble run and yeah so we are seeing that pop right now and we can take a look at Google as well and alphabet has also had this exponential run up alphabet is Google and going to the daily we can see that we are below the 200-day moving average for for Google and off of the highs were down we're down 18 percent so almost a bear market for the the alphabet stock so that's also noteworthy that we are seeing these big stocks and these big names actually go down this significantly so we can see it actually held support on the 200-day Lee back in April in March but we did see us actually break straight through that 200 a link right now so yeah we are seeing very bearish things happening in the stock market right now all right let's take a look at the bit coin and crypto news section for this video and first off it's a different kind of story that I want to take a look at and I'm not sure if this is true or false but regardless I want to bring this up as an example and a reminder why you should never hold more money on it in exchange then you can afford to lose so this is a post from someone named Polonius compliant Polonius forced any a nondisclosure agreement take your money off of Polonius and I will leave the link down below so you can go and take a look at this yourself but I'm gonna to go through some key points here and so this guy tried to withdraw his money seven months ago still has not received anything for six months Polonius ignored my support requests they also refused to reply to multiple Better Business Bureau inquiries that I filed their compliance officer John Brown skype sweet John Dean mostly ignored my messages occasionally promising me he was working on it but refusing to give me any real information and once again I want to make this very clear that I have no idea if this is true or false this is very unconfessed have a history of not being very helpful and well there's just some shady business going on in many of the exchanges we have seen that with beautiful next have their with it would not be very surprising if this was true that's basically what I'm trying to say here last month I told Polonius that I'd be filing a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General if they didn't do the right thing and they finally started replying to my support tickets still a week plus response time but better than being completely ignored John mentioned that an engineer is needed to send me my money yet they didn't even have an engineer look at my support ticket until the seventh month I went ahead with filing a complaint with the attorney general and Polonius sends me back a non-disclosure agreement asks me to sign it send it back and then they would call me I refused I have right to my own property without needing to sign any further documentation and so now they're saying that they cannot send me my money because the trading of the corn has been delisted and like I said I will leave a link down below if you want to read this through and I've heard other stories similar to this not maybe specifically for politics but for exchanges in the crypto market and because of the absence of regulation and the absence of control it's easy for these exchanges to do shady things and that's why I want you all to this would be a reminder like I said to just please do not hold that much money on your exchange please I strongly suggest that you control your own private keys and the guy writing this post says the following I strongly suggest everyone take their money off immediately off of Polonius I says they are running a fractional reserve or are due something else equally shady take your money out while you still can I probably won't be as lucky and I am filing a police report with Boston PD and we'll update you on what is happening and this guy is actually asking for further evidence here from and further stories from other people so if you have a similar experience maybe you should go and contact this guy here so yeah I just wanted to quickly mention this and please take off of your money off of the exchanges if it's more than you can afford to lose and that actually brings us to the next story and this is actually from coinbase and we can take a look at this so US court dismisses lawsuit against corn-based for alleged Bitcoin cash insider trading and maybe you were not here back then but back in 2017 when they listed Bitcoin cash on the corn-based exchange there was a lot of shady stuff going on before the actual listing because we saw basically cash actually go up in value rapidly before the actual listing and there was a lot of speculation against if maybe the coin base exchange actually I had some insider trading going on there but it seems now that the US Court actually dismissed this lawsuit against Cohen base and you can read this and I will leave the link down below if you want to read this through and so well this was a big story over a year ago but the lawsuit has been dismissed and this article also mentions the bit Grail hack we saw this week a New York judge also dismissed an investor's proposed class-action lawsuit against the developers of all Conan o xrb and at that point it actually was called Rey blocks the class-action the case had accused the alt core dev team of violating US securities laws and misrepresenting the reliability of Italian cryptic exchange bit Crale from which around 17 million xrb was stolen in February so this is just another perfect example of why you should never leave coins on an exchange and so bitch cradle got hacked 17 million xrb got stolen and it's a little bit hard to know exactly what happened but some people speculated that it was the owner of bit cradle who actually stole the coins and but I never researched that I just took that as another example of why you never leave your coins on exchange so if you're watching this video right now if you're listening to me right now as soon as this video is over please just go into your exchanges where we have a lot of Bitcoin or a lot of coins and places withdraw as much as you can over to a legend on OS or some other hardware device so you control your own private keys I highly recommend it and next up we can see that Sony actually unveils multiple application contact less cryptic Rizzo Hardware wallet and I don't want to go into this very very detailed but I just thought that this is interesting that we see big corporations actually creating cryptic little hardware wallets and I think it's only a matter of time before we see a bigger corporation start to actually compete against each other with the trading cryptically hardware wallets and I mean maybe some sometime in the future we'll see a hardware wallet like that looks like this being from Apple maybe I don't know this is just my headphones I think that as we see adoption and mass adoption increase we will see these corporations will compete for the market share of different cryptocurrency products and we can see that Sony has already jumped on that train and next up unconfirmed US regulators could approve backed Bitcoin futures launch in first week of November so this is unconcern this is just the rumor so don't get too excited so the Intercontinental exchanges eyes backed cryptocurrency platform could get approval to launch it's physically delivered Bitcoin futures products from US regulators next week an unconfirmed anonymous source told tech outlet the block should regulators gave the project the greenlight Isis backed will begin launching its Bitcoin daily futures contract for clients as soon as the first week of next month according to an unnamed source with direct knowledge of the situation supposedly according to the block so let's see what happens we can keep our eyes open but remember it's just a rumor and to end this video off I just want to end with this this image here to also remind people of don't fall for propaganda and and don't fall for every new Alcorn that's out there and in the next bull market there are going to be more all because coming out there will be thousand thousands of coins trying to convince you that it's the new Bitcoin it's the new light corn this is the new decentralized this and this is the new decentralized that and they will convince you to buy their coin and me being someone who's actually been here during an altcoin boom the last the last one I can tell you with the fact that no the coin that you're going to invest in is probably not going to change the world so just be responsible in the next odd combo because the next of kin' boom is coming it's only a matter of time there are so many scams out there and most coins are not going to exist in just a few years so keep that in mind but on that note I am going to end this video and well if you want to click this video watch it I definitely think you should and I will see you guys tomorrow Oh

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  2. I had btc in yobit and I bought a coin that it gone well after some weeks, I could make thounds of dollars ..but yobit delate the order and my balance disapeared….stay away from yobit scamer….and support-Tickets are ignored.

  3. Feds tried to sent me a non disclosure agreement too. I'm trying to get my wife out of Iran. Now I stuck. Shtf is here.. The of the fan are spinning. We are all being entrenched in fecal matter. Bon appetite

  4. One of your best videos, Carl! 😀 SUPERB!!! Loved it!! The only thing I beg to differ is on the possible BTC crash you mention BEFORE the bull run starts. I've heard that thing dozens of times and many people say that the support zone of 5.8K-6K will be broken. The line has been tested almost 6 times just in 2018 and it has NEVER been broken. Plus, if you look closely, the BTC price is kind of forming the bottom part of the Cup & Handle pattern. See for yourself and you will see it's true. It is very similar to previous bull-run starts where the line went sideways for quite a while before going parabolic. What do you think?? I'd love to hear back! Plus, please analyze XRP, BCH, LTC and ETH. Love to hear your point of view!

  5. Many people have lost alot of money from whales and your more then average trader, so i think those people who have lost their money have turn away from the market.

  6. Remember people we are in the accumulation phase rigtnow, buy little bits when you have extra money when dips happen.

  7. When crypto takes off, so many people are going to get screwed for straight up ignoring basic personal security practices like not keeping money/crypto on exchanges. Its going to happen, and no amount of education will stop enough people. that's just the magic of numbers at scale and statistics working for you.

  8. Huge reverse head and shoulders forming on the daily. When we break up to 6800, it will complete the 2nd shoulder. That will then cause a very sudden and violent move to 7500. This will be our first higher high and signals an offical market reversal. We are currently in the eye of the crypto cyclone ??

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