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[Illumination Production House] [Music] [Not For Nothing] So recently OnePlus has announced their new phone i.e. OnePlus 6 OnePlus 6 will have iPhone X like Notch on it and i am really excited about it. about the news. I really liked the news but today i.e. on 29th We have an exciting news i.e. OnePlus is coming out with some kind of cryptocoins Recently the CEO actually posted up a video announcing about a gold coin Called the OnePlus Coin or something like that So i think this is the same april fool joke that onePlus is playing again ! yes !you heard it right again ! because Last year, in april, they kind of an announced the dash energy drink which they actually sent to some vloggers and bloggers and they officially announced that it was an april fool joke So there are chances that this might be another april fool joke because in past oneplus has done this. In case it is true. OnePlus is coming up with their own crypto currencies To be clear, cryptocurrencies are not legal tenders in india. So you cannot use cryptocurrencies but still an exciting news. So i hope you enjoyed this video and you got this news. please hit the subscribe button and share this video with your friends. BTW Links to my merchandise are in description Please support me guys !

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