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all right everybody you guys should see us in the chat room yeah that's just that's a cute comment there old school comp you see instead of one Lambo when Prius today's that day I'm going to buy one today oh man so uh yeah so Joey we were just talking about this earlier but you got totally missed by the by the hurricane yeah oh yeah oh we are live we're live man why'd you guys something I'm like you're sitting over here like fiddling around and all of a sudden you're not bring up the second desk screen and I'm like I hear you guys talking like holy crap we're live that's right we give no warnings we just roll we just roll it we do you chose man and uh the cowboy and the ape we'll get into it yeah so we got the guys from watches trade and these a us are hardcore technical analysis crypto traders and we scheduled the thing was last week we actually scheduled for this Thursday we were gonna try to do it last week I just didn't have the the time to do it last week so I said how about this Thursday and they agreed so yeah just gonna talk about cryptos we were just chatting before where he started going live and he said look you know we they saw what happened with you know Kryptos getting a monkey hammered last night they say pretty much don't sweat it they feel like it's it's too good nothing burger like every other time so yeah guys what's going on what's happening over there I think it's as simple as what goes up must come down and in the world of crypto what goes down generally comes back up you know we've been watching the market I mean I've been literally washing market 12 hours a day for four going on I don't know a year year-and-a-half you know I I shared a picture of my desk with the the washes trader I'm not that long ago and you know it's so awesome I got one two three four five screens one of them is a big screen that I have for windows open so I effectively have one two three four four eight screens that's what that's I effectively have you know so I watched i watch crypto so much for traditional markets Forex stocks and what I can tell you is that we are in a period of like what I believe to be the ending the last the last vomiting before the drug guy feels better so everybody got drunk on Bitcoin last year you know if you look at the long term chart they coin went up to 18,000 or so and it didn't really retest anything after 5,000 dollars and the retest at 5,000 dollars is actually really really lightweight so if I go back to say like the weekly chart there's a little noise here at the front of it but if you go back to when we actually took off so this weekly chart right here let me just shut this noise off see here so you have this bump up against what is this about 3000 and then you have this run up all the way up to here and then a quick retest of 3000 this this needle came back down this tail and it touched 3,000 so we actually do have a retest of 3,000 I mean in the worst worst worst worst case scenario I don't think we would go anywhere below that however we actually have a decent attempt at a retest of there's like this I'm gonna spread this out so everybody can kind of see it there are a lot of people who bought in from what we understand from for me and V are banking sources that we talked to and things like that they bought in around 59 5800 we might even bounce below that but I think we would probably get back up to that pretty quickly because basically we're thinking from what we've heard that the high 5,000 s is a cost basis for your big boy and pushing Bitcoin around not very hard for the big boys to do I don't know V give me some some numbers like of the derivatives market like what smart what were some of this stuff yeah well what a background on me and what I'm what I'm doing also what Nick does well Nick's an amazing trader his Bitcoin carding going back to bloody September of 2017 onwards has been like spot-on just crazy accurate read his damn charting is so damn good that many many other trading rooms have used his charts before and that is a fact a little bit about myself those who already don't know me from rogue news you know one of the things I do I began with the commodity background but right now what I'm doing especially moving the OTC world and Nick's with me on that as well in the OTC world folks that's where the big boys play that's where the whales are so we get out you little rat and a little rowboat and we get out there and all those other we see these massive whales we're talking about guys we're talking about dealing with clients who have not well you know you know 10 bitcoins or a hundred bitcoins we're talking about guys who have a hundred two hundred three hundred five hundred thousand bitcoins if they are moving around they want it liquidated and we get involved in the buy it's outside of that that's what you call the OTC market that's where the action is okay it's not on bananas it's not on coin it's not on the coin desk it's not on you know coinbase not on crack and it's not on any of those places it's the OTC market and what the OTC market does is what's when I was it's gonna really reflect it's really gonna project where the price of crypto is gonna be nothing else does it okay nothing else does it when you see the heavyweight players moving and months ago months ago I think I think cowboy I think we're talking about five six months ago at this point are you talking about the my banking source man and then your robbery with your guy that's right yes months ago at least right four or five months ago one of my banking guys that out in Asia in Hong Kong again it's a guy that I broke commodities with as well moving moving gold deals okay and I see gold deals folks I'm talking about Jimmy John's coin and Kerry I'm talking about 200 metric tons okay a year and a half ago we did 110 metric ton the silver in a month that's what I'm talking about moving here alright so some peanuts this is real heavy-duty stuff so when he came up to me to hit me hey man here's the deal you know a lot of the big players we're gonna get involved in in kryptos but we're not gonna come in at Bitcoin 10,000 we're not gonna come in at 9 whenever come in at 8 we're gonna come in and we like 58 to 64 that's a really you like fifty eight hundred and sixty-four hundred he said yeah that's what would you have comfortable at and that's we're gonna be moving in and ever since he's told me that literally I went on the air I shared that cowboy was there z was there we talked about it and literally like clockwork man I was like a day or two later maybe a week later boom there goes the beat down starts you really happening that's when we you know all the supports are like 8000 broke and went down alike you know 7000 then from 7200 just drop to like 6,800 from 1600 it dropped to 6200 it drop it touched 5,800 we've seen this before because what's happening is a lot of the big heavy-duty institutional players the major investors they're positioning themselves what do you think the top the the tech sell-off so our folks and I talked about this morning on my morning show we even talked about that when you talk about the tech sell offs and what you see with the Dow and what you're seeing even the in the oil market so the oil markets going up there's a positioning happening there's a positioning happening it's not a crash it's not the end of all things on the end of the world as you know it there's no October stock market crash none of that stuff's happening when I see the pullback happen I see two things I see an equities play I see a bull market move okay folks but actually these people are getting their positions back in back in 2015 I was out there saying you ain't gonna be no market crash we're gonna seed out 29,000 we're gonna see the down below by 18,000 on the way to 21,000 people thought I was nuts we're at 26 and change we hit 27 at one point during the year we're gonna see this this is again a repositioning why because there's problem happening in the bond market there's problems happening with the US dollar there's less dollar chasing oil hence oil prices are high there's less dollar chasing trade hence certain commodity price inflation right people and big boy investors need to place their big-boy dollars and their big money somewhere they're placing it in equities they're placing in commodities and they're placing kryptos that is what I am Telling You from the horse's mouth sitting on the SS a hab watching these big whales go by see the whole entire thing seeing the whole entire thing the only thing happening guys this is not even a joke like Dee and I actually know the people who are doing these large transactions because you know for those a few of you who may be out there in the OTC world you hear a lot of things but we actually know the people who are like buying crypto and selling it to the big boys like it's not a joke so and V do you have that quote from your your body down there and in South America like do you have that hand yeah this is a heavy hitter I have that handy this is this is one of my partners okay this is a gentleman who's setup multiple you know crypto exchanges I'm not gonna give his name he has a doctorate degree and I will leave it at that and he runs a major clearing firm that's involved in the OTC side of crypto is basically these are the guys who freakin deal with 1 million bitcoins and you do the math 1 million bitcoins how that's like what 7 billion dollars okay it's it's it's no joke here folks I'm gonna be the direct quote from him and this is going to tell you exactly where we're seeing these things happening where we see the market going so what he says is this and it's this what they said okay he says but the truth is this always texted me and this is our telegram conversation the truth is that the market has been an accumulation mode for quite some time the bottom is reasonable well established to from what we have seen we have seen not only that but how the institutional buyers are buying at this prices in a way then as not to the market price so we have a confluence of technical and fundamental realities for a upcoming rally yeah dude okay this is I mean this is one of the heavy hitters that that cowboy flew out to London ago see there correct yep yeah I was uh actually they paid me to flats in London you know to be specific on that but you know this is the reality like guys did handle that levaquin they're literally handling like I don't know six percent of the entire circulating supply you know you got a lot of people who are betrothed but basically you just have a lot of people accumulating right now and everything that V just said is actually reflected right here in the chart you know I've been able to establish patterns I've been able to actually work and decode some algorithms that are used and so basically we have you know back to our discussion around like our levels all these lines right here they represent basically where I feel from what we've been told where the institutional's have bought in and it dipped down into that in February right around 60 100 6000 this is on bit FedEx you're gonna see different prices it kind of touched on that back in whatever month this is I can't see because of my screen I think it's probably March April May so I'm like that it dips back down here and then it's been stair stepping up and making higher lows now right now we did on the weekly so far this candle has not printed for those of you who actually might be a little bit new to like charting things like that each of these candles right now represents one week of movement like for example this week right here was a massive range we were from nine thousand all the way down to like six thousand right here six thousand and twenty or so and then we came all the way back up to like eight thousand within a week mm so people see this candle right here this one that we're in right now they get worried cuz it looks really bad it's reality the candle has not yet printed this candle is not done that candles done that candles done that candles done this one might turn out green and way up here I'm not I don't think that's gonna happen just yet I don't think we're gonna get the big move up I mean it could happen however this line right I'm gonna put a box where we these big transactions that we just got been talking about the we actually talked to of the people making these transactions this box right here is the zone we believe they're gonna be protecting and we're pretty much told that that's what they're gonna protect that's exactly this that's exactly what you know our guy has said you know that's the price point that they'd like to be at that they're seeing the buying there so as and this isn't work so as not to let the market price move up there you go yeah and to translate that what does that look like what does it mean to not let the market pipe a price go up it means that they're buying it over the counter they're not going on two exchanges there's a lot of reasons for that but that's one of them so you know so they can quietly buy it in the background and you know there's you know I talked to an analyst who knows his stuff but he doesn't know everything and even though he thinks he does and you know he's like oh no these big people they're not buying it because know what he did say that it's correct is that your big boys like JP Morgan and you know yours let's just talk about your Merrill Lynch's people who have massive funds you know bitcoins not quite stable enough for them to put it as a product like you need to have a minimum amount of risk to put those types of products on the exchange like a minimum of overall risk not much volatility bitcoins still relatively volatile so you're not seeing it on there yet but if you think they're not buying it yeah I think again V what happened remember back when Jamie Dimon was like slamming Bitcoin back last Idina last year we found out that didn't you know some people overseas that like new people were buying it or something like that oh yeah man I mean one of the things Dimon did is like I'll fire any creator of mine and that's trying to trade bitcoins I'll fire them it's worthless meanwhile you know JPM we're watching like my guys overseas for watching literally these huge block purchasers have black purchases are happening who is it and you know or gets Ron's freaking jpmorgan they're telling you not to buy BTC backing up the truck yeah I think that we've made the point so the point is is that the big boys would buy and don't believe what you hear on the news or elsewhere otherwise because the big boys are buying it we're seeing it happen worst case I think we'd fall to like maybe 5,000 are just below and then pop up really fast in fact I almost want to see it fall you know yesterday I'm gonna go to the 4-hour chart and I'm gonna show everybody that's watching what happened in the room and what I've told people to do so right around me delete that right around this time see this is a big downtrend line this has been established like since February this big magenta line right there we reject it off of it one two three times right about time three I put a note in the room okay everybody I'm putting very tight stop losses I listed my stop losses I said okay I'm gonna you know cuz we don't really give advice I just tell people what I'm doing and then think entertained by watching what we do alright we don't give financial advice so I said yeah I'm gonna put you know my stop loss on this all my stop loss from that all my stop loss on this all you know all of coin I was in a handful I wasn't like you know CRX and you know xcm and a few others and about an hour and a half after I put all my stops in this big red bar happened okay so if you were like looking for really good entertainment and you were watching somebody who does nothing but trade all day long so all I do and that person says I'm putting tight stops on everything like what do you think that means and what happened what happened after I put tight stops on everything to break this down to the hourly and this isn't like because I'm so great it's just that this is all I do it's all I do all day long if I didn't know to put those stops in then I'm just really bad at what I do right I just 12 hours a day easy 15 sometimes right about here this bar like okay I put in my stops and then I put in my stops on Bitcoin so you in case we take the big plunge I'm gonna put my stops in and then literally within like two hours we have this dump and then during the dump I got out here 6450 6400 and then I live an ounce because those were my stops were and then I live announced I'm getting out at about sixty three thirty with the rest of it and we've gone down far lower as a matter of fact I think we may dip a bit but I don't think that we're gonna dip too far I have a few different scenarios that we can talk about like right now this is the beginning of a scenario I'll give you guys a little bit of a freebie right this is Bitcoin I mean that you know the larger Bitcoin charts all post on my trading view they're relatively public most of the time people pay for this entertainment we're gonna pour it out for free today excuse the term so this is a Bear Flag and the way that bear flags work is they tend to play out based on the size of the initial impulse leg right so you have this impulse leg from here to there down to this wick basically right from here to here right so if you were to copy and paste that move it down to approximately here right you'll see how far down it's probably going to go probably we don't know for sure right according to this you're looking at about 50 950 950 in that area now I do think that on the way down we're actually going to see this right here and then we're going to actually have another leg like this down to roughly 6,000 we might wick down to like 50 950 and then I think we're gonna play in this area for a little bit somewhere in here now when things happen when we have hard hits with Bitcoin we have something called the momentum ignition algorithm that goes on and while I am certainly not perfect my predictions with the momentum the ignition algorithm are better than pretty much any buddies I've seen and that's just because I have spent a lot of time studying it and you know once we start getting into these hard hits and then these flats like that these impulses flats and pulses and flats it's pretty good so we've been able to make some money on it the algorithm doesn't really work like normal trading all right you there's regular technical analysis and then there's Bitcoin technical analysis the two different things so long story short this is the basic idea of what I think could happen but that momentum ignition algorithm could kick in right here and they want to push it back up here that could happen and I'm gonna have an idea of whether or not that's going to happen based on things that I see over the next like three or four days so you know like said I'm not perfect we do want to kind of talk about a few things but the main thing that I want to impart about trading because I've been through like five major crashes in you know Bitcoin maybe yeah two or three if you know it depends what you call major I mean I got into this thing like over a year and a half ago let's just give you an idea of how many crashes have happened during that time you know trading the the mindset that I take so I use what's called money management I have my trades set up with stop losses and then I use that stop loss to determine what would happen if I were to get stopped out I would lose a maximum of 2% of my whole portfolio that's a mathematical equation very simple we you know I entertain people with that in the trading room ww2 crypto school I oh now what happens here is that with that which is a very basic trader 101 so first thing they teach you is that you when you win you win like ten twenty percent if you lucky maybe five or six even when you lose you only lose two percent so let's say that I have like an eight percent win which in crypto is pretty common I mean I think we've had like a couple of twelve percent is in the last week and a half it's all did really well that's correct right vww to school that I oh yeah correct good of it yeah WD back to school that I oh alright so basically those twelve percent wins like one twelve percent win makes up for six two percent losses and these losses are basically pay to play no I don't like to use the term betting or gambling with training this it's not it's not what it is you know there's trading and then there's betting there's trading and then there's investing it's important to know the difference between those and then when I trade then I still use some betting analogies which might not be appropriate but the little losses I take are like my ante up you know yeah the poker table you lose like five or six you know five or six rounds and you win a big round makes up for all of it right it's kind of the same concept except trading you're not gambling this is the great thing about it now we don't know exactly when the market is gonna turn around but this time around it did look like it was possible so we made ourselves some wins I think my portfolio went up by like eight percent before that drop and then that drop I think that drop lost me about 5% even though I had my stop saying in and all this stuff I was up I'm up overall from the time that we had like this consolidation that began way back here at this big dump right here I made about 8% on my whole portfolio playing very conservatively very conservatively and you know a lie I made eight lost about five I'm up over three percent in like the crappiest market in Bitcoin history aside from 2014 that's pretty awesome and that doesn't count like the money that I've taken out to pay for whatever so you know this is the game and people have a hard time taking losses and you know a new trader even the expert traders were new traders at some point I was a new trader at some point been trading precious metals in a small scale for ten years you know crypto on a much bigger scale in the last year and a half actually working Matt's going on two years so initially those losses can be tough to take and what has kept me going and made me successful is I understand that those losses are merely the investment they're like okay lost 1% lost 2% it cost me that to have a chance to win 10 it cost me 2% they have a chance to win 15 and this is in the bear market fell fell fellows and ladies blood marking man it's blood wouldn't we start through me we started a lane April early May I think we actually started in February no we started the room in like earlier than that I think is our first our first cast together was in February if I'm not mistaken yeah we actually yeah you're right it was right after the massive bubble loss and every moron out there who thought he was a hotshot because he I mean you could have your pet cat like throw darts at a wall filled with cryptos and pick a winner I mean everybody was through the moon if that's the point so anybody look like a genius but we opened up when that bubble burst and everybody lost 50 60 70 80 % of everybody took a haircut a bath we got the heads cut off they got their faces ripped off and we're like all right time to get the business really done and we'd be killing it man 18% documented year-to-date that's how much we're up documented and verified what percent did you say B 1,800 we probably up higher even than that now 2,000 yep 2,000 percent that's not you see you today verified documented documented yeah I've got a documentation beats conversation any jack log want any Jack White a quote-unquote trainer wants to come up and start talking and he's not showing you his trades his work all of it is documented time stand he ain't worth nothing that's what people in myeloma killing it oh yeah no we're doing really well trying to look for something kind of cool to show everybody with regard to who's who in this world but um yeah so basically you know I think that the point here has been made in a sense right so we you know we trade trade all day Crypton echoes isn't here with us I actually I know crypto niggas I used to work when the in the alternative energy business with him I've known him for a long time I Crypton echoes and i trust me here with a lot of money like a lot of money I trust him inherently you have to understand like we're all actually you know we're friends we're good traders we do this all day long and people are extremely entertaining they've got to watch us make over 2,000 percent I've got it I got a spreadsheet all that stuff right so they'll be WWE crypto school dot IO is where this can be seen with this you know it's extremely entertaining to watch us do this because what I'll do is hey I'm buying this coin I'm gonna buy it at this time and I'm gonna sell it at this time right and then people just find it really entertaining when they can when they can see that happen I'm you know kind of fun to entertain people like that you know crypto is a great place to make money it's still volatile you know you I trade Forex too if you look at Forex like the issue there is is they actually have to do this massive leverage because you're going for like 0.3% or something like that so you actually have to have massive leverage to make it make sense to make me any money in crypto right so yeah Forex exactly but I you know I trade Forex to trade trade it every day I think I found what I was looking for hold on a second I I saved this some time ago but I remember when when PPT hit like the very bottom and I wish I could find this because I know it's kind of showing off but there's a big fat needle and that was me bottom I meant to do like I meant to do a limit by and I did a market by if anybody knows the difference there but that's like not that cool to show so do we have anybody like on the livestream that that wants to see anything snap like or do you have any questions or what do you think what are you gonna what do you uh what do you guys think what do you wanna see the coin you guys watch the chart we'll pull it up what goes over the father the fundamentals of where it's going where it's headed did you bite you thought did you buy that there just a start what no Lucretia bites a cool coin because what you'll see is as I do the charts is that it actually is a consistent there's flow of crypto capital into digit ID on a consistent basis and that's not always the case with like the coinage as as the Dex called it so check this out this is a daily chart so for those who are new to charting and trading this chart each one of these candles represents a one day's worth of price action right so you see these candles here so you're looking at from like last year is what I'll chart because that's when all the big round ups happy and what's important about this chart is that from say right about here you have this kind of this support that occurs and they read that support is revisited right about here so there was the hard crash and everything just took it down but ever since then we've had on average a steady flow of crypto capital in there's been a little bit of a lag lately into that you know as far as that's concerned right here but it still is on an ascending trendline aka an uptrend so every time did you buy it bottoms out it's bottoming higher that's a really good sign so that's like looking at the long chart now the short chart on almost everything except for like a couple of coins the handful of coins the long charts all look they're the short rest look the same everything second down no fun to look at that but but did you buy wise will be one of the ones like that runs nicely when Bitcoin runs can tell you that so that's that's what there is to be to be seen technically on that from a short point of view or is there something else pacifically Joe that you want to see how did you buy turd no no just brief stuff like that a couple of is maybe walks people are asking about red coin tezo's ripple T retina coin red coin actually is doing better than I thought you know red coin see if I remember it what was it associated with is it a living thing what's that it's like a social media tipping platform yeah you ready ready cool you ready it's not it's not read it but I'll be able to be used on reddit as well as Twitter and at some point YouTube it's already you could use it on right now I want to save right it may be was reddit Twitter and Facebook has the ability to use it right now you know they're with their chrome plug-in extension but I saw YouTube and some other a couple others listed but they were you know they were dimmed out so you couldn't choose him when setting up your red coin the plug-in for a chrome it was just released a few like several days back so it's a little bit buggy right now to but yes especially tipping like you know people comment and if I wanted to go in there and click the little red coin button next to them their name like I enjoyed this comment I could tip them you know like some red coin well it's kind of like like it takes the whole idea of steam but it makes it a cross-platform thing exactly yeah first even steam it's cool some people don't like it but yeah so basically read : is by what you're saying Joe then it's one of the few coins out that actually have a working platform you know and that's that's a big deal you know ed yeah do you like you got a few you know people talk trash and populist I was even unhappy with populist for a minute I mean most of my money on populist last year but you know it's one of the few coins out there right now that has a working platform and people don't appreciate that properly so you know I mean we might take a look at populist it's it's it's that ex-girlfriend that I always go back to eventually right not now cuz I'm gonna get married in a month or two but so we got this is what I see with red coin it's the release of the platform doesn't seem to have affected the price action at least visibly on the daily we can kind of go to some deeper charts but with Bitcoin kind of in question right now I think we're gonna probably retrace maybe not all the way down to this trend line but somewhere in there right now if I were to zoom in and take a look at it yeah it's it's having a hard time it's a it's gonna retrace further I can just see it by the candles at least that's what it looks like if I were to take a look at depending are–one a start you're fit knee started back here might not be appropriate but if we were to do that we are now bouncing off the golden ratio of the six one eight and we're not bouncing we're just coming up against it so we might see it's it's kind of stayed in that range right here we might see it play around before it falls or it might just fall but I don't think it's gonna stay up right now you said what was some other ones you said Jeff ripple and so ripple to me I call it the devil and I don't I don't mess with ripple I think that it's been pretty well established I think Bix called it out properly in that ripple is like we all know it's the Baker's coin and you know people don't want to use it essentially it's kind of takes the crypto out of crypto but I'm pretty the way that I've heard it discussed was that they kind of shake it around and take the cream off the top in a manipulation sense you know ripple essentially even though it does have I think the circulating supply is like a hundred million or 100 billion or something stupid like that massive circulating supply it's essentially like people think it's oh it's cheap it's like a dollar let's buy it and then it's gonna be like worth a hundred dollars well I don't I don't think so you know the way that market cap works I got this from Krypton echoes because they got really excited and there was some coin that McAfee was shilling last year called universe' and I took a look at them you know I just bought it I would I see ayah you're like forty theorem added it wasn't a big deal and he's like you do you realize that that there's like four billion coins and I'm like I asked so what is it wait so you look at the market share the comparative industry right and let's take like telecom let's say telecom is a trillion dollar industry right and let's just say you have a coin with like they want to print a billion coins so you have a trillion dollar industry they got a billion coins and essentially you do the math and if that company were to get 1% of the market share then the most their coin is never gonna be is like maybe ten dollars or something I'm really not doing the math completely there but you have to do the math that way so with ripple having such a massive massive market share market cap a market cap not market share I don't see it going like above a hundred bucks it's just really not likely so people who are like oh I want to buy and this isn't financials I saw by the way but no what about ripple it's like a dollar and it's gonna be you know it's gonna end up being like a hundred bucks well and I doubt it based on that as far as the our technicals are concerned I'm looking at the daily it bounced off of what looks to be kind of a long term support yeah there's a lot of action that's happening around here let me bust out my visible range one second the our volume profile so yeah it's right now it's it's literally bounced off what's called a point of control so that's just where most of the volume of trading has happened so the way that that works is that you know people buy people sell and at one point the buyers and the sellers are gonna like come to a similar place like oh well you know all the buyers are buying at this place and all the sellers are selling at that place and that's like kind of that's what price discoveries is defined us pretty much and so this red line right here is where most of the buying has happened in history so that's like your strong strong support now you can also like if I were to change this a little bit you would find that there would be that red line which is your port of control would probably be about right I'm gonna say here and it's actually really easy to know that if you know what you're doing it's not impressive but if I change like what's going on you might see that change like right there now once we look at the most recent run we'll see the point of control is right where it's bouncing off of and if we were to actually do a retracement we are currently bouncing roughly see what that is well we dip below the 786 the problem with Ripple and trying to do too much technical analysis on it is that it's manipulating manipulations gonna happen on the shorter term so your longer term can be somewhat reliable I think it's just gonna like right now unless there's some kind of crazy news I think it'll probably just roll back down to its point of control either it's short term one there or it's longer term red so that's what I see happening but rippled is ripple you know if it comes down to this shorter term point of control right here right there it could pop right back up but right now whenever I see this kind of water faucet thing happening that never looks good and most importantly but ripple is the banksters coin and that's something we know so people say why are you trading their coin is the evil it's the devil devil there's a don't give a rat's rear end whose coin it is if you want to make money if you want a tray look here's a deal anybody's been farming those i-88 them passionately I trade their stocks I show it the hell out of that bad boy every day shame in coins you can't be married to a coin you can't have Dogma when it comes to this you got to be clinical about everything you do when it comes to trading when it comes to your financials your wealth you can't have emotions tied up into this game it's cold clinical it's pragmatic you can't like we would say all the times he always says this can't be married any coin period so do we know that that XRP ripple is the most manipulative coin out there yeah we know that I recorder the banksters dump it and manipulate to make their to make that you make the books look fat we know that well also know there's a ton of utility and use for it there's a lot of options and a lot of future possibly with Swift we'll see what happens there but at the end of the day it's like we know what this is but that's not gonna stop us from trading in and making a profit for ourselves which that probably taking what we do we build a proper whole dough back and we build a bag we're getting ourselves ready for a bull market run that's how you properly treat you can't be like prey you know you can't be like oh my god emotional bad and I think this is like your your sports team or something like that well for us oh by the way in that vein Krypton echoes got us in before this big run in or room Z bought Z bought I don't know if it was right at the bottom but Z bought and a lot of us made a ton of money I didn't I don't the reason I don't trade ripple is not for any kind of moral reason I don't trade it because it's manipulated and I can't predict it that's the reason so I don't trade anything I can't predict but I think is he got some news or something he's really good with getting news so another thing though is that on these manipulated coins your long-term what do you call it a technical sue apply this what I circled is called essentially it's a shooting star doji and when you see that at the top of a run and it's confirmed by this is a dragonfly doji but when it's confirmed by like a candle down afterwards essentially you know that you're gonna see something like this I mean there's a high probability you don't really know anything and the reason I show people this is because you have to understand you know I will respect results whether they come for you get them I mean I did a lot of calls based on a cliff high and VIX and things like that so I'm not you know against like so totally against other ways of doing things but if I'm you know I don't have like the skills for that kind of thing what I do have the skills for and what I do is technical analysis that's what I do made my whole money doing it before I had a room I you know I mean my bills were entirely paid by technical analysis for about a year that's it trading trading cryptos before kryptos went up I went through crypto crashes so understand that's that's what I do here tezo's do we know the ticker for test I don't think it's actually gonna show up on the trading view yeah I'm you know LTC man you want to do healthy everybody's asking LT CLT is an interesting coin this is what I'll say folks I'm gonna put a disclaimer in it this is being we do this as unemotional as possible again there's just weight of emotion wouldn't be as clinical as possible I'm gonna keep my mouth shut and like cowboy do his technical analysis on LTC again I cannot emphasize this enough you cannot be married to any one thing we've trade LTC we trade BTC we'll trade anything because the at the end of the day what do we do what do we do cowboy we we take it would build a whole dough back when we gotta liquidate what do we liquidate into we liquidate into liquid base put people into what what kind of assets put a component we're gonna ask baby yep we liquidate into gold and I have to put up those personally I hold more silver than a whole gold no I I hold the small amount of silver like in my house like such a small amount that nobody would be interested in it I think the safest thing to do is to Ashley if you're if you hold like a real amount let's just say you hold like you know enough to fill a safe I wouldn't have that safe in my house actually it would if yes any person in the world that has any kind of money that's over seven figures and they hold precious metals that are in excess of those amounts they don't hold it at their house they actually pay people to vault it bought it with full liquidity they can liquidate and anytime anywhere in the world yeah liquid base is cool so basically people will what they do is liquid base is a cool company where you take your crypto you send it to them they charge you a small percentage depending on the amount that you send you know under under 10% and a lot of times it actually matches coin basis price as long as you are doing enough and when you sell your crypto for dollars or any kind of fiat and especially in the United States that's a that's whether you report it or not it's a taxable event and you need to do what is legal there are a lot of people who have things set up maybe internationally maybe they're not all citizens citizens of the United States maybe they have their things set up in a special way and they can talk to their taxes and long story short they don't have to report it the same way that other people do so they want the ability to report it in a way that makes sense for them and is still legal liquid base is a platform where the gold that you buy with your cryptocurrency that gold is in non-bank vaults these are private vaults mistake that one more time these are non bank vaults okay so basically what these are are very private transactions the good delivery system the elbe making delivery systems been around for what 280 years some like that B yep and so basically these these gold bars these are actual bars of gold it's not some magical paper gold like you get you know we buy a contract you actually own those and they're in a vault and those vaults are in free trade zones and free trade zones if you are working in this good delivery system they don't have to report anything to any sovereign authority that's up to you to down so like you know that's like I said if you have a special reporting needs that's something that you talk to your your CPA or whoever your licensed professional about so again that being said folks again you know again when I'm Eric anything we're just gonna look at it from a technical analysis standpoint so go ahead cowboy breakdown and LTC got a potential what it needs is fundamentals so LTC was a great coin at one point because it had both it was gonna be the you know people gonna buy the coffee with it payment systems are all gonna you know be based on like coin things like that my coat is made I wanna say it was in 2017 we all know about Charlie Lee the problem with light coin is that I think fundamentally it is outmoded what I mean by that is I think that it doesn't have the place in the market really at this point there are faster coins the Lightning Network pretty much has made Bitcoin equal to light coin in every way you can use Bitcoin in the Lightning Network to make small purchases really quickly which that was what let me or what litecoin is supposed to be except technically I think bitcoin is just a tad more secure than light coin now light coin could come back and the way light coin would come back is if somehow they made a partnership with somebody who agreed to use them like coin does have the network effect from a technical standpoint this looks really bad for a coin that is on coin base and for a coin that is well known and has so much press and is one of the top 10 for a coin like that this should not exist this fall should not exist now there are a lot of people who purchase like coin at this point of control that we talked about earlier this red line right there a lot of volume happened so you have a lot of people who feel like a lines back it where I bought it I'm gonna buy some more right and then you have a bunch of people who you know might have like I don't know if long story short this is gonna act as a support without getting really really into the psychology of why it's a support so right now what you're seeing is these dips down and this continuous balance back down especially these big red lines down there very concerning and the reason is is because this support is not gonna last forever as he likes to talk about Z being Krypton echoes he likes to talk about the battering ram effect and the more that you pop up against either a resistance or a support the more repeatedly you do so you eat away at that support now if Bitcoin really poops the bed or not litecoin has a really good chance of falling now there's ways to make money with light coin I would look at it you know we'll zoom in in a second before I show people how me and Krypton Nikko's make money trading my coin we trade we don't hold is we before I do that this right here is ugly this is a water faucet that I should pointed out with with ripple but this is on a massive this is from like the whole last eight months now this has been a consistent flight of capital from litecoin most your coins are gonna have in this period of time from December through January there's gonna be like a big bomb small bump another bump like did you bite right did you bite how these one two so I'll put did you buy it up next to this in one second so did you buy d GP PPC is a good example of how litecoin is not and i mean and and this is purely not talking trash on litecoin you know I'm not I don't have any feelings towards it other than it's not gonna make me any money if I you know I'll say I've just like short-term trades so this is 2018 January down here is where I can't see because of the way my screen is but I believe we're roughly looking at like the same see roughly looking at the same time frame okay I'm assuming it is hmm right here now in this period of time which is most of this year after 2018 you're this black Quinn's pretty much gone down it had a peak in March and then I went down as compared to Bitcoin right so that's like quite Bitcoin and I look at like coin in terms of Bitcoin because right now most people are trading Bitcoin for like coin they're not buying with dollars did you bite and that's what matters to me like let me back up so with in comparison to Bitcoin is what matters because I could just hold Bitcoin like in do better than this right so you know I I do things in comparison because in the crypto market you know Bitcoin is kind of what matters so looking at this didja bite had this big jump up and then the retrace and a jump up and retrace and to chop up and a retrace and these have all occurred on an ascending trendline this is not not since January this is January it has been strictly descending this is a flight of crypto capital away from why coin the people talk about news I think news is a narrative I look at charts charts tell everything yeah you'll have a few bumps here and there like we do with ZRX this morning they come from news but overall the charts tell everything fundamentals just far as I'm concerned yeah they're very important but the charts will tell the fundamentals if you look at the charts you'll see the effect of fundamentals right so long story short descending ascending like when right now unless some new comes up not interested so that's that's my explanation of litecoin guys nothing personal just you know what it is that makes sense is there any coin that's you guys are really excited about right now well we were kind of excited about ZRX and excitement it showed itself today you know Krypton echoes is really good with the fundamental analysis right so this is actually kind of cool I'm going to redraw this because I drew this months ago on your show Joe a pretty sure I did this so I had this drawn actually erased it just the other day because so much going on I was I was redoing ZRX and because we thought something might be coming we didn't think it would come today which is kind of disappointing I would like to have been in it before it popped up I think some of us were though in the room so this is called the diamond top okay and as you can see I recognize this pattern and I believe I did it on your show and so diamond tops have a 31% chance of upside and a 68% chance of downside and I had it drawn just like this I think it was like say when the last times we did your show or it was a show tell you that and here it is just technicals playing out like technicals play all this big diamond top we had a big dump and literally it's did what I said it would do so and it used to say diamonds on formation 31% here 68% down there you go know what happened with ZRX ZRX back in this area at the end below which was like I think I don't a couple months ago some like that there was some information saying that it might be listed on coin base and this big spike right here is being listed on coinbase so at this point I probably wouldn't be getting into cr-x I made you know a little bit this morning I hopped in it wrote it up sold it for a few percent more playing games but that's you know that's that's like not safe to do but you know this is all I do so I did it it's actually retracing as we speak we have one though that is very similar it has and this is our freebie for today I don't know if oh yeah look at this alright so well I'll just go ahead and show you my chart and why it dumped and it's unfortunate that it did so this is not a freebie it kind of isn't it's kind of not Bitcoin killed it alright so I made this call about a week or two ago before Bitcoin did what it did and we actually made a little money on it kind of stalled out but if there iam classic this is one this is not one that we're interested in now but it's one that Z called some time ago we'll get into one we're interested in now here shortly but Z called the same thing that happened in CRX happened to if you're in classic Z called it and I think he called it before and like it went up massively as what we do in the room as far as we're sitting right now I mean here's the problem Joe is that kind of everything got wiped out yesterday by the no see that big rip handle down you know that's happened everywhere everything looked like that yeah but this you will find interesting and this is a bit of a telling of the future so this will be our 3b bat dat is an old call that I made and it might even still apply but I'm not gonna mess with it right now I want to show you why I'm excited about that okay this right here okay I had that up because I've been watching that tracking bat for a while and we bought that back here it's just been kind of slowly going up and we took profit we made money on that the reason I'm still excited in it about it is because it also has coin based speculations just like ZRX and that makes that candle this morning this green candle happened when Bitcoin was dumping like literally at the same time the reason I know this because I had that on one of my million monitors and I was watching BTC dump and I seen back going up and I'm like guys guys that's going up turns out I had been stopped out before it went up cuz I was gonna sell it and I couldn't sell it cuz I'll stop that raised all my stops really tight um you know no no good deed goes unpunished but look at it now even look at this it's this morning with ZRX at pump at the same time right now it actually looks healthy so bat the reason that's great is because it has overall strength and I talk about basic attention token and why it's important basic attention token is a working platform which there are very few and it's the makers of Mozilla and Adobe and they put together b80 and it's like a way it's kind of like red coin in a sense but you can use it to pay for like you know I want to say it's like you're advertising or something like that like if you like this site yeah brave uses it as well yeah brave brave browser uses it it's just like a way of paying for content and it goes across you know brave and if hey if Mozilla and Adobe haven't put together let me tell you anybody who's been in any kind of industry when you're at the top like Adobe and when you're up there like Mozilla you know people connections are made why do we think there is a coin based listing speculation for basic attention token why is it pumping when everything else is dumping sure yeah people into it you know they wanted to take profit and then they all panicked right but look at this already since the panic it's gone up in terms of Bitcoin the Bitcoin is sit there going flat that's going up and then it popped this morning yeah real nice look look on that one say that again job a beautiful wick that green one oh yeah dunno shows on that so but again it's it's a coin based listing and there are a handful of coins that do have coin based listing speculation but that's one and stronger ones and it's shown the coin didn't do this bitcoins just was flat so understand that in the midst of like all of the blood that is just chugging along stone up right now hopefully it's not because people are buying it because I'm talking about it you know you got a lot of people the in the chair and be like oh man it's like yeah it looks depressing you see guys we ain't got no ramarao to give you we're gonna be coming over here and be like hey guess what Bitcoin twenty thousand dollars by tomorrow all right I read the charts they read the charts they tell you what the charts are saying it's it's it's a brutal brutal market but it's a traders market every day a trader gets up he licks his chops he smiles because he knows he's trading on this blood industry because every single weekend who freaks out it says oh my god Bitcoin just dropped in the Box I gotta get rid of it now we chop it up we take it and we don't care we do not care if it's Ripple we know it's the devil's coin we know it's the banksters that's okay we're gonna trade the heck out of it we're gonna take our profits and we always take profits profits too good it's a good thing all kinds of games all kinds of games folks and that's what we're doing over here that's it pragmatic if you want to sit there and hold oh you got a long painful Oh people are asking me all the time and I'm in the OTC market so I'll tell you this I'll tell you this you like hey V gonna have a massive but no by the end of the year if we see between eight and nine we've done well I don't see any big moves in PTC not this year not this year and if you think we're gonna have a major crypto breakout or or or what not not this year not this you just watch it how do I know this because I'm like some I'm actually in the OTC world so I see it Nick sees it now boy sees it oh folks yeah this is this is a silver lining it's why I'm excited about Bitcoin among many reasons okay this depends where you want to draw your hit the notches but I'm gonna draw from this point could draw from higher but yeah I hate to do this but it's one thing about fibs people have different theories I like Jason Stapleton I think he has he has a great treatment on Fibonacci for those who are just out there like searching the interwebs but with Fibonacci actually that krypton echoes taught me about this every point past which you retrace past 70% is going to be like where you blow past when you go up this is very very very encouraging guys let me tell you what so this is roughly 70% where I just put this line I'm gonna make it thicker everybody can see it it's about seventy nine hundred right so basically we went all the way down to about six thousand it's roughly two thousand dollars something like that right when we go back up that means we can tack that two thousand on top of the nineteen nine which accorded epiphan acts so roughly 22,000 will be like our next point of resistance we could go well above that but if all of this plays out and you see how it's kind of getting smooth take some of the noise away so we can actually see this but once Bitcoin like wish we had some longer Bitcoin is is you know it's only been on the major exchanges for like not the whole nine years or whatever then it's been around right so it's a little tough to be like largest Oracle charting but most of your assets even like your brand-new coins like you take a look at like when you know I was there for PBT inception that was like a big buyer PT initially big ppt fanboy and so you have this big long like yeah the big pop then it comes down these this consolidation is basically price evening out might have a little bit of a drop possibly you know might we might come down a little bit in here we may make it all the way down to like five thousand that's realistic right but as you see the trajectories of each of these is becoming less and less severe right see you have like this downtrend is hard this looks really hard this one I mean if it goes straight down I'd almost want that because it come back up quicker but everything is flattening out and as it does that's price discovery and what will eventually happen will be the following this is what I see a big curve like this I see a big long curve and I'm doing this pretty pretty quick and dirty guys so you know be impressed but what or not but it'll flatten out over a period of time fella should do this on the weekly over a period of time it'll just do like these coins and these other assets I'll do a lot of the time and if our you know our for bottom is like five thousand so be it's four thousand so be it it almost doesn't matter if you get like a bowl effect and anything that has this bowl bottom P o WL not be ull anything it has like a rounded bottom like that I knows he likes his round bottoms don't you be oh yeah man you know this is something like this they might not come up so quick you know it might be something like this nice long long deal like this eventually that sucker gonna come back up you know I think that next year we're gonna see a nice big run up I think it'll surpass 10k I think the fight to 20k yeah it could happen next year it's possible I don't think we're gonna see that very possible though very possible that the thing to look at is the historical chart if you can and the way to do that is just by googling it cuz you're not gonna find it as easily on a lot of these charts once you find that historical chart in the logarithmic sense alright this is really cool chart Bitcoin this is logarithmic okay let's see if I can find the best one bring this up know what logarithmic does is it smooths out okay this is actually this until 2016 but still this smooths out the price 25 cents 250 bucks Oh No it's like two cents this is like point this is 25 cents this is two dollars and fifty cents a factor of ten each time this goes up since it kind of hard to explain but what these these big Peaks and then these bowls are unpronounce so this bowl right here if you looked at on a square chart really is much longer and much more dramatic when it goes up to here but you have a price run and then it comes up a little you like it'll come back down to a little higher than before price run comes back down to a little higher than before price run comes back down to a little higher than before price run comes back down to a little higher than before at this point it was 250 bucks we all know what happened after that right we can look right here bitcoin historical chart long story short it's just this over and over again goes up comes down a little bit higher than before it's gonna happen happen this time gonna happen next time it's a matter of time bitcoins going up that's all there is to it I mean you know it's not a it's not like it I'm not predicting the future in a in a hundred percent sense nothing you know they they could they could kill a Bitcoin they can do all kinds of stuff but you know you have the big boys the big banks you know who I mean ninety some odd percent ninety seven percent of all the Bitcoin out there is controlled by like four percent of the wallets some heavy-hitters after that move in this market and they don't wanna kill it I mean just in the last month alone think of over a billion dollars has wanted to so now they want to somehow amalgamate this to what they're doing because right now I'm the world economy's in flux we don't know what it's gonna look like it's it's gonna be some sort of cacophony of gold asset-backed maybe and definitely some you know some blockchain ledger technology Bitcoin being one of those components that are being used for it how it's gonna play out exactly I don't know what that amalgamated a mutant mutagenic you know reality would be not exactly sure but I can tell you that all the entrance points and exit doors are controlled by the big boys I don't see any player who is a small start-up that's controlling anything this is the what it is you know and unfortunately that's that's the world we live in I mean crypto started off as a as a grassroots way for us to rebel against the banks well guess what the banks are in now and instead of us continue to run away from the banks and create our own are our own you know that you know financial institutions in our own internet and our own social media know what do we did we run back to big you know Big Brother and here we are today so you know you're in their world you know their world so while you're in their world make his money much money as you can you know like we say man it's a it's not financial advice but what cowboy and I like to do when they take our profits we liquidate it through liquid base we slap that bad boy in gold and silver and we chill that's that's what we hold anyway what else are we done yeah I gotta run – so okay let me just save it up yeah go for it yeah we got a special for listeners out there that are on Jay snip if you go to crypto school debt i/o we got four payment options for you guys okay for you do a month-to-month with a credit card it's to 97 to 99 97 a month we've got a BTC monthly membership and we if you have a three month you gotta get a 5% discount and right now for a limited time go on there you pay with Bitcoin you get six months for 25% off six months for 25% off that's the that's 1345 okay 25 percent off discount using bitcoin go to the crypt of school that I Oh make sure you click that you should put us on Jay snip so Jay gets the credit for that and you helped you know support all of us in this endeavor that's about it man cryptids cool that I Oh sweetie go do awesome guys have a good one cowboy anything thanks for having us on you know means even posting over in this room here and there's some videos and things like that Z's a monster Krypton that goes as a monster on video so if you are in steps room just go ahead and check in there you know we don't you know we don't really put like too many free calls there was a time when Joe is actually paying us to put calls in there but you know that we we have people who pay for that entertainment but the line from the first most membership in a matter of a day or two a lot yeah a lot of people do right now on this market I'm not too sure but hey what we'll say the last thing and I'll say it is that the only way to know like a so people want to get out of you know paying for things when the market goes down the great thing about the market going down is it's gonna go back up guys like me we have an idea of where that bottom is that's where the opportunity is getting on the train after its left the station it's just gonna get your arms ripped off you know we I board the train wallets at the station and I know when it's gonna go because this is what I do all day long so goes down that's the best time to get in to learn this game and it's also the best time to be entertained by it by us over at dates you guys when you guys are ready to come back on absolutely all right here just cool that I hope folks yeah yeah so I'll stay on for a few minutes you know a couple minutes I'm telling I look I get people asking you know hardcore ta you know trade rule you know strong trade call groups and I've you know we I had the one with trader boss for a while I've seen other ones I've seen many of them implode come ago I you know I gotta give credit where credit's to these guys have been around and have based some pretty incredible calls they do get stopped out sure you would be a traitor if you don't get stopped out sometimes alright but like he said it's if you're making more than you're losing that's the name of the game and I don't I can't say her a point to other groups and say oh well this group also did real well for their people during a freaking bear market that we've had most groups like I'm out I'm done you know we can't make money in this market it's like well they can and they were so that's why I had to have them off from time to time and yeah I was actually paying for a little bit there in the previous trade call group that I was doing with trader Boston because I'm like the you know he's not ready to give calls out yet he wanted to see Bitcoin over like 11,000 before he felt comfortable give him calls out and these guys are like Joe man you know we're doing it we're doing it and you know the whole story so anyways they you know they come over and I've seen the spreadsheet talks about I've seen the spreadsheet but he came over to give some calls give some things out and when this market turns around all I'm gonna say is I don't even want to know what their trades are gonna look like if they can make any profit in this market you know I mean like crazy stay every minute so the wife evident has just walked in you wanna come on camera and say hi to everybody come on no she said no so anyways I gonna call it quits hope you got a little beneficial information out of this video today you know even though look that it's not the end of the world I know the articles out there right now today all is it's just a final one oh come on for the 700th time no it's not no it's not it's not the end bitcoins gonna recover the cryptic mark will carve it like it does every single time we were just down in the 180s weren't we 188 189 you know we're 202 again like you know we forget it's just us how frequently it was down that low so I will say this though you know because he kind of put his little bowl shaped thing out and if you look at the time frame it was like out the 2020 to 2023 but this is crypto sometimes you gotta wait awhile wait awhile and then oh my god it takes off other times you don't have to wait a while it comes corrects okay how long we wait and then blue he takes off again we've seen this throughout the years it did stay at $250 for quite a while and then cliff is coming out wow this new data's coming in you know blah blah blah so it was I got a call coming in I'm gonna end the video now take care

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