REAL Reason Kevin O’Leary/Warren Buffet Don’t Like Cryptocurrency! ETH PUMP! Bitcoin Trading + News

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video if you guys
full of information today we’re gonna talk about why people like Warren
Buffett and kevin O’Leary do not like crypto currencies we’re also going to
talk about etherium absolutely killing it as well as tons of other news that
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exact trade takes 2 to 3 minutes to setup and after that profits are taken
automatically for you so it becomes very very passive we have both all coin and
leveraged trades and yesterday was an absolutely fantastic day we had a long
leveraged call on aetherium which absolutely crushed it killed all of our
targets as well as engine and icx both which I believe hit four of our targets
on Finance and both of trades have closed out on the same day so it was a
fantastic day now moving on to some big point technical analysis I do also want
to say make sure you stay to the end of this video because I am doing I am
picking the giveaway winner at the end of this video so make sure you guys do
stay all the way to the end to see if you did when I do think this video is
one that you guys are really going to enjoy especially we start talking about
Warren Buffett specially we start talking about Kevin O’Leary but back to
the technical analysis for Bitcoin not really much that I can highlight
especially since the last time we did talk about it pretty much at the same
level in terms of price wise what we saw in the meantime was a candle trying to
break upwards but shortly after that again we see two big wicks on today’s
candle indicating it is an indecision candle Bitcoin trying both sides not
really finding the Bulls or the Bears in either direction so we add that move
upwards and again from that we had a 7% drop from the top of today’s candle to
the bottom as of right now that was a 7% move 7 to 8% but as you guys can tell we
have a long large wick on the top a large wick on the bottom so overall not
exactly any given direction no the Bulls or the Bears they both
couldn’t make a strong push in their direction we can still note against same
that happened last time we talked stochastic is still very high the RSI is
still at the higher level so it would be possible possible for Bitcoin to trade a
little sideways here for us to let the indicators cool down that would be
something for us to look at which could help us break above these levels and try
to reach higher that’s one thing that we should focus on but if that does not
happen we could also see Bitcoin have a bit of a pullback before continuing and
those two are the bullish situations those are the two bullish scenarios that
I think we could see happen and of course the bare scenarios we talked
about that on the other video is where where there are critical levels
especially around these levels right here 7450 ish that would be a big test
7400 ich would be a big support and again something that if you are bullish
you would like to see Bitcoin stay above otherwise if you obviously are bearish
and that’s something that you want to see Bitcoin break below I think most
people do overall want to see bitcoins price increase especially in the long
term I think most of us here are pretty bullish now moving on to a theorem
because aetherium has been absolutely destroying it now if you guys remember
it last video I talked about DaVinci making a call for aetherium to push
higher he believes that it could 2x from when it was roughly around $200 when we
were talking about it well from there I also told you guys what my targets were
for theorem cuz I also was was liking the theory I’m trying to look to me like
we could continue to push higher and I did not set to X targets and just leave
it there I like to secure profits along the way to me that’s just how I do it
and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing that I am securing
targets and moving my stop-loss up as we go so the first target was $220
absolutely smash through that as you guys can tell him we even hit the 269 to
270 dollar target again very nicely done over here and if we do break this should
be very easy for us to move up to 298 to $300 but you will notice that the RSI
the stochastic are starting to indicate getting to the higher levels for me I’ve
secured profits here I’ve secured profits here I will continue to secure
profits here and move a stop-loss just in case we do see a
sell off from aetherium hopefully you guys were able to capitalize on that as
well following both what da Vinci said to be highlighted or if it was the
targets that I put of course I’m not financial advisor I’m not giving you
guys financial advice Vinci j15 it’s not financial advisor
he’s not giving you financial advice but it is always fun to see people succeed
when they do follow someone’s or when they do take someone’s opinion go do
their own research on it go you know chart it for themselves see
that opportunity and if everyone’s able to win that that obviously makes me
happy so it’s congratulations to anyone that has been holding etherium so far
it’s been pretty good now the market cap on open market two hundred and forty
billion dollars continuing to climb higher Bitcoin on coin mark cap again
249 just under 250 Bitcoin dominance though taking a little bit of a pullback
56.4% I told you guys again if you’re watching the previous videos I don’t
know how many videos ago the 60% to me was a key level and it showed to be that
it showed that we we went up to roughly around 60% seeing a pullback from
they’re allowing altcoins to breathe all crews have been suffering we’ve been
talking about that a lot that all coins especially to their BTC parent have been
absolutely getting crushed while bitcoin was on its move to $8,000 this álast
this last day or last two days we’ve seen all coins recover pretty well we
see them start to show some life in that mainly being led by aetherium a theorem
and XRP they had a great day yesterday – but aetherium continuing today the all
coins are following a theme I think aetherium is going to be a very big
catalyst for all coins to continue to push up the biggest Gator of the day
though el a token I’ve actually know this cryptocurrency I’ve actually heard
about a little bit up 43% so it’s cool to see that dentist well another one I
know a lot of people are fans of nem golem a very good cryptocurrency several
double-digit gainers in USD we were switched to BTC as well I expect to see
some agreed in there as well but Pontiac just overall a very green day in the
market so if you look at your portfolio today today is one of those days look at
your portfolio and be pretty happy the last two days for all coins have been
very very nice Biggest Loser Project pie also iOS T Max and mine
Tron is down a little bit as well but no real big loser
to the winners that we are seeing now excitement for the crypto space before
we talk about Warren Buffett kevin o’leary coinbase hits trending on the
App Store the return of mass interest in Bitcoin
is here you guys can see what’s going on there’s YouTube there’s HBO there’s
heads-up for tonight obviously clash Royale coinbase is up there on trending
as well people are searching more and more for this and I know this to be true
because I’m starting to get more and more messages from people family and
friends are starting to send me messages and ask me oh is it time to buy a
Bitcoin is this gonna go up what are you looking at obviously I give them my
opinion not financial advice just tell them what I’m looking at what I hold in
my portfolio everything that you guys know as well the interest is starting to
come back and that’s definitely gonna be a big part again similar to what we saw
last in 2017 when the bull market happened and everyone was kind of just
piling on the it just people kept on coming and coming in the interest was
just piling on exponentially growing it’s starting to look like we could be
seeing that as well now moving on to Warren Buffett moving on to Kevin
O’Leary the reason why I want to talk about this was on CNBC television we had
Kevin O’Leary and Anthony Pompey on Oh both were on there and they were
discussing Bitcoin especially after the recent move that it’s had obviously some
more people are talking about it so the news CNBC Bloomberg all those people are
starting to pick up more cryptocurrency articles and Kevin O’Leary is very
bearish on cryptocurrency he doesn’t believe it has you know fundamental
value he doesn’t know what people see in it it was a very interesting
conversation so if you guys want to go ahead and check this out go onto the
CNBC television their Channel or you can just type in kevin O’Leary crypto and I
believe it is the first link but they do discuss um they do discuss comparing
fiat to or the US dollar to Bitcoin and again to me it’s very interesting how
especially the way that Anthony promptly got a response to it being as he said
that Thea is only it only has value because we are told it has value and we
believe that it has value so government tells us the US dollar has value we
believe that it has value that is why somebody accepts it because they know
they believe that that has value so they exchange goods and services products
whatever it is for the US dollar and the same can be said in crypto to people
that exchange crypto to people that are people that are involved
cryptos see and they believe that it has value so it’s no different in terms of
that there is no gold backing to fiat there is no gold backing to Bitcoin all
of that is given value because people believe it has value and the reason
bitcoin is value is because people believe it has value also they talked
about the having and all that stuff that’s coming up for Bitcoin stuff to be
excited about I believe Anthony pompano is mainly
focused on Bitcoin he believes bitcoin is the king and will remain king I agree
bitcoin is king and will remain king for some time but I do also expect other
crypto currencies to perform very well but this one and this is mainly what I
want to talk about so I want to talk about people like Kevin O’Leary who has
a net worth of four hundred million dollars if you take a look at it right
here four hundred million dollars he started a very successful company he
sold that since then he has been an investor he started his own fund the
O’Leary fund and from that he’s been an investor and he’s been very good at it
but the thing to keep in mind when it comes to investors is you don’t have to
be right 100% of the time you have to be right in what you invest in but you can
be wrong every other time and an example of this is with Warren Buffett now
Warren Buffett known to many and you know should be known to many as a very
successful investor no I am a big fan of Warren Buffett I’m a big fan of Kevin
O’Leary I think both of them very very smart people that I love to read books
about I thought you know I followed their their logic I followed their
thought process and all that I love looking at that stuff I’m big fans of
both them and they both deserve the success that they had now Warren Buffett
known to many like I said as a very successful investor he’s invested in
several successful companies but he’s admitted that he has made mistakes by
not buying Google years ago when the company was getting $10 or $11 per
advertising click from Berkshire Hathaway customer insurance company
subsidiary Geico the Oracle of Omaha also professed ignorance on other big
technology stocks whose rallies he missed because he didn’t quite
appreciate their value proposition at first glance so on CNBC he said that I
was forced it if I was forced to buy Google’s parent company alphabet or
shorted I’d buy it the same with Amazon but it’s a little hard to
look at something is there something at X when it sells at 10x to buy it that
cost people a lot of money at Berkshire Hathaway so he’s admitted that he is not
the best when it comes to technology stocks he doesn’t see the value always
and he didn’t see the value when it comes to technology and Google and
Amazon are two of the biggest companies out there in the world today he messed
up he failed in that he did not manage to jump in and see those rallies but
where his field where he went wrong he went right a bunch of other times where
in stuff that he did understand and that’s why he invested it and that’s the
type of stuff that’s the reason why some people do not like cryptocurrency a
simply do not understand and if they don’t understand it then it is probably
best for them to not invest in it another thing kevin O’Leary said in the
interview was that he put $100 in on coinbase in just a year later it was
down to $30 put hunt dogs as an example it was down to $30 down 70% now he knows
as an investor if you would never take a company that he invests in and look only
at the one year he would never give up on it in one year he would never invest
in it only thinking about the one year but he doesn’t in cryptocurrency trying
to prove a point so there is obviously that hypocrisy over there but the main
thing I want to highlight is these people went wrong a lot they went wrong
a lot of the time and they went right a lot of the time the thing is they went
right they invested in what they understood they understood it they
invest in it they succeed in it and they didn’t invest in what they didn’t what
they don’t understand and that’s why people like this do not invest in
cryptocurrency an example is I did not invest in beyond meet the IPO really
quickly personal story did not invest in beyond meet the IPO it pretty much
doubled I believe it was selling first I like 23 to 25 dollars it started his
first trade was at 46 which is 84 percent above the IPO price and it
closed a hundred and sixty three percent above the IPO price I’m not vegan I
don’t understand this area I did not invest in this missed out on a hundred
and sixty three percent gains in one day pretty much so basically that type of
information invest in what you understand most of you guys are invested
currency hopefully you do understand what’s trying to do what it’s about and
the fundamentals behind it people who you hear that are non vest in it are and
are saying negative things about it do also understand that those people
probably don’t understand what’s going on and like Warren Buffett said he’s
admitted he doesn’t fully understand the technology companies he doesn’t fully
understand their need missed out on a lot of opportunities because he didn’t
understand them so I don’t have any you know mal feelings towards Warren Buffett
or kevin O’Leary like I said I’m big fans both of them but you have to
understand when they do say things like that it is because they simply don’t
understand it now let’s move on to the random giveaway that I wanted to do this
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