Ready to Unleash Digitex Futures — CEO Adam Todd Confirms Public Testnet Launch

[Music] hey guys how’s it going today’s good news is really good news we’re going to be launching on November the 30th digit X futures exchange is launching now that’s going to be the test net that’s gonna be the public test net so what is the public test net first of all we’re not going to be using real digit X tokens on the first day and we’re also just gonna launch with just one market Bitcoin USD perpetual swap futures market so that’s what we’re launching on November the 30th that public test net is that’s what it is after that point obviously I mean development can still continues we’re gonna be moving on to the main net we’re gonna be adding more markets more features etc etc but November the 30th is when it all starts with the public and that’s that’s the huge thing for you know the public just to begin on there to start using it to start pressing buttons for people to see that it’s real obviously I know that it’s real that it’s coming but you know with the development delays we’ve had in the past people you know a lot of people doubt that what’s different this time it’s the team it really is the team we’ve got smart day we’ve got the mighty smart deck I’ve moved out to Moscow I’m living there working out the smart deck offices full time with the developers they’re just doing a just an amazing job you know we took a codebase to them it just wasn’t nearly ready you know we grossly underestimated the complexity and the magnitude of building you know the world’s first zero free futures market with its own native crypto currencies it’s not a light undertaking the development seems we had in the past weren’t up to doing that they weren’t managed correctly smart deck fixes all those problems smart deck is is motoring as you know they give their bi-weekly reports every two weeks they put a report on their blog saying the you know the progress they’re making with the project yesterday’s report was their sixth bi-weekly reports and those reports are just going to continue even after the testing that launch is just going to continue you know four to three years this thing’s never going to be we’re never going to stop developing this but I just so happy that we’re in this position that we’re in right now we’ve got everything’s lined up now we’ve got a launch date straight from the developers we’ve got the money to get us to that launch date we’ve got a kick-ass viral marketing campaign that’s going to lead us up to that launch bay date that’s just gonna make things go crazy you know and the developers in Moscow or just just work in you know real hardcore at this you know chernov’s got fifty thousand transactions a second going through that futures engine now he’s just refactoring you know pulling things apart testing testing more testing we’ve got dedicated testing you know team all they do is test you know we never had that before just very very excited that we finally you know got this got this you know thing on track it really is going the way it should be going like I say mistakes were made in the past but we’ve we’ve learned from those mistakes you know the whole the way the whole digitech steam the whole company works now much more coherent you know the way marketing works with with development the way I work with development you know just just everything a lot more coherent a lot more robust you know what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger we went through some problems and we came out of them better and you know faster and stronger because of those problems and so yeah we’re just gonna keep going like I say November 30th that’s the date to be looking out for there’s obviously going to be closed testing before that date we’re gonna be inviting people to the close the testing before that but the public will actually be using digit X futures exchange on November 30th and it’s just gonna be a beast I am so excited I’m so happy to be in this position right now you won’t believe it alright well thanks guys I’m gonna leave it there I’ll be giving you more updates soon and yeah thanks Cheers [Music]

24 thoughts on “Ready to Unleash Digitex Futures — CEO Adam Todd Confirms Public Testnet Launch”

  1. Great video Adam.Still too many doubters and people moaning because 30 Nov is too long.We know you will see it through

  2. Good stuff Adam if you pull this off it will be an epic comeback!

    I hope you guys really do have the magic formula now with SmartDec

  3. So great news,a question for adam is i possible to set up a working relationship with nexo which is just basically a crypto bank and if you leave your coins in the bank you can borrow up to half what you put in and spend the money on a credit card there are three big advantages one is the is no capital gains tax and more important for digitex holders we would still get our digidow tokens if digitex could see our tokens that were held buy nexo, and also we could hold our digitex tokens for long term gains. win win win..
    thanks malcolm

  4. Thanks for giving a date lots of people's start calling scam ….but those who believe in this and hold tight I am one of them .. good luck 🙏🙏

  5. $DGTX would sure 0.50$ before 30th Nov🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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