Ready For The Pullback?

this is Ready Set crypto with a wee 1 minute market report for Tuesday April 9th we are talking about pull backs today and I'm bloody well trust in yesterday's one-minute market I spoke of the need for a disciplined strategy before entering a position and not just dogpiling into a rally like everyone else's which was the topic of yesterday's fomo video what kinds of strategies are out there there are thousands of different trading strategies for entering a trade and if you bring up the indicator and strategy list in trading view there are dozens included with just this program alone so where do you start in the spirit of one-minute market will narrow it down to two different types breakout strategies where we're looking to hitch a ride out of a congestion zone and pullback strategies where we're buying the dip we'll focus on the pullback strategies today now you've heard from all of the experts on Twitter for the past 15 months to buy the dip but you found that when you did that you were trying to catch a falling knife there has to be some objective way to define when to enter on a pullback and this is where oscillators come to play with pullback strategies you're looking for the oscillator to go deeply oversold and then cross to the upside indicating that positive momentum is coming in one of the most popular is the stochastic stool just about every trader has used this study at one time or another you'd look for the slow and fast lines to go into oversold territory and then cross to the upside for your entry signal another very useful oscillator is the stochastic momentum index or SMI but by far my favorite pullback oscillator is the RSI in Legare time study which I use for all of my directional signals and is a tool that we feature in our classes it's the most responsive oscillator that we've tested because it's not based on a linear time series in this case you're looking for the RSI signal to hook up from the oversold zone now before you take the ideas shared in this video and put them to use please understand that we're just scratching the surface of the steps that you need to take before you trade live capital with a strategy I like to trade in the direction of the anchor chart swing which is a larger time frame and there are very important risk management steps that you need to take before entering a live position at this point you might be noticing a problem with the pullback strategies what happens if the market is so strong that it just never pulls back and gives you a signal this is where it's helpful to have a breakout strategy in your arsenal as well and we'll cover that tomorrow let me know what you think what is your favorite pullback strategy thanks for listening and we'll see you in the next edition of one minute market here at ReadySet crypto [Applause]

27 thoughts on “Ready For The Pullback?”

  1. I disliked the video as soon as I saw and heard the robot lady but it ended up being a good video once she disappeared, so I changed it to a like. Glad I stuck around.

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  3. My favourite Pull Strategy is No Pull back will happen this time..
    Who anticipated in Nov 18 the 20k? Who anticipated in Dec 18 the 3k?
    Your TA is BS.
    Thank you

  4. Bloody love these chunk size info filled segments Doc. Thank you so much for sharing your decades of knowledge with us. Much love.

  5. Loving these short informative vids! I like to use RSI on daily combined with fib lines and support and resistance to time relief rallies. Volume on non faked volume exchanges (ie. Coinbase, bitstamp, bittrex, binance) is also useful in my opinion.

  6. Well I accumulated some at 3200. Not as much as I should have. Now I have fiat on the sidelines and don't want to fomo but some are saying we are going to the moon and some say a pullback is coming

  7. I'm loving these one minute market videos. I'm starting to learn TA but I dont have a lot of free time so it's more like a curiosity but I'm getting into it slowly.

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