25 thoughts on “RBI Annual Report on Cryptocurrency”

  1. Tumhari to nayya tumhare t.gram group ne dubadi jisme itne achche achche admin h na bat krne ki tameez h unhe na hi Kisi coin ka Gyan

  2. BHAI shole movie dekhi hai KYA usme amitab dharam ka rishta LEKE JATA hai or puri burai karke bolta hai ladka bahut acha hai wahi RBI KAR RHI hai and truth is RBI never plan to regulate crypto due to they want proper hold to all Indians and if crypto regulate or even easily buy / sell then RBI bank money deposit drastically dicreased so they any how stop crypto dear and if BJP ELECTED AGAIN THEN RBI Clearly ANNOUNCE THAT CRYPTO TRAID IS TOTALLY INLEAGEL. DECISION ON CRYPTO IS DELAY ONLY DUE TO COMMING ELECTION AND AFTER ELECTION RBI STOP CRYPTO TOTALLY

  3. If you read the positive points you have continue with the negative points also instead of jumping to another paragraph. It is clearly mention that it is risk of hacking and its a bubble. i Have invested almost my 90% of saving from 30years of earning hope it will give good returns.

  4. Aman bhai bhot badiya information hai aman bhai cbxe coin kha hai aapke user kya abhi tak verify nahi hua hai aapne bo coin kise bhi nahi diya aman bhai jabab do comment ka Aap piche nahi hat sakte comment se log mera comment dekh rhe hai ki Aap ka no responce

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