RAZER Want You to Mine Cryptocurrency For Prizes

one year ago we were in the middle of amazing plays and because of this meaning please there was allow bat of a backlash from the gaming community because they had to pee double for the graphics cards and we saw a lot of announcements coming from graphics card companies from computing companies seeing that these support gamers and there were statements from graphics card companies seen that if you use your graphics cards to main then your warranty will be void no I never agreed with that because as far as I'm concerned when I buy something it's mine I can do what the hell I want with it but a lot of companies were coming out and seeing that that you wanted will be void after they think that you remaining cryptocurrency now another video a week ago I saw where I was talking about the company ASIS or esus over you want to pronounce it and they've actually partnered worth a Chinese mining company and they are trying to encourage you to may know which was a lot of a surprise to me that a company that was coming out and seeing these support gamers and all that year ago and the scene that you want wanting will be void and all that they come out and and no encouraging you to mein cryptocurrency and we're getting the same thing no from the gaming company reason no reason on sale any graphics cards they mainly sell gaming accessories mice keyboards headsets all the all that kind of thing you can see here that we here have a gaming reg or an idol at home here's a new way to score resource over launch resource off Manor on your PC and start racking up silver one step closer to the to the world that you want for doing nothing at all no yeah I'm not a big fan of these companies because they don't talk about electricity cost it will talk about how much he would actually am mining cryptocurrency directly and I came across this tweet from the sky so shout out to master so cool I'll leave a link to his video because he was the guy that inspired me to do this video if that's a good quite a good YouTube channel so i do recommend subscribing he's got quite loyal subscribers as well so he's a good youtuber i recommend checking him out and now you can see even just a comments on underneath Okwe good aim scott checking just looking from running this at full power every single d-o-d it takes five hundred and sixty days like a year and a half to an eraser keyboard valued a hundred ninety nine pounds as of their website that being said that means you're an app most 35 pence per day meaning at fill power so each silver is worth putting zero zero zero zero seven lots of zeros not to mention the silver end from the meaning has an expiry of 12 months and you see that at the bottom of this page and in terms of conditions that there's an expiry date so yeah it's not it's not proven to be popular I would say that most of the people who buy a razor accessories they're quite take savvy the PC owners they're gamers they're used to building their own pcs and they can probably see through this I'm sure some people will use it though I know this is a Wendell script and it's worth pointing out that they do stress that this is not a crypto currency so you're not meaning you're not meaning for crypto currency you're meaning for their imaginary silver coins their local tokens and and remember guys when your main for a company like this when you're meaning for their made-up little coin they are judge jury and executioner F for any reason they decide to stop you and for any reason if they say that your account should be closed you have got absolutely no comeback you're you know the ball is in their court it's not like mining cryptocurrency we already you can start you know you can sell it on an exchange of that in you can only main this you know soft main you can all get so we're talking and you can only use it and your store and if you look at their store that you know there's already things there's a lot of cool things a razor do make good products I'm not gonna dispute that because it cool keyboards and and mace and all that then in my opinion perhaps a lot bit overpriced because you can get a lot of cheap it'll turn out of some using a teapot and off right here and I'm very happy with it aim but yeah you can see the store here and you can get discounts for different things bags and all that as well and they do have a lot of funds for the products the only people rave about them I'm not going to dispute that they do sell good products but here I just don't like the idea of downloading an application it's going to be mining cryptocurrency in the background there's nobody tell you what prep tokens its meaning and it's you know there's no I capital concert it's just meaning to get you know silver tokens and so you can see here simply don't razors off main on your PC and sign on with your razor ID you know a the first 5000 users get a thousand born in silver which is practically nothing but it sounds about a so you can see here I've not downloaded I've got no intention of downloading nuts but you can see from the screen shots here it's just a simple application and as I said I don't like that they will be running your GPU though I imagine in a remaining aetherium or some other coin and it's gonna be doing it all in the background and at the rate you know after this guy's calculations are correct and I've got no reason to do that they are a ad that's rate you know obviously as well just meaning they kept the currency yourself and exchange it for free and just buying what you need em and after you go down to the bottom of the pages we don't look at the terms of conditions and where does it here that's one number ten races over awarded in razor soft manner will have a 12-month validity period so if you don't have a super strong GPU and and if you don't reach your target within twelve months those imaginary tokens at the same of these silver coins or what they're calling them and they're going to be invalid and they're going to be worthless and I don't believe you can actually transfer these or sell these anyway and that's as a very pure deal yeah it's a pure deal so yeah I can't recommend us obviously I can't recommend us aim and its gain the summer to to war a asus assist we're doing as well they were asking you to main via a their official partner for meaning and they gave you some imaginary coin that you can earn money em and as a complete u-turn by a lot of these companies that were taking the stance that's anti capital consistence but they've realized as a lot of people graphics cards now and yeah we're seeing more companies coming out now and they're asking for you to use your idle resources but bear in mind guys the way that they always phrased us anybody that they always promote us MF you look at it here they always say that have a gaming rag on I do at home and the way that they are painting nice picture the same way that you know a sister does last week as well everyone was talking about the way that they paint a story that you know market their remaining software is that well your computer's just setting the ordinance doing nothing fain but they're not talking about electricity costs they're not talking about electricity costs and they're not talking about the fact that it's a beer market that chances are you're going to be spending a lot of money in LCCC and not earning a lot of money now you won't make more money by maining atheneum directly or any other coin directly rather than thus imagine a silver coin because let's face it they're not going to make a loss through this they're gonna be taking you know they're gonna be asking people to Maine etherium assume it's a theorem a theorem classic or something like that they're gonna ask people to Maine and then they will say all the coins probably every day they will just keep selling the coins on a daily basis that you know that they accumulate from people meny and a fraction of the Crawfords that they make from everyone mining for them will be distributed back to people through keyboards but they know that why people have to save up to actually get the products and the 200-pound keyboards some people make not actually you know reach that target and that tokens will expire and also it's not like a 200 pound keyboard costing 200 pounds probably cost him like you know 15 pounds to me container so yeah when men for them personally know I can't recommend as of course I can't recommend this and so it's kind of bizarre that racino of gaming companies now trying to bring people in to Maine cryptocurrency I'm certainly after the way that companies came out with official statements last year with all their crypto currencies evil tape statements and warranties well before you don't know that I never seen a lot about value tone and they're trying to bring people and because they realize that there's money to be made so I'll leave a link to the tweet and to the website you can check it out for yourself once again a big shout out to mr. Socko I haven't come across one of his videos before but he seems pretty good so kudos the moment I've done that's why do if I hadn't seen house ready or beta so thanks to him let me know you think about it guys let me know what you think about it leave a comment below and I'll speak to you and the next one take care

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