RavenCoin Possible Price Predictions for 2019

CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto slo with more crypto gains what’s going on tonight guys a
special video presentation and as the title says what is the possible Raven
coin price prediction I’m not saying probable I said possible
and in the words of Ali so rest on e there’s things that are possible and
there’s things that are probable I’m not saying that it’s probable I’m just
showing you what’s possible and giving you insight to just where this possibly
could go so the starting point for this is coin market cap of course so we’re
looking at market cap of all of these Kryptos and today at one point I’m not
sure if it wouldn’t be higher Raven did hit 54 on the coin market cap which is
massive it jumped up like 50 places which is absolutely fantastic for the
project more importantly we have a nice bump in hash rate which is awesome which
helps secure the chain so just exactly how do we calculate this well it’s
pretty easy I’ve compiled a spreadsheet of the top 25 coins with their market
cap and their current price so let’s have a look alright let’s get right into
this so starting right off raven coin has a hundred ten million market cap
it’s fluctuating one hundred five hundred ten this isn’t going to be exact
and the price was about five point two cents so how the spreadsheet works is
you have the coin you have the current market cap and you have the price of
that coin and a circulating supply and if you go over here we what we do is we
need to establish a ratio between raven coins market cap
in that specific line item coins market cap so in this case we have Bitcoin so
Bitcoin has a 1018 ratio market cap greater than raven coin so what does
that mean that means if I took the market cap a raven coin which is about
110 million okay boom boom and multiplied it by a
thousand 18 I’ll come up with bitcoins approximate one hundred twelve billion
dollar market cap so once you have that a ratio basically you apply that ratio
to the current raven coin price so in the case of a bit if raven point was
equivalent market cap to Bitcoin today if Raven coin was a with a markup of
Bitcoin the current Raven price would be fifty three dollars per coin
that’s absolutely absurd it’s pretty amazing actually and then you work your
way down the list if we had an East equivalent market cap Raven would be ten
dollars a coin now keep in mind we’re in a bear market at one of the or lower
corridors of the crypto market Bitcoin was 20k at one point that would if you
applied that ratio it’s absolutely insane one raven coin would be like a
hundred sixty dollars or something nuts so let’s keep going down the list ripple
equivalent 863 Bitcoin cash three dollars and sixty nine cents iOS 233
stellar 220 like coin a dollar forty seven tether of course Cardno
94 cents card are no Minero 84 cents Tron 75 cents iota 65-61
and it’s a pretty tight spread down through the coins so where is the
big jump for Raven I would say the big jump for Raven it was going to be what’s
really gonna make it differentiate itself from these other
coins is getting into position ish of like the top 20 we get into the top 20
that’s where it really starts to take off but once again the purpose of this
video is not a moonboy video it is not a me saying that Raven coin is going to go
to any set amount I am just telling you basically and presenting in the crypto
market what is possible if Raven coin had a market cap equivalent to any of
these top 20 coin 25 coins so sleep on that tonight when you sit and squabble
and think five cents is really high for this project you know I’m kind of
kicking myself I said that same thing with with ripple we were sitting here
arguing when it was a couple cents and the reality is if we would have kept our
original stack we would still be sitting very nicely with ripple at 45 cents with
very very very nice gains if we would have just held you know in 17 so with
that being said I will leave a link to the spreadsheet and it is okay to dream
you know and as always if you don’t know anything about the Raven project check
out Raven Queen org fire up a minor get on the discord and check it out it’s a
great project this is crypto slo if you’re not
talking gains then we’re not talking

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