Ravencoin, Elastos, Ontology | Cheapest Cryptocurrency That Will MAKE you RICH ! Part 1

what's up everybody how you guys doing today we are going to be talking about the cheapest cryptocurrencies which are currently available on the cryptocurrency market and we are going to be talking about cryptocurrencies such as ontology alas dose reven coin boy that Reverend coin has been doing tremendously well I hope none of you guys got burnt because it's apparently going down so yeah I go by the name of Munna that's mu and a and welcome to the beyond 10x cryptocurrency youtube channel where we get to talk about a whole lot of money-making opportunities I know a lot of people really love money and by the way before we go on please kindly smash the like button because it really means a whole lot to me and it really helps the videos on my youtube channel get a little bit of recognition so don't forget to hit the subscribe button and turn on post notifications because you just want to be part of this you to each other because we are about to have some good times together yeah am i doing too much anyway without further ado i'm not a financial advisor this is not financial advice investing in cryptocurrency assets is extremely risky and let's talk about ontology OMT the current price of intelligence about $1 75 cents its current market cap is about 370 million US dollars its previous all-time high was as high as about $10 8 cents according to my own personal analysis I really think that ontology has got a 5x potential when or if it goes back to its all-time highs so it's just a matter of time whenever we are going to have the next bull run we are obviously going to smash well over ten US dollars this is an amazing chart as you guys can see there was a huge pump like right over here and price really did extremely well and of course the price of ontology wouldn't go above this price area right over here this is where the resistance was after that everybody knows what really happened to the price it just kept on decreasing in value these lines over here really show the major support lies that ontology has had in the past so we have one at around two thousand six hundred and seventeen she then we also have another one right around 2501 Satoshi then the lowest support line that I noticed was at around 1716 Satoshi right over here so as you can see right now we are really getting closer to the 2622 support never which I'm personally looking forward to as you can see right now if we move over to the full hourly chart we can see that there's a clear support line right over here and it depends on what's really going to happen to the cryptocurrencies market in case we have like very bad news we might easily see the price of ontology go right down to this previous support line right over here this is where I'm actually placing a little bit of buy orders like right around this area between two thousand six hundred and twenty six and two thousand five hundred and eight of course we have a higher likelihood of going up in value but hey you might never know what might happen to the cryptocurrencies market and it's always very important to always practice patience and always wait for the price to be as extremely cheap as possible but according to the RSI right over here it seems that we have gained a little bit of base right over here and we might see an upward momentum but that's highly unlikely because you know the comparison market right now is very unstable so I'm really thinking that we are eventually going to drop down according to the fib levels we are way below the 23.6 fib level which is very very good but of course if you guys are looking forward to like selling ontology in case we have like an upward momentum you can always do it at the 38.2% level or the 61 point eight level but you know for me I'm just going to be very aggressive with all my trades I'm going to be taking profits whenever we cross the ten percent profit area like whenever we get 10% in profits I'm definitely going to be selling getting back to today's notes these are the buy zones that you guys should definitely take advantage of and these are the different zones that you guys should obviously dollar-cost average and depending on what the market is going to do then we are definitely going to look back at this trade and we are definitely going to be able to adjust our by areas in case the price goes way below 17,000 Satoshi or 0.0001 7 BTC besides that I really think ontology is a very great cryptocurrency project and in the near future there are going to be allowing people to earn a little bit of passive income just like the way mio and gas works so it's a very good idea to you know get yourselves a little bit of ontology and of course this is not really financial advice and yeah you guys better do your own due diligence so let's move over to the next cryptocurrency that I have on my presentation so let me just enlarge that so we are also going to be looking at in las dos e el a so the current price of elasticity bought six dollars for 10 cents and the current market cap is about 56 million US dollars its all-time high was about 93 dollars and it's all-time high market cap was about 311 million US dollars its all-time low price was about $6 3 cents let me switch over to the one day chart and as you can see right over here we had very huge sellers like right around this area like on the 17th of October the price drastically started falling because there was a major sell-off because there was a little bit of what there was a little bit of uncertainty but it doesn't really matter because right now it seems we are having some major support like right around here at around 0.0009 – Satoshi we are definitely going to see another decrease in price because if I'm not mistaken on the 14th of November alas dose is going to be released the people who had their elasto stockings locked they are definitely going to be given back their alas those tokens and they are obviously going to be selling and I really think that there's a high likelihood of the price of elasto stew drastically drop even whether at around fourth no vember and by the way today's today's the 29th of October so you guys better definitely look out for the price of lobsters like in the next coming tools because it's going to be very very important because a lot of people are going to have access to their elasto stockings and they are most likely going to sell getting back to the presentation these are the different bright zones that I have for you guys unfortunately there isn't anything that we can talk about when it comes to las dos we are definitely going to look forward to the 4th of November last but not the least we are going to look at revving coin RV and this cryptocurrency has been getting a whole lot of attention and a lot of people have been investing it's been pumping like crazy so let's just go back to coin Mike a cup and let's look for the reven coin rvn has been doing extremely well and I wouldn't advise anybody to invest in rvn right now because there's going to be a huge correction because this thing has been pumping during a bearish market and the most logical thing to happen to the price over RV and is obviously a correction so guys please do not buy high that's going to be crazy on your part so as you can see right over here this is the current price of Reverend coin it's about 0.04 dollars and its current market cap is about 115 well if you look at this it's about 102 its all-time high market cap was around 136 million US dollars its all-time low was at around as your point zero one three dollars is zero so as you can see I really encourage a whole lot of people to just relax just chill when it comes to trading revenue but of course if you guys happen to be very good traders then you should definitely look at Rev income because apparently it has got a whole lot of you know volatility but if you guys don't really have a whole lot of time look here the charts I really encourage you to stay away from Reverend coin let it first of all correct let it have some huge Corrections then you might consider buying because when it goes down it's really going to take a long time for me to you know go back up and you don't really want to be that guy who's going to be holding on who's going to be back holding by the end of the day but according to the RSI here on trading view it seems we are having a little bit of support right over here according to the 4-hour chart so let's look at the the one day chart as well so as you can see right now everything according to all the signs right over here we are definitely good to go down we are definitely going to go down and I really think it's going to go like right around here and there as well as you can see respect so anything that is going to be big too in 404 to about 263 Satoshi I think they're really going to be extremely safe I'm just going to be very very patient I'm going to be looking at the price of ribbon corn and its future performance but for me this is the surfaced price point to get in at when it comes in the price of Reverend coin because eventually the hype is going to die eventually a lot of people are really going to get burned a lot of people are going to end up bag holding that's about it for today if you guys really like the video then like the video and if you got any other questions if you've got any other suggestions all you have to do is drop everything in the comment section below so I guess I'm going to be seeing you a little bit later hopefully tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you know how it is everybody's busy man talk to you guys a little bit later my stylish Panello we can touch your thighs

8 thoughts on “Ravencoin, Elastos, Ontology | Cheapest Cryptocurrency That Will MAKE you RICH ! Part 1”

  1. Ravencoin's pump was insane for this type of market! Do you have any clues which other coins might pump anytime soon? Subscribe, Like & Comment.

  2. ELASTOS after November will be your best bet. Gearing up for Western Adoption. Good luck everyone! See you in 2020!!!

  3. I think I remember you from an older channel. You shilled Dent when it was 4 sats. Right about now my funk soul brotha! 😛

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