RavenCoin Added to Binance

Cryptoslo cryptocurrency news and investing Crypto slow with more crypto gains some very very awesome news this morning The raven BTC wallet is now officially open on Finance this is incredible news for the community I’m logged into my finance account you look so you can deposit and withdraw there is no trading going on yet And you know, it was a nice little surprise to wake up to I know they were trying to get it on there Nice little candle spike this morning as you can see almost to 0.1 1.9 cents, not too bad. Not too bad. Huge volume on the anticipation of Trading now with that being said not to be debbie downer Be careful because just because something gets listed on Finance. This is not November 2017 There are professional traders and BOTS and you know with anything you do usually see a nice little price spike, but Just be careful When you’re trading because you never know what it’s gonna do but alas it’s still great exposure for raven coin and Looks to be like it’s gonna be an interesting day. This is crypto slow if you’re not talking gains that we’re not talking You

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