RARE COIN COLLECTION | Elizabeth ll Coins Worth Money? To Look For!

I welcome you to Coin AZ today we have a video from the subscriber of the coin Elizabeth ll As you can see, since the year 68 it’s already 71 2 new pence I watched the full video and from this collection I want to allocate coins of 68 and 71 these coins of 76 and 80 are also expensive among 80 there are defective coins that cost a lot of money I apologize for the quality of the video but it is visible in what condition Now he shows coins of England There will be several American coins. coins are collected in the collection starting from 68 and this is already 2000 and this 1965 coin it was a spanish coin from this collection a few coins are expensive and rare Among Elizabeth’s coins, there are often defective coins coins of 60 years are also rare among modern coins 71 years of marriage are the most expensive 79 coins are also considered rare then he shows coins of 80 years 85-86 he has several coins of one year as you see it is already 87 years old that is, different coins of the same year next 88 year also a few coins need to see if they are married 89 year and these are Lincoln coins as you can see, starting in 1941 these few coins are also expensive 69 D Rare if you also have rare expensive coins then you can send a video of your coin to our whatsapp the only request is that the video be quality in no more than 2 minutes if the coins are expensive and rare then we will put your video on our channel and leave your coordinates if someone will be interested in your coins then you will be contacted by your coordinates subscribe to the channel like and send a video of your coins to our whatsapp +99477422302… thank you for your attention Subscriber to the channel

29 thoughts on “RARE COIN COLLECTION | Elizabeth ll Coins Worth Money? To Look For!”

  1. Eu tenho uma moeda dessa 1989 quanto vale ZAP 084994740994 de Elizabeth ll d.g. Regina 10 cents Canadá 1989

  2. Спасибо.Лайк. Однако качество изображения-слабое. И как то все хаотично .

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  4. ?Иса! Ага качество не очень. Хотелось получше увидеть. Лайк за обзор!?

  5. انا عندي نفس العملة يلي معروضة للملكة إليزابيث للبيع سنة 1981 1952 1974 2008 اريد التواصل سوريا 00963 0956390038

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