Rare Coin Auction Use Multiple Sources Online to Buy and Sell Your Rare Coins

Hi this is Gary from Land of Coins .com,
the online rare coin auction website. And today I was talking to somebody who has
their coins online but they use eBay, and I said hey if you ever considered
putting them on some of the other online auction sites especially Land of Coins .com. He says, no I use eBay and I just put
them on eBay. And I said, why would you do that, that
doesn’t make any sense to have just one source of selling your rare coins. I mean
if you had a house, Realtors don’t use just one little website they put it all
over the websites, all over the internet if they can and many do. So I invite you,
if you are selling coins on eBay, to look at another alternative and another
source of Land of Coins .com. You can list your coins on the website. You just
upload your photos and put a description and put a price on it of what you want
it for, and it’s just another source to sell your rare coins. It’s Land of Coins .com and there are no buyers fees and there are no sellers fees. It’s just $15 a
month, you can list as many coins as you want in addition to your other sources
such as eBay. Or if you have your own website you can keep them on there too.
And as soon as anytime a coin sells on whatever website it sells that you can
remove it from the others. But it’s just another source where a lot of people are
going to look at coins and the way you sell your rare coins, the best way is to
have as many people looking at them as possible so you can get maximum value. So Land of Coins .com, check it out. Your first month is free and then after that
it’s only $15 a month. There’s no buyers fees and no sellers fees, and there’s
that’s a whole other video. You’re saving a ton of money by using Land of Coins .com on top of people just using it as
another source to sell your coins. My name is Gary, I’m with Land of Coins .com. Thank you for watching this video.

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