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hey guys Pro Licence right here and welcome back to another rOBLOX video today I'm back in time travel adventures it's time to check out the wild west map that came Friday so two days ago I know I'm late I'm I'm sorry I'm late the final that is coming August 2nd so that is the final one at finale I'm really excited about that one and hopefully I'll play it on time that time and not miss it like it did this time I'm really sorry and I wasn't gonna play in the extinction that of course you're gonna do that in a while and we have plenty of time now before August 2nd but anyways today we're gonna focus on the new one the Wild West map so let's get right into there also this beautiful outfit for today with some vacation adventurer kind of combination so yeah this is jump into the elevator here and it will start in 32 seconds right Ranieri so enough hi Tim how you doing it's time I brought my own axe also but we're gonna buy it these double reborn let's see I got the golden revolver the reader doesn't seem to be picking up any traces off the gem oh man we need all the gems of course before we go and grab a gun of course I got my Golden Gun I suppose my Tim's rifle seems good I can also grab another one why not now we are free free weapons sounds good let's head into town and start searching alright she want to use your tracer remember in town instead look at this place so we're in the Arizona desert this place is beautiful and here is the Wild West Town ever gonna was it for the gem and I wonder already bad people this one because usually when we go on adventures she's always a bad person like the jetty the aliens you know all that good stuff pirates looking for a lot actually this adventure has been going on forever I cannot wait to see what the final one is in August here we are we're in town we have a person over here hello got lomas ex oh look we arrived at the town we should talk to the locals Tim they might know about the yam or about something like that my reader still isn't the gem in here buyer kiss is probably not here then let's go talk with a chef and see if he knows anything yes okay I actually saw my bit earlier hello there a little nose I don't know if I'm pronouncing your name right but nice to meet you you seem to be the sheriff of town oh no right there's another pressure okay I'll be stupid here go to other chefs hey Jeff do you know anything about a powerful gem around here seems like y'all ain't from around these parts true I'm not even American how that's a shame yeah I might know someone who could help you out that's cool I mean he'll probably be surprised if I saw people with cool glass and stuff but first we need you to deal with some bandits who have been raiding the town or we got to do their dirty of them you can fight about the camp in the north of town now get out of my sight until they have been dealt with okay team let's go deal with those bandits then morph of town is that up there I guess that that's that let's head over to the bandit camp all right follow Tim to the bandit camp I mean why is he saying that it's like yeah faulty base talk about himself in third person oh there is the little camera right outside town and you know I got my golden revolver as well as a timer I feel how are they gonna beat that here like here from Arizona 80 85 or something I got this big rifle on their old gunslingers and speedy oh my gosh look there they are I mean we're bigger gang right we even way more people gonna take them out what I was a spotted us let's get ready to fight all right let's do this I'm not afraid to fight with some bandits I got my rifle here oh yeah look at this oh yeah oh yeah can I shoot them with all my guns I'm freaked out so it's like super fast years to shoot them no so awesome there we go only one person left the gunslinger here hahaha you ain't gonna stand a chance against my weapons buddy huh oh my gosh there we go and I should took a lot of damage but we have beaten the Bandit no hold him don't say that oh the reason I never help is because I promised her I would never kill again oh that's so cute there we go a bit of a backstory there let's head back to town and told through sheriff but I'm actually curious guys if Tim's wife is dead and he promised not to kill anymore what actually happened how did she die was that his fault and if that's the case what are we helping Tim get his wife back maybe what if that was over is foreshadowing right there you know cuz I mean we're using the the jumps to go time trapping and stuff what if what if you're back in time and save his wife seems you managed to deal with those bandits and live did we did of course we have the best weapons although I have very little to help left guess I gotta live up to my word of course you do Sheriff now she was who can help us with a jam they were bad guy I drove a guy coming to the saloon saloon tomorrow who can tell you where to find the gem for now head in head to the inn and get some rest he sounds good where it's the end up inside over dere know that she's probably over here right Peters in yeah that's that's the place this is a lovely place oh hello Peter he also has a really nice outfit like me are you having like a tropical vacation outfit hello we would like to to it we would like to rules please Timmy we're like eight people here putting materials we live way more who rooms level Dave 245 row box oh my gosh that's a bargain can we sleep in the sand instead I got it everyone don't worry oh thank you Tim thank you he's so he's so kind oh my gosh such a nice kind and everything thank you hey yo your rooms are down the hallway to the right alright sounds good let's go down and into our room be careful what do you mean or their snake sit here I don't like snakes Peter you better not tell me they're snakes oh man let's see oh here we go here's your bedroom perfect I'm gonna take this bed up here bunk bed Oh home sweet home where everyone find a place to sleep right good night everybody good night I'm going to go upstairs and stay in my room okay fair enough if he if he paid for it he can sleep there oh look you push the pillows apparently look at her she has pushed up oh let's get a goal you push all the pillows around let's do that again with this one whoa he's scared me Peter are you okay what's that look Peter he's dead weight don't point a gun at him oh my goodness oh but go she's a ghost oh don't touch she goes guys it kills you instantly did I fit best with the time continuum it was a bad idea anyone I don't want to do it both which player should be oh my goodness I'm not gonna vote that's so mean besides maybe the best thing is locked on the des personnes I'm not gonna vote at all oh man David has won the vote zero what this ridiculous oh I'm so sorry dude I'm sorry Hubert sacrifice now we'll leave this time before I come back oh my gosh I'm just going on I'm soaked of your sim it's said we have sacrificed a person at a ghost killed Peter it oh my goodness gracious Oh boys Peter dead – Tim the ghost killer be literally has appeared everyone tried to get some sleep oh my gosh you really have no respect for the people or it goes to anything ever it's gonna continue hard go to need it for tomorrow okay good night oh that was a we're not indeed team as always you don't care and people die oh we need to head to the saloon now and find that cow oh these little NOS is gonna show us where to go right oh let's fall here over to the saloon hello everyone got thanks see I've got care that we got breathe see we see ever got bored the bartender look over there go talk to that cowboy who who who's the cowboy this one I know where the gym is oh this cowboy hello how are you doing but I need you to do something for me first see that bandit over here I needed to do to duel him for me wait what bandit if you beat him I'll tell you where the gem is especially up there is that the band that you want to talk about I'm really really confused honestly what bandit are we gonna find okay we have to win this duel okay team I'll follow you you I guess you know the way oh it's a classic Wild West battle here otherwise you won't know where the gem is you're a thousand years too early if you think you can beat me my gosh it's tennis oh so what we won oh man okay there we go kill the bad at whoa hey that is before you can kill me daddy's bandit or whatever oh no no oh this guy oh that's so sad oh man who's the punk now what them you don't even want to kill people so I mean whatever you wear are you talking about I knew we were the best well thank you for believing in me Tim I appreciate that now that we killed a Ben if we can ask the cowboy where's gymnast sounds good to me alright time to speak up buddy that man has been causing me trouble for a long time yeah but where's that where's the gem I don't I don't really care about your backstory whatever the JB's on a train but you'll only have one chance to get it we're gonna rob a train now wait for the good guys – the bad guys I believe how are we gonna just stop the train how are we blow down the track with like dynamite Oh Sophie oh God you like to fight something to stuff to stop it on the bridge oh we're gonna blow up the bridge maybe it sounds like the perfect thing for me maybe try blowing it off yes I like where does this go okay we gonna fall Tim tim is just wandering off without us right now we need to find something that can blow up the bridge right when it finds on dynamite dude maybe that warehouse in town has some TNT yeah oh yes this is gonna be awesome wait that's not the warehouse this is the warehouse there are guards in the warehouse do not let the gosh lights touch you always a sneaky stealth mission here I like the variety if you're touched by the light you will die oh my gosh Jeff good security in here for being in the 80-85 or whatever avoid the guard and find the TNT oh man this sounds cool Oh mister here's the warehouse we jump on the shelves and we cannot you died of one life left okay this cave runs past me and then I can go out here and we hide in here why can't I go get oh my gosh oh okay careful whoa okay okay fine fine just keep walking you're right mixer I feel like it would have seen me by now do you think ants we found it found it tough to make it out of here – yeah there we go we got the TMT okay this should be easy as pie getting back out honestly cuz I dunno the path I know the way I would Oliver left as well oh my gosh this place was really dangerous Oh careful careful careful perfect okay tip I got the deer deal let's get out this warehouse oh my gosh let's go let's go okay I see the bridge over there that distance I think we gotta go there and blow up the entire bridge when the train comes this is gonna be pretty intense guys cuz we gotta make it out on the bridge without getting hit by a train and also blow it up at the right time without falling ourselves oh my gosh right we're here at the bridge Tim and let's set this thing up are you sure we should blow up this trade I mean I ordered with my shelf right away I'm – okay team of course you do of course I don't feel like that's how his wife died maybe they like admit that the lab exploded or something like what Tim wait why is he saying that see the dialogue is kind of broken sometimes but she's so confusing for be given an expert time traveler yes Tim I used to set explosives in the military okay that's good that's the type of experience I would have hoped for not the one I suggested that's how I lost my arm right Sheila biotic alarm another web the TLT we can stop the train you know pleasantly on the track sounds good I'm gonna walk out here she'll be so dangerous but it's kind of a mark here on the end wait we fall down yup get a street oh that's like the famous who loves to watch a full-throated track of course we can there we go oh no I hear the train coming okay let's go back let's go back before it's too late oh man okay here we go I had a train Wow oh my gosh it blew every up nice you're bihari go to get down there right because the jump fell down you can see no actually it's only the tree I thought yeah but she was worried in that truck I think I saw a way down before Oh okay follow me cold go all right so here we are we went out it is all sort of mine shaft and this is supposed to be another OB and I do love myself some hobbies so let's go do this Fame and you could skip tall before robots but no on a plate of course of course let's see oh oh my gosh this is of Sly Cooper vibes right here if he has a place like Cooper free you would probably recognize this area oh my gosh who didn't make that job what okay let's find extra life I think this job should be possible but it looks extremely hard gotta jump at the very edge go okay we're good we're good jump down here over dere oh my gosh here we go we're gonna make it through this very hard ah be great okay jump in a rope or you kidding me oh okay okay and then jump back oh my gosh I'll just have like they have a game pass to skip it or whatever cuz I feel like a lot of people would not like this at all we do that jump even man this looks harder let's do it perfect another jump oh my gosh all these looks so hard but you can't do them that's for sure over here well you can't jump on that beep that's so unfair oh man okay I made it for debate definitely I didn't buy the skip fake cause it'd take too long okay it looks like down this hallway is the elevator okay we passed our baton oh oh man oh my god they're Ghost Rider Tim that's the person who killed Peter earlier and other person that was playing with us oh my gosh oh my gosh let's light this place up I can I know it doesn't light up oh my gosh come on yes run yes from rush it's wrong we can barely keep up with Tim get inside quick okay yeah let's go let's go oh man this is this elevator looks terribly rusty my gosh just think this sounds terrible I feel like it's gonna drop at any point now huh Oh elevator or you re okay elevator oh it did drop looks like we made it out alive somehow oh my gosh alright well I'll leave it down here let's fill up and look for the gym my power reader is showing it's down here somewhere okay it's probably in here yeah there it is see I knew it was in there perfect let's go grab that poor gem and we will be out of here in anything whoa Oh oh man there's a sheriff that sketch over here what are you guys doing hey we just watched a gem alright sheriff you you helped us you guys are under arrest for destroying city property as well as for keeping as for the murder of the Enki but dude we didn't kill that that's the ghost okay deputy arrest the criminals no no no no do I have a gun that dude if you better you better step back right now yeah so you see my rifle against the sheriff wasn't the best idea I don't know Tim but I do see something over here let's click that is that do anything there has to be something around here yes with this thing how do you break out find another way place TNT oh my gosh let's place the until I know let's blow this place up I'm gonna do that come on place TT has won the vote sweet you gotta blow up this wall here you have to run from the cops instead of sneaking out he's asleep and sketch over there's a stand-in there s of tnt in my pocket from before it was a huge box but okay let's place that let me place it on the wall on this wall okay good David girl Tim you better step back oh okay good we were escaping come on everybody didn't even notice explosion alright let's see we don't have much time oh you got a bachelor that's ending one out of two zero two endings cool for me back to the teleporter okay I hear are the ghost noise I'm a bit scared it goes it's gonna come but I think we're fine what a minute what what the there is gem but he's dead man what happened he's dying to heal his limbs are falling off I think he's pretty dead already Tim listen take the jump from me he's greedy jump back I was wrong about you thank thank you Jim I got to jump for you guys what are so nice I feel kind of bad now I had to fight Oh don't trust don't trust who whoa okay the plot thickens everyone finale coming second of August oh my gosh I am so excited dude that was so intense though okay rival death side of today's video of me playing the Wild West in a time-travel adventure this game is fabulous and final story is coming on August 2nd I gotta say though as usual the the the story is a bit hard to follow and there is some very predictable parts but other than that I do love this game and I'm really excited for the finally guys leave some like some theories and stuff like that or what you think will happen in the final one over here cuz I mean it looks pretty cool gives teaser here can really tell what it's going to be video some purple and deer stuff so I'm really excited but it is guys I hope you all enjoyed today's video please like down below if you did and don't forget to subscribe and post certifications from any of our future videos and I will see you all in the next one bye you

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