Raiblocks Cryptocurrency Now Rebranded to NANO in Crypto Market

what's going on everybody this is Jeff they'll climb buzz so today we're going to talk about something that's interesting that's popped up if you're a big ride blocks fan you might be scrolling through this list here going hmmm let's see where ride blocks is whoa it's not even on here and you're scrolling through and you're like where the heck is write blogs well come to find out you see this number 20 position this is ride blocks now rebranded as Nano so we're going to explore that and we're going to explore the possibilities of Nano x-bar B so if we just pull it up here you can see new logo everything like that you click on this link and you'll get the Nano website so so let's take a look at the digital currency for the real world the fast and free way to pay for everything in life it's a transaction zero fees infinitely scalable right let's take a look at the Nano video banks have been our trusted financial middleman throughout history they offer a secure place for our money and relatively easy access to it however with bank fees and slow transaction times this comes at a cost what if buyers and sellers could securely transact with each other directly without the need of a trusted middleman this was the driving force behind the early digital currencies complex algorithms combined with cryptography in a public ledger meant that banks were no longer needed to verify transactions yet these currencies are far from perfect transactions require a process called mining where computers compete to solve complex equations with a reward newly minted currency but as the transaction ledger grows this process become creasing Li slow inefficient and expensive introducing Nana Nana utilizes an innovative technology called the blog lattice which works with our mining process resulting in transactions of any size being processed instantly with no beeps there is no limit to how many transactions can occur simultaneously Nano is the digital currency designed to function on a global scale Daniels vision is to bring digital currency to the masses we're focused on creating innovative applications that put Nana like the heart of people's everyday lives is just the beginning there you go guys so still ride blocks technology and everything just rebranded nothing's really changed probably gonna want to come on here and check out the website online wallet download our app run on your desktop for the wallet those of you who are looking for that wallet right latest from nano rebrand rationale the decision to rebrand was not one we took lightly our team like many in the community have grown attached to write blogs I must say Nano is going to be a much more marketable name than write blogs straight up and if we just look at the medium article where they talk about this nano rebrand announcement to our valued community it has been an eventful year for our blogs capped off by December that we saw unprecedented growth in the community core team would like to thank each and every one of you for making this community second to none it is your support and engagement that makes write blog such an exciting project to be part of in November the team gathered to discuss the future of Rai blocks and develop plans to further the project's growth one topic discussed was the name itself is it right ray ditch the blocks just call it ray feedback from the community suggested that improvements could be made to better resonate with the public and mainstream audience because of this our team made the decision to rebrand it is a great pleasure that we announced nano so what do you guys think of this name there if we take a look at nano now okay where can you pick up you know who coin bit Grail right BTC notice you don't see any finance on here and you don't see the attracts COO coin is obviously a leading platform or for exchange but still if God you've got to think that the second thing it listed if they ever do on to finance or bit tracks that there's going to be some massive volume that's gonna pump into this thing right so let's go ahead and explore nano a little bit more obviously they're really big on the the nano rebrand here take out to take a look at the team you can see Colin LeMahieu but I said that he's a software developer with ten years colin founded rai blocks now nano in 2014 he moved to the pro project full-time in 2017 and his spearheading development of the core protocol his interest include space technology physics and environmental sustainability and they actually have a fairly big team here's an iOS developer and got a wide variety of team members here and if you wanted to learn more about them right here talks about calling it nano is a low latency payment platform that requires minimal resources making nano ideal for peer-to-peer transactions so each account has their own blockchain with nano each account has their own blockchain as part of a larger directed acyclic graph each individual user provides the computational power for the verification of their few transactions meaning entire network is not required to update the overall ledger together in massive blocks while it's pre cached the anti-spam proof-of-work well it's pretty ok once the once a transaction is sent making transactions instantaneous as both sides have the proof-of-work ready to go because the protocol is incredibly lightweight and running a node cost next to nothing nanos transactions are processed with no fees one transaction fits within a single UDP pack and transactions are handled independently eliminating the block size issue white paper so you guys want to read white paper let's go ahead and take a look at the new nano white paper they talked about Bitcoin here in the background they also talked about Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 his vision they go into detail outlining some of the components here nano components before describing the overall nano architecture we define the individual components to make up the system the account so that's the public key block transaction the term block transaction are often used in ten Terk interchangeably where a block contains a single transaction which a block is basically a file right so you have the ledger you have the node we talked about all this in the videos we made the other day if you haven't seen the detailed outline in cryptocurrency terminology you can go back to that video so basically this coin here is I mean it's looking it could potentially I don't know compete with the likes of a Bitcoin that's assuming that I mean to compare it to a big point right now is extremely premature you know you've got other coins out there like this that are running the cryptocurrency you have privacy coins Manero – you have light coin I would say maybe look light coin might consider looking at nano as competition and if we just compare our nano and I say that because they're both functioning as a currency right so in order to take over number one spot as a currency you have to move above other currencies – you also have Bitcoin cash so I would say bitcoins probably always going to be this value so it's safe Bitcoin cash talks about dethroning Bitcoin but we'll see where that ends up going but like coin I mean nano is definitely with that new name is going to make waves in this market here there's no doubt about that I would say like coins probably on their radar I know I've said that a couple times already but that's kind of where my mind is going in terms of analyzing the future prospects for nano now if we just take a look at our twitter here and we talked about some of the things that we've been talking about the community at what point do you consider buying more fit coin 26% of you said right now 21% say you're waiting for it to go below 10 K 10 percent say you'd rather FOMO which means you'd rather you'd rather buy it all time high seafoam owen at all-time highs I guess 10% you'd like to do that I was said pretty sure that it's a satirical and then 8k all day so the majority of you guys are waiting to see if Bitcoin goes to a que 43% of you were saying that it does you'll be looking to buy more Bitcoin that's with 1892 votes already taking place and yeah so let's take a look at Bitcoin so it's a ten thousand one forty I posted on my Twitter yesterday that blockchain day that I did actually buy more Bitcoin it's a gut check just bought more Bitcoin at ten thousand 140 definitely a moment we're pushing the Buy button was worth the big gulp I did take a big gulp and my finger kind of shook a little bit I was like yes bye you know that's kind of how I am with Bitcoin right now because there is that potential for it to go to 8,000 and you know honestly I'm not I'm not a tycoon well with thousands of dollars just laying around to go buy a Bitcoin every single opportunity so yeah two weeks ago I didn't have the same money that I have now so I did put more money into it as I continue to get paid I don't put too much more money in there but I think I still look at Bitcoin at this price is a decent buy although I've been buying Bitcoin when was that you know my first time I bought it was at 400 I told the story a million times but then I bought it when it was at around 3,000 then I bought more when it was around four thousand five thousand I even bought some 8,000 lots of it 10,000 bucks I'm at 12,000 most of the stuff I was buying above 10,000 ended up just being stuff that I'd buy on coinbase 2fort into other altcoins you know because when you want to buy a new position in an Allpoint for example today if I wanted to take out a position on Nano which I don't hold but now with this rebrand I might actually consider getting into nano because I like I like there I think straight up this is just the truth the name does matter because I've seen how the communities get behind technologies with interesting four letter names five letter names such as Tron I mean Tron Oh Ultron had to do was mark it a little bit and next thing you know people are big on it and for the this being a you know a currency by blocks it's kind of like electroni him right in the sense that it's functioning as a currency electro neum has a privacy element to it with the Monaro block but Rob blocks definitely an interesting cryptocurrency with the name change to nano so we'll keep an eye on that but overall yeah I might buy some Bitcoin today to put it into nano although it is up significantly from $14 where it was not too long ago I mean that was I was actually on my way into the office today I was thinking to myself I think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna buy some ride blocks and then I found out the rebranding so anyways guys this Jeff ball coin butters let me know if you guys are interested in nanos Nutan if you guys like this cryptocurrency if you're gonna get some you know buy some or if you're gonna pass on it or you're gonna wait for it to peel back down or do you think that it's a it's got a bright future going to move up from here I would say that the best time to buy Nana would be definitely below $15 but if you believe this thing has a bright future Incan trying to compete with litecoin and Bitcoin cash other currencies maybe at $20 it's not such a bad buy with the 2.5 billion dollar market cap but I like it I really like it below 15 it's moving fast we just look at the seven day it does have volatility look at that it was as low as 13 dollars so for it to shoot from 13 to 19 I would say wait to buy I'm actually going to wait to buy and if that means I had to wait some time for it to for the exuberance to calm down in the market to stabilize a little bit more because this market just loves 500 billion dollars I mean this is where the ultimate the market just loves 500 billion dollar range we haven't really gone out of in between 450 billion and 600 billion is like our range for the last few for the last week or two anyways guys we'll see you next time

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  1. Is it better then omisego…? If you have to put your money in between Nano n Omisego then what's your best pick…?

  2. Yes, Nano will be a much better name since almost no one says Raiblocks correctly. RAYblocks, not RYEblocks. So glad I don't have to hear people say it wrong anymore, haha.

  3. Nano/Raiblocks just got listed on Binance get in now! https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000532912

  4. Is there any way you can check out Social Send Coin Again??? They have a white paper now and i love your breakdowns

  5. Starbucks requested the rebrand to put it in the running for their Cryptocurrency choice they're making this year to accept.  Dash, LTC, Nano, Ethereum, Ripple, and BCC are top choices.  OK I made this all up except that Starbucks is going to be taking a Crypto and with the rebrand they have a shot.  Instant transactions and no fees, sure beats the cost of credit cards folks.

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  8. hie thanks for review please check up bitcoin white hitting major exchanges soon http://bitcoinwhite.org/# https://twitter.com/WhiteBitcoin WhiteBitcoin makes it easy to create and deploy decentralized applications on application store where normal users can download

  9. It is NOT TO LATE to get into Nano! There are so many great things coming for nano. It will be a huge year for it. So buy your nano now and get your spacesuit ready because we are going to the moon!!! ????

  10. It's cool that you put out a lot of content, but if you make a video on RaiBlocks/Nano on 31 January and you don't know what the status of their Binance listing is (coming in the near future after winning the community vote by a clear margin) and if you say the word "Bitgrail" without mentioning the huge chaos going on with that exchange, then I think you might as well have not made the video at all.

    Quality over quantity dude.

  11. AVOID BITGRAIL LIKE THE PLAGUE! Do not, I repeat DO NOT, use Bitgrail right now. The creator of Bitgrail is responsible for the most recent dip because he announced that he would force American users to withdraw their xrb funds as btc only and only after waiting in line to verify your account by submitting a picture of your ID card and waiting days or even weeks. He may have amended his original statement and is letting people withdraw xrb but that is unconfirmed and he is mentally unstable enough to change his actions after a tweet angers him. Until Binance use Kucoin or the brand new nanex/raiexchange: https://rai.exchange/). Either way, those options are you viable options right now.

  12. It dropped to 13 due to exchange-specific FUD from Bitgrail and issues with their node system, which they resolved. It's about to get listed on Binance (they won the monthly vote), so I don't predict it going back down to $15.

  13. Jeff and the group; Has anyone here looked into Bitcoin White? It came out couple days ago, I got some last night for $0.25 and it's already at $0.93 today.. Not sure if it's been dump for a dump or what, so approach with caution.

  14. Square cash app just added bitcoin purchases, New alternative to coinbase!!!
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  15. Good Vid !!
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  16. Nano is going to end up being the top P2P coin simply because it's the fastest and most free to use. Everybody loves instant transfers and you can't beat FREE! Directed Acyclic Graph coins are great value because they have no fees. Nano and IOTA being the top ones.

    The rebrand was leaked a couple weeks ago at which point I took a large position and bought more at the recent pull back. If you are looking to buy, get it on Kucoin, not Bitgrail, for between $15-$20 but do it BEFORE the binance listing which could be any day. I'm guessing early next week. New ticker symbol will be $NANO.

    The coin only dipped below $15 this week because of a lock down of XRB funds on Bitgrail after the owner violated his own TOS by not giving users notice of a policy change to require KYC verification for withdrawals, specifically XRB withdrawals. They have and still are dragging their feet to approve verifications. At this point, anything below $20 for NANO is a steal!

  17. Hey Jeff, you mentioned buying into BTC on Coinbase for the purpose of buying altcoins. Why don't you buy LTC, send it (fast n cheap), trade for BTC or ETH and then purchase your alts?

  18. Can you guys do a video on LUXcoin for us! Sounds like a solid project to me and its only got a market cap of 25m. Thanks!

  19. I agree, wait for the next dip again- Both NEBL, and NANO really fell along with even VEN this recent DIP just need to have FIAT ready. Im pretty tapped out and have to be patient next chance I get to get some nano

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