Quizzing My Girlfriend on Cryptocurrency

what is going on YouTube the trip typical here along with the miss Cooper pickle hey I'm gonna be quizzing my girlfriend on cryptocurrency man she's gonna be quizzing me so we'll see what happens let's get into it here question 1 how many Bitcoin are there in total this is a big number right and what do you think big is it not hundreds of thousands more billions million they're still being created today but 7 million nope hey 21 million ever to exist and they're still being created today so by some while you can question – can you name five cryptocurrencies yose etherium Ripple Bitcoin altcoin that's like an old coin is anything but Bitcoin that's for the one more I know you know one but I'm not gonna say it just think about a player doge doge coins one that's five pretty impressive let's see washington three what does he use stand for electronic all I got was electronic is the oh-fer of well there's not really a meaning for it yes the goddess of dawn but people have made their own series that it stands for a theory among steroids everybody's operating system just stupid acronyms like that but it doesn't have a meaning but I think the person that made it made it the goddess of dawn but we'll see it's basically up to the community interpretation yes number four why haven't you invested in cryptic because you haven't taught me how on the boat right now question five why's crypto better than yet okay I don't know what Fiat is like US dollar crypto is better because it is more secure your money is more secure and you can reach it it's called not bad it's pretty good good answer thank you also there's no inflation like I can print as many US dollars as they want causing the body to go down remember like well even 100 years ago with the dollar you know how much stuff you could buy know what no right and now yeah alright guys thanks for watching we decided to re-edit it and not have her quiz mix it was gonna be too long so be sure to subscribe and like this video cendars donate donate to the channel so I can play some dabs and she'll also dumper titties up see you next time guys peace

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