40 thoughts on “Quiet Before the Storm: Be Ready! – When ALT Season? – New Samsung Crypto Partners! – Huobi / TOP”

  1. Gainsville coins now accepting Btc now and more cyrpto in the coming week's and months!!!!!! ????????. Take a look on their website!!!!! ?

  2. It makes me wonder about the timing of a few things. BTC oscillating just at or under 8k. 60 mins Bitcoin piece wasnt a hitjob. A general consensus that we are going higher. Anyone feel like were going to the glue factory?

  3. lets go baby, house for sale for bitcoin, top of the chesapeake bay, 3400 sqft, 3 acres, stone and cedar, pool, hot tub, 2 car, $400,000 spread the word please! wife and I relocating to southern FL, no income tx, yay

  4. What amounts are you trading with to make gains of $8000 and 4 BTC in a day. I have less than $1000 to trade with

  5. Chris I'm interested in joining your group. Is there a way to email / contact you regarding my circumstances, desired outcome and get more info on it in general.?

  6. So if Craig Wright is satoshi can he be sued for everyone’s losses, maybe a class action might shut him up…

  7. Definitely is. And the halving should be a huge increase in BITCOINS price alone. Just look at the history of the halvings. Price doubles. Don't believe me, go and Google it. #facts.

  8. Stellar has been quit. I don't know much about charts though to know if it's going to pop anytime soon though

  9. I have been researching realSatoshiN on twitter for a while, I have no doubt this is Satoshi, but.. we will see soon. It looks like he's ready to prove it in court vs Fraud Wright.

  10. chris, is it wise to have more than 1 nano ledger and seperate yr coins on them? are those ledgers 100% safe from hacking if you do keep yr keys safe??

  11. Its just a registration, means nothing, not just a little bit "blown out of proportion" – it's out of control BS

  12. Great content as always man! I was wondering if you would be willing to cover the Life App and their new Crypto rewards system? No one seems to be talking about it, it allows you to purchase digital gift cards and get rewarded with “cash back,” Cryptocurrency! You also have the option to link your CoinBase account and transfer funds.


  13. Cbc…. There are thousands of us out here waiting to watch and listen to you every day, month in and month out…… You are an outstanding man…. Thank you

  14. Hey Chris, I am a watcher of yours and have been trying to find your Twitter page but can't find you @ Cryptobtc_chris, can you please let me know what i'm doing wrong ? [email protected] THANKS SO MUCH !!!!!

  15. PRAISEWORTHY video Chris !!! I think alt season will start after the next BTC correction. If you don't get in then ……you'll be missing out big time. Cheers ….

  16. Second !!!!! and SIDEWAYS ! I have 15 BNB I bought at 13.00 ? I bought alts on Binance only one that stayed in the green this whole time and made me money all through this hell. Is my BNB. ? ?

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