Quick view of BI.Q Option Exchange. Totally different to BITMEX!

Welcome everyone. I’ve been trading through BITMEX for at least
2 years then found out this BI.Q Option Exchange from the recommendation from somwhere. Today I’d like to quickly review for trade
page for the site and try to notice which function they support and how can I think
of deposit and withdraw of this site. Now begin I can see the entire chart screen, and other people investing on the chart. And at the upper right side there is a wallet list maybe so that I can pick my basic wallet on it. I can choose Bitcoin wallet then plus plus on my investment amount through the bottom remote controller. I think the movement of current chart part is somewhat special. In the symbol list at the left top of the chart screen All I can see is Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and others seems to be inactive right now. And maybe I can choose when to finish. Maybe they will support FX too During the review, Bitcoin chart is still moving upper direction. Then let’s jump to deposit and withdraw,
actually all I care about is this. It seem quite like normal exchange in this part. I can see a different page and It said deposit on the top. I can see a supporting coin list on here. There are Bitcoin, Ethereum and other stuffs. Now turn to the withdraw. With Bitcoin, I can see their withdrawal fee is something like 0.001. Turn back to mainpage, Then I go back to trade page Social icon on and off Maybe it support various kind of charts and time. I think my current setting is 5 seconds candle chart. What do you think?
Next time I’ll talk about actual trade through this one. Thanks for watching my small instruction.
See you again soon in next time!

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