Quick Tour of Medium Size Bitcoin Mining Facility

we're on the outside of the bigger Bitcoin facility that we've got here's a 500 KVA transformer that we just dropped in place you can see it's about ten feet away from the wall and we put enough conduit in to use all the power here coming up soon it's 208 volts and we've got about 1,200 amps of three-phase AC coming in right now is the back it's a standard warehouse and we punched in two vent fans up top and it's got a large roll-up door and we put in two large filtered intake fans currently we're doing about 40,000 cubic feet per minute and we have room to expand to double that as we continue to grow the facility here on the inside you can see that we it's a very basic warehouse and we've built out a place for the air to come in as well as to heat rise and then go out over on the right you see the electrical that came in from the outside and the fans are controlled the exhaust fans are just on and off and the intake fans are on variable frequency so that we can match the input and output flow of air and keep a fairly static pressure this is the 1200 amp panel the three-phase fans are connected to it and the three 400 amp panels are then run to plug in to all the equipment and it's fairly basic we haven't painted anything right now yet but here's the two large intake fans you can see that we've got room for two more above it and I'm really happy that they're filtered because it prevents a lot of the stuff from coming into the Bitcoin miners and getting them all figured up so here is two racks of the Bitcoin miners you can see the power plugs above there each 30 amps 208 volts AC and we provide a lot of air for these things to cool right there on the floor we've got a Zee cash miner and then here on the other side we've got the same thing so we're going to continue to expand this in the future

24 thoughts on “Quick Tour of Medium Size Bitcoin Mining Facility”

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  2. You shgould show your temps in a future video also, I love your airflow concept is perfect but the way the miner are set up is kinda weird the heat is coming out to the back which is unreachable but by the airflow because you made a wood wall as you can see on 1:57 so is there something else that you did not show?

  3. very nice setup, would you happen to know the material you used to built the filtered box for the intake fans inside the wood room? thanks

  4. Hello Rolf, hope you are well. I wanted to ask a question about your electrical set up. Are you using just one transformer to go from 13KV to 240 volt? Also, what voltage is your transformer? From the above video it seems like it is 120 208? Thank you.

  5. GREAT videos, just sent your channel info to my buddy. He is a business man and started asking me about bitcoin and other mining. I told him you were a straight shooter and gave the best info on what to think about before making a giant investment. Hope all is well and looking forward to more of your videos!

  6. I am looking to get my first mining machine. I was thinking ethereum to start with. I found one for $1k and have a space in the back of my thrift shop. Now do I need direct connect for Internet or is WiFi ok?

  7. Hey Rofl !

    For the miners, you don't have to point to the antpool right ? You can mine any coins you want on any pool (of the same algo) ?

    And are you sure it's 40 000 cuber meter per minute for the intake air ??? That's huuuuge

  8. LOVE that setup! Good job. I've been scouting space but can't really find something suitable yet. What pool are you using for your Antminers?

  9. Hi my name is mike I'm setting up my own set up and I would love your advice if u could email me I would really love to speek with you no one I'm friends with or speek to have any clue what I'm doin and I've takin all my advice from you videos so far

  10. Impressive setup, subscribed. Do you close the back door when no one is around? Looks a bit easy for burglars or vandals, and those bottom fans seem to let anyone see what's inside.

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