Quick thoughts on bearish sentiment

Welcome everyone today I wanted to talk
about a couple of things that are happening within the Cardano space I
wanted to quickly give a brief about what’s going on in the market the
bearish market and how I’m feeling I don’t know how I’m feeling I’d really
kind of like just emptiness because right now I’m not really focused on
price when it’s very bearish I focus on the fundamentals and I move on from
there yeah sure I’m riding it from the top all the way to the bottom – I lost a
lot of money as well and it’s not easy to see but you know and it could go down
further but the fundamentals are as strong as ever
this project is my number one my favorite cryptocurrency project and I’m
gonna ride it to the end I wasn’t joking when I said that I’m gonna ride it until
the wheels fall off and when the wheels fall off I’m replacing those four tires
and I’m going up Tires Plus and getting a fresh new set of tires I’m
seriously riding this all the way to the end and I want to see who’s gonna be
there until the end you know the purpose of this YouTube channel was just to
express my thoughts on cryptocurrency and express my thoughts with Cardano
and I’m following this project I love this project I think that it’s doing
something revolutionary and I think it has a lot of potential that being said
it could get bloodier you know but I think that name-calling or accusing
people of bringing down the price and doing this and that and they’re not
doing this they’re not doing that it doesn’t it doesn’t make any sense you
know these markets are getting heavily manipulated it’s the everyday traders or
the shorters on Bitmex they’re the ones destroying you they’re the
ones destroying you and it’s not gonna stop anytime soon
you’re gonna continue doing that continue doing that continue doing that
until they flush you out of your crypto and then it’s mission complete because
at the end of the day they’re gonna be holding the heaviest bags and you can
take that as whatever you want it’s not financial advice but that’s what happens you know this whole idea of crypto being a
redistribution of wealth I’m sorry it’s not gonna happen not gonna happen the
same people are gonna end up with the crypto bags at the end because everyone
is going to sell but that being said you know I’m still one
hundred and fifty percent within this project I think it’s important to see
how this project turns out in three to five years people have barely been in
this project for a year and they’re already losing it
you know crypto is very volatile so even if you lost eighty ninety percent of
money you still have only been in the project for a year you know do as you
want do as you please maybe hedge your bets and take a little bit of money off the table and do
whatever you want contact your financial advisor but me I’m doing you know as
well as I’m doing you know like I don’t like the bearish market of course I
whether it be bullish but Cardano is such an exciting project and I am very
happy that I had the opportunity to be part of it you know I’m I’m glad that I
didn’t hear about this project when I was too young like I don’t know maybe if
I was like my teens I would be a little upset because I may not have as much
capital to spend within Cardano but and I’m glad I’m not too old I’m
like prime you know so I I enjoy it I enjoy it so I’m looking forward to what
this project has to offer and until the next video thank you

49 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on bearish sentiment”

  1. Well said. Who cares it's like when Apple was like $5. Financial advisors are useless. They tell you put in mutual fund so they can have their fee

  2. Ride to the end! I'm with you on that Philip. I've always maintained that this project is not for everyone – like the old saying… "many are called but few are chosen"
    —- Stay thirsty my friends?

  3. Head up bro, this is just temporary, ADA is the future & the standard. This will go so high people will make a movie for those that bought at $0.3-4 cents!

  4. Let's hope holding ADA is not a trip to hell: Did the Cardano foundation in Switzerland make mandatory filings as per their status?

  5. If you can't handle the 97% declines you don't deserve the 10000% gains.

    I'm with you on this road trip brother. Cardano is the best engineered car out there. Our wheels are safe.

  6. Kinda a feels like laissez faire. The markets are returning to equilibrium. Meaning prices are returning to pre parabolic levels. ADA, as the 3rd gen blockchain, will be there to do all the things EOS, ETH, BTC tried or wanted or simply cannot do. People are really going to be pissed if Shelly launches and there is 0 impact on price. It is what it is. Until BTC bottoms no crypto is going anywhere but down. But ADA could be in a position for a quick and giant turnaround.

  7. All what I care about now is to add more ADA to what I have. I know for a fact that this project will stay, and will pay its holders off!

  8. We should all look at the positives. Three to five years from now we would be proudly announce to the world that we've been in this project since it was worth 3 cents (or less). It's a GREAT opportunity to add your stake in Cardano (at least that's what I did with my spare money) and hope for the best. I wouldn't do what I did if I'm not 100% sure about Cardano project, its transparency, and how confident I am about its execution.

    Thank you philpa and everyone else who comments on this… it would've been a long lonely winter without you guys :')

  9. I just would like to know the advantages of Cardano against EOS and Tron that don’t charge transaction fees.
    Could you explain me?

  10. I'm not going anywhere, so Bitmex shorters will fail in taking my stake. Crypto should get rid completely from leveraged and futures trading, since that is what manipulators use. Also many trading bots are considering the price movement in Bitmex to make their trades in the real market.

  11. Hey bro, just another ride or die Cardano guy here. We can change the future, all the crypto bags don't have to go to the whales. We can all educate ourselves with trading knowledge and come out stronger. Best wishes.

  12. I am 100% committed and I have a considerable amount of ADA to support my conviction! ADA is my only holdings and that will continue being the case. I dont look at the price! I dont care what it does! If I get money from outside soures, I will buy more!

  13. Thanks for your continued support to the proyect. I am with you until the end. And if it sky rockets to the moon, sure I will sell some Ada of my bag. But atleast 50% of my Ada I want to use it in real world applications in 3 – 5 years

  14. Good video bro. It’s a catch 22 these days. The lower we go the more questionable our investments become. HOWEVER, I never thought I would be able to buy 2.5cent Ada (maybe 1cent if it keeps going down). Getting 1bitcoin at 10-15k$ was pretty tough for me and I had reserved myself to being able to buy .5 once it dropped to 6-7k. Now I am getting ready to buy 1.5btc and if it blows up in my face so be it! Point is having 2btc seemed impossible 10-12mths ago, now I have the chance and I refuse to be “those people” that wished they had got in when they could afford it but we’re too scared.

  15. ada cardano in my opinion wait for staking then stake coins and spend rewards thats my plan in 5 years if we go to near zero so be it we loose nothing if we dont sell 🙂 and this is the ideal market to add to bags i could not have acquired this amount of ada at say 30 cents per coin which was only a few months ago

  16. Thanks philpa for encouraging ADA believers keeping faith and positive moral demeanor.
    This low market is actually the best opportunity cardano can have so that they are more buyers (with smaller funds) for the forthcoming staking era.
    Lets watch again this video in 5 years and i bet we will read all our comments with smile and nostalgy

  17. Im gonna be there till the end ? I think its too early for people to start crying and moaning. This is a long term investment. I'm Hodling till the end. Looking forwards to passive income from staking.

  18. When Bitcoin goes down the entire market falls, its wasted marketing dollars for Cardano / ADA to market right now. We need to focus on the Shelley release and keep a longer time frame in mind. Buy the dip and cost average in over the next couple months

  19. Thanks for the video. Can you increase the volume though as I listen in the car and even at full volume it can be different to hear clearly. Thanks again.

  20. For those of us with a 3-10 year vision, this crash is a Christmas present. I have doubled my holdings for a fraction of the price I accumulated my original holdings, and I never thought I'd get another chance to buy at these prices. I'm stacking up loads of ADA with minimal risk capital. I'm loving it! But only because I'm holding for the long-term and not interested in 2017's fast unsustainable gains. It was fun, but look what happens afterwards. We need slow & steady growth. Cardano fits that profile perfectly!

  21. I think the bearish sentiment within Cardano circles is not due to price, it's the constant over promise and under deliver mentality. If the 1.4/2.0 update isn't released by the 15th the hope dwindles that much more. I wish when they made a prediction they would just triple it to start with and if it comes early then great. I got into cardano at about the price it is now, I'm really not concerned about the price at all, but after a year of following this it is very hard to believe anything they say regarding deadlines and as a lay person who doesn't understand cryptography how am I to know that the tech is even as good as they claim?

    Also if you follow r/cardano for a time you start to notice that any questioning of the project gets shut down, very unnerving.

  22. I'm with you all just keep holding keep your faith Ada will be huge!! The Ethereum killer and also watchout BITCOIN!!!I lost money also but I'm holding like you said till the end!!!

  23. I will ride out with you on this project until the wheels fall of bro! We can go to tire kingdom together and replace those jawns too!!

  24. I don't have a lot of money but I invested in Ada what I could. That means, what I invest I am ready to loose. I don't want to lose but I will never panic. I'm in for the long run.

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