hey guys what's going on Jamie here wanted to do a quick video here for you guys give you some updates on some of the different platforms that I'm in that I'm using to stack more crypto as we get ready for the next gold run do want to talk about tronex and Jack X a little bit more I did a quick video this morning and I want to show you exactly how to use the X platform I think there's a tremendous amount of profit you can make with it as a matter of fact you can probably earn anywhere from 2 to 2.5 percent daily just from freezing your tokens so let me just kind of run through some of these other platforms guys Tron vault Tron welp just launched their new 10 percent daily ROI game again proceed with these steps with caution these are DEP games so you should treat them as such don't go crazy don't over deposit only put in what you can afford to lose because again they can carry that can they actually carry a tremendous amount of risk so even though you can make profit with them you got to understand what the risk is going in so here they have 55,000 TRX in this new contract essentially you're gonna earn 10% a day after 10 days over it even anything above and beyond that is pure profit and assuming this goes on for a while you will be receiving 10% of what you put in every single day now again will it last that long we don't know we're gonna have to find out but this is their new game that they launched they also have the funnel game I don't know if I ever talked about this but they do have a fomo game it's 5% daily that you can earn it's 131,000 TRX right now that they have in the contract a little bit under 130 mm TRX but the way this one works is it's 5% daily you make a deposit you'll receive 5% daily and what they sit what they're saying is here what they're saying is when the contract gets drained at some point it's gonna drain right when it gets drained and hits zero somebody's gonna hit this um this jackpot right here okay so this one actually gives you a chance to win a jackpot when the contract gets drained so I mean I know they're getting real creative with these Tron Demps if you want to check this out I will leave a link I don't know if I'm gonna go ahead and deposit in this one I might deposit at the 10% just for fun but um we'll have to find out I'm going to look into this more actually this is the first time I actually looked at this DEP in a while and I just saw this so I'm gonna go ahead and check that out jump into the telegram see what people are saying and then um again if you want to wait for my next update on this you're more than welcome to do so io st this one's still going strong 5% for 28 days again you do need to have an AI wallet set up if you're gonna get involved with this iOS t tap and then head on over to finance use your BTC get on the exchange you get your hands on some iust send it over to your I wallet as long as you have your I wallet open and you're logged in very much like Tron link to the Tron depp's it'll interact with any item iOS t depth that you want to play around with so yeah this one here is still going strong my passive trades earlier today I put in another 1200 USD purchased 240 240 more units these units are called the passive trade packs and each one is five dollars so I purchased 240 with them totalling 1200 and I earned passively twelve dollars so that's about 1% from what I put in so just wanted to show you proof that it is paying out about one percent you could earn up to 1.25 percent but realistically you're earning average of about one percent per day and they will pay out until you hit a hundred and twenty-five percent ROI so essentially you'll make your money back plus twenty five percent pure profit so this particular platform is I'm getting more and more confident with it more I look into it the more I play around with it it's been around for a while and they do have real trading going on in the Forex and crypto space so again if you want to check them out I will leave a link underneath this video go check out the review on my channel that I did on my passive trades it goes into all the little details of how this thing works we behind it etc etc but it is a good platform to have if you want to you don't have a nice sustainable return and you can also refer people if you want so yeah my passive trades digging it more and more I'll add blasts as you can see here still not able to purchase ad packs because we are in the US market place and right now they have limited us residents from purchasing not limited actually you know are not allowing us residents for purchasing ad packs until the new platform gets launched if it ever gets launched I mean they've been talking about launching that new platform for a while now and so far nothing really has come of it but we do have a pretty sizable team outside of the US that is still building the business purchasing ad packs referring people etc etc and as you can see here every single week we still have a nice amount to to withdraw so yeah hopefully you know they uh launched that new platform but until then I'm just gonna continue to with drugs I really can't do anything I can't compound I can't bind in packs so I'm gonna simply withdraw every single week until they launch that new platform if and when they do that so again you do need to have to our face set up no longer are they sending the confirmation via email they are sending it through to FA now so you have to have your to a face set up and yeah you'll be able to withdraw from and blasts if you are still live in the youth in the u.s. or we got here X expert asset yes still cranking along I was gonna deal with drawl but I'll do it off video I think I've done many withdrawals already I don't it just show you that um but this thing is cranking it's moving and yeah it's probably V you know probably the most solid platform in my portfolio right now carry gold or karatbars rather just a quick update here we are nearing the 15th of the month it's the 12th as I'm making this video and on April 15th in about two or three days they are going to go through their monthly reduction of their bonus so for example on a 1700 euro pack profit pack on the 15th they'll go from 20% bonus to 15% bonus so you're leaving 5% bonus on the table if you procrastinate I mean if you're on the fence anyway and you want to get your hands on somebody's kcb tokens during this ico phase you might as well get it before the 15th that way you pick up that extra 5% or if you want to wait totally up to you but keep in mind every 15th of the month they are gonna be reducing the bonus until finally there's gonna be no bonus left on July 15th so um yeah lots of cool things going on with karatbars they did launch their que phone okay their first ever as far as my knowledge is you know it's the first ever voiceover blockchain phone in the marketplace and they did launch that last month and yeah if you really dig into the information and you look at what they have going on you know for me again just I can't guarantee anything is gonna happen with these coins but you know just looking at what they have going on they have a working exchange they have their own payment system with karat pay they're gonna be um creating their own blockchain soon I mean it's pretty staggering the things that they're doing I mean there's no reason why these coins right now that are going for about fourteen cents during the ico why they couldn't it you know 50 cents right or 60 cents that right there's already 4x I mean if it hits a dollar forget it I mean you're you're making super gains right and then these bonus tokens are free right these are just bonus tokens so I mean there's we're stacking I mean we're stuck in these Casey be tokens right you know don't be surprised in six months or a year from now when I'm making these videos and those tokens are worth you know 60 cents or 80 cents or whatever so yeah I just wanted to give you a heads up I will leave a link underneath this video if you want to check this out and you want to pick some of these tokens up so let's go into Tronics what you clicked on this video for Tronics like I mentioned earlier they do now have a partnership with GAC X and Jack X uh there are they're already announcing it as far as their partnership that they are gonna be added to the Tron next group of games right now in their casino on may 15th 2019 so yeah I think it's pretty cool that you know you have these dabs that you know could work alone and maybe be successful maybe not who knows but I think together you know both platforms can feed off each other and it'll just be more successful you know so I'm actually pretty hyped about it I was pretty hot try next already but now that they formed a partnership with with uh with gadgets I think it's gonna be pretty cool I mean so we'll see we'll see what happens in any case I am mining these tokens as you can see here I'm on auto roll and yeah if you want to play this game coming up near the state scheme obviously this is a casino doubt do not bet what you cannot afford to lose but I'm rolling I have this thing set on auto roll mining these tokens these TN X tokens again if you want to be more of a gambler you can have to take this thing right here scroll it back down obviously you'll lower your chance of of winning but by lowering your chance of winning you're gonna actually grow your multiplier so if you do win you'll win more chances are you're probably gonna lose I don't know I'm not really looking to gamble that's why I scrolled it all the way up I'm just looking at mine into tokens the TN X tokens because why cuz I want to freeze them and then get dividends I mean it's that simple so you know right now if you check that the dividend pool 5.7 million TR x in the dividend pool it's gonna freeze the tokens that I have available one thing I noticed about Tron X is it's pretty slow when you do a transaction usually Tron is fast but it's pretty slow it's I mean it's not that slow but but slower than you know some of the other depths that I've seen uh-huh but essentially essentially what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and freeze this and obviously the toklas you have frozen is what you're gonna get your dividends on so there boom then I'm just gonna freeze it boom confirm and once they're frozen I'm gonna get dividends I think they've had dividends out every hour if I'm not mistaken now gak X jacket as I mentioned before I mean this this this step has been around for a while and I knew about it you know I kind of followed it here and there but I wasn't really looking to jump into another Trond app but the fact that it's now a I guess a partner of try next I'm gonna jump into it let me see here that's some dividends to withdraw you know what I will draw this later I will draw it after the video because this thing is taking too long but I will withdraw this 231 TRX I have here um so going back to Jack Hicks like I said I wasn't really gonna jump into GECK X however because it is partnered now with Tronics I figured you know what it might be a good time to do so and again it's really it's really um it's a gambling game to me as I see it cuz you're betting on the price of Bitcoin or at least what the price of Bitcoin can be and essentially what you're doing is you're placing bets right here okay and I've sweet I think it has to be more than 25 yeah you gotta you can bit as much as you want but it has to be more than 25 Tron and then what you do is you click on up or down and what you're doing is you're betting on this ball right here as it goes up and down by the time it hits this yellow line inside of this red space you're betting that it's gonna be above this dotted yellow line right here or below if it's if you click on up and it's a it's above then you win the bet okay if you click on up and it's below this dotted yellow line then you lose the bet okay so essentially you're just kind of betting you know yeah and gambling with uh with a your Tron see if you're gonna get if you're gonna predict if it's gonna be above the yellow line or below the yellow line okay so it's really simple again trying to figure out if there's an auto roll and Otto get type of thing here because I like to automate things so I'm gonna have to dig into a little bit more I haven't really seen anything as far as an auto that feature or function but yeah what you're gonna do is let's say for example just for just to show you a twenty front Ron I'm gonna bet down yeah so what's up see that so when when it hit this yellow line it was above the dotted line so it was up so I lost that 25 Tron right you could just keep playing right and you just keep playing and playing and playing and as you play you start some mind these gex tokens okay now let me click here now again I haven't really started to really play this a lot I made a video earlier today and then after that I was kind of running around I just got home a little bit earlier and then started to dig into it but I'm starting tomorrow I'm gonna start playing this a lot more but it's at you what you're gonna do is you're just gonna bet on that and then as you start to receive these decks tokens you can freeze them as you can see right let's see if I can scroll this down so right now there's a million catch tokens that have been mined there's only a total supply of twelve million but what happens is once you freeze these tokens right you can receive this interest per day on these tokens that you have frozen so two point 37 percent per day that's pretty awesome so you know once I saw that I said you know what this is gonna be worth playing because two point thirty seven percent a day is very very high very very aggressive yes it is a gambling game because you're betting on that little ball being above or below the yellow dotted line so only you know like I said only bet what you can afford to lose but if you can stack up these GEX tokens freeze them and then receive my I noticed that this number does fluctuate it does go up and down but if you can receive you know two plus percent per day that's pretty powerful right so again I will be doing more videos moving forward on DAC X because now that again I wasn't really gonna get into it but now that I'm digging into it I'm actually digging it a lot more and actually wondering why pull the trigger before here's another tab that you should definitely jump into or at least look at they have a cool little two-minute YouTube video and then you can actually download the whitepaper right here so you can download the whitepaper and if you scroll down they have a bunch of fake hues that you can go through like what is gak X which markets can you trade binary options is what is GAC what is Dex token what is gets used for our own Dex how is gets burned how what is freeze mode where can I trade X etc etc you can go through all those different questions so yeah this is um this is gonna be interesting um you know I think standalone Tronics was pretty cool gack gack x obviously looking at it now is seems to be a very cool DAP but working together as a partnership feeding off each other uh who knows you know maybe it'll make these maybe I'll make both of these depths more sustainable last longer you know we'll have to wait and see I mean obviously we can't predict anything but I do like it I have a good feeling about it so anyway just wanted to give you those quick updates I will leave links underneath this video if you haven't joined my team telegram group please do so and if you haven't subscribed to my channel then subscribe hit post notifications that little bell icon that comes up that way when I write goes up a new video you'll get notified I can keep you in the loop with what's going on on my end and different platforms that I'm using to not only make crypto or earn crypto but stacks more crypto as we get ready for the next Bull Run which I believe is coming soon so yeah pretty cool guys again I'll be keeping you updated with more on tronics and gak x moving forward so that being said have a great night guys and I will talk you talk to you on the next update later


  1. 2 things….the % per day on your frozen tokens will go down the more gex gets frozen. It used to be 5% when i first was mining it…..After you froze your tokens for 3 days remember to withdraw and freeze again as you only get divs on your principal not your interest…goodluck

  2. What happened to the first 5% ROI Tron Vault program? did it end or drain out? , or is this 5% FOMO program with less than 1 million Tron the same program?

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