¿Qué es mejor, el MINADO o la INVERSIÓN de Criptomonedas?

We have been talking for some time about the investment in cryptocurrency and its mining. But what’s better? Investing in cryptocurrency or mining? Stay and find out! A few chapters ago I began to explain the cryptocurrencies mining. You can check those videos whenever you want on my YouTube channel. The mining is nothing more than a computer closing Blockchain blocks, and for each block the network rewards you with the mined currency. We said it was similar to printing your own money. But of course, not all are advantages in the mining of cryptocurrency, it also has its drawbacks. As the purchase of specialized equipment, learning how to manage the software, the important light expenditure that these equipments have, their maintenance, the generated noise, … Then we have the other option that is to invest in the purchase of cryptocurrency. This unlike the mining, does not require a special capital to start since it does not require equipment, electricity consumption, etc. But it does require a minimum knowledge of the cryptocurrency market to avoid falling into fraud. In which you can get to lose a lot of money. Be very careful with those frauds! Especially the pyramidal ones. So in the end which is better? Mining or investing? It depends! If you have capital to buy a computer, maintain it, pay the electricity costs, … then go for the mining, no doubt! Or you can either go for the investment, since it does not require a minimum capital. You can always start with the investing in cryptocurrencies, and when you have enough capital to invest in a mining equipment, then you can go to mining. So in reality, there is nothing that is better or worse, everything depends, or what best suits your situation. So that’s all for today’s entrepreneurs! If you have any questions, questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to email me at the address on the screen. As always, I am Adrià Muñoz, and this is the the Entrepreneur’s Vlog.

One thought on “¿Qué es mejor, el MINADO o la INVERSIÓN de Criptomonedas?”

  1. Acabo de descubrir tu canal y creo que es uno de los canales de habla hispana sobre emprendimiento mas subestimados de internet. Podrias llegar lejos en este mundillo pero aun te quedan cosas que mejorar y cambiar.
    Mis felicitaciones amigo.

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