Q is for Quest – Katherine Ledger

Hi everyone. I’m a Brand
Storyteller and Content Marketer. Continuing my A to Z of storytelling and content marketing, I’m now
onto the letter Q for quest. The Quest story is the classic
“Lord of the Rings” story where Frodo leaves Middle Earth and goes on a journey to find the ring, to destroy it and make
Middle-earth a better place. So, in essence, it’s
got five stages to it. It’s a great way of framing our purpose and the difference we make to the world, and I’ll explain it by
talking about my own story with setting up my business
three and a half years ago, Copy That Sells, and
beginning with the call. So, having had the call
to set up my business and leave the life that I had before, I was in quite a bad place. I’d actually fallen out of
the loft and broken my back. So, I knew I had to do
something different. I didn’t want to go back
to the Corporate world and continue to be a
Content Marketer there. I decided I wanted to help businesses bring their story to the world and get their voices heard
by their ideal clients. So, I followed the call and
after procrastinating a lot. I finally took the leap. The second stage of the
Quest story is the journey, when I set off very unprepared,
and then onto the 3rd stage, encountered lots of
trials and tribulations, made lots of mistakes,
and got into many scrapes, and met lots of supporters,
met some naysayers, but kept on going, and then went onto completing my mission,
which is the fourth stage. I’ve now been three years in business, and I found the treasure
and brought it home, and I’m making it my own. I’ve got my business set up. I’ve found the clients
I love to work with. I adore being able to help people get their stories out into
their content marketing, and show their purpose
through their story, through storytelling in
their content marketing. So, the fifth stage is peace is restored and I’ve succeeded in my Quest to find my purpose and make
a difference to the world. So, that five stage story process is very useful for defining your purpose and your difference you make to the world. It’s also very useful for defining your vision and mission as
well, so definitely use it when telling your business story. If you need any help at all, message me or comment below,
and I will love to talk. So, next week’s letter is the letter R. I look forward to
bringing that to you then. In the meantime, I’m Katherine
from Copy That Sells, and I’m wishing you a very
good rest of week and weekend, and look forward to
talking to you again soon. Take care and thanks for watching.

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