19 thoughts on “Pundi X(NPSX) next to be listed on Coinbase? Will price double?”

  1. Nope won’t be on coinbase anytime soon. Stop trying to pump shamelessly. I’m a big holder in npxs and know it won’t get listed anytime soon.

  2. I don't think you're correct about Coinbase… cut it out dude.. you have no proof.. Coinbase already listed the potential tokens XLM and ADA were on the list. You're wrong and shooting in the dark. Stop it..

  3. great 2-3 year hodl , pundi x invented and tested the first blockchain phone , once this sets off with sales its going to MOON

  4. Have u tried the advanced charts on binance. Never once used that old version. Maybe its better but cant imagine how. Thx4vid.

  5. What's your view on OmiseGo? Low supply and with the implementation of Plasma I can see it going places.

  6. I'm owning 700k NPXS. Waiting for be listed on coinbase then I'll sell most of it and keep 200k . What do u think about this? Should I hold all or what?

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