Pundi X | NPXS – Will Pundi X take Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies mainstream?

we over the past several years have always heard the phrase Hottel hold on for dear life is acronym or just hold and Albee it as an investor sure it is sound advice and I'm a hablar a lot of us are hot lers but the essence and the actual utility of these crypto assets and crypto currencies is eventually use him as a means of exchange to pay for things with to exchange for value for services for products etc that was the vision of Satoshi when it came to Bitcoin was eventually used Bitcoin as cash well there's a project I want to share with you guys today that the crypto space has been talking about and the conversation has been growing over the past six eight months is there I see oh but as of late the conversation is growing even further and I decided to take more of a deep dive into this project that I want to share with you guys then I'm very interested in terms of investing and yet I don't own any coins with with this project but I think it's a pretty exciting project and we're gonna talk about hundy X in today's episode with the crypto Cowboys what's up crypto Cowboys and crypto cowgirls hope you guys are doing well I want to talk today about Pun DX then does this exciting project pun D in Indonesian means the word wallet and I actually learned that from Zack Shia and one of his interviews Akshay if you don't know is the founder of CEO and co-founder of Pondy X based out of Indonesia now very exciting project and I'll tell you why okay so in the crypto market right now I've talked about this in previous videos that you know the retail demand is not there but beyond just a retail demand there needs to be an on-ramp for businesses to be able to easily accept cryptocurrencies as payment so here's where pontiacs comes in they created a POS system point-of-sale terminal and their goal is actually to get out about 700,000 of these terminals they call it X POS terminals in the next two years in stores and basically here's how it works okay so listen your Hong Kong and you go to a cafe and this cafe has a pun DX terminal now if you're a customer which you are obviously walking into a cafe you would have what's called a pun DX um you can you would have like a pun DX card right or you can use your wallet either way card papers real simple so basically get a pun DX card and you can pay for your cup of coffee through the pun D the X POS pun D point-of-sale terminal at the business this makes it very easy for customers to be able to use their cryptocurrencies because it then add a yes we are here to huddle of course no again this is not investment advice but let me put a mic disclaimer I'm just a guy on YouTube okay so don't take anything as I say as investment advice I'm just sharing with you a project that I've come across that is actually been in the conversation for the past six to eight months but I want to share with you this project so you're more well-informed when it comes to this project but not do not take this as investment advice do not take anything I ever say anywhere online especially in his YouTube channel as investment advice as a matter of fact don't take anything any youtuber says on YouTube as investment advice always do your own research so with that being said pun DXi is a pretty exciting project so they want to get 700,000 of these X POS is what they call it X POS terminals in stores in the next three years and it's a really cool project so like I was saying about the scenario you go in with your pond ax card you already have your Bitcoin litecoin whichever cryptocurrency you want to spend with that their terminal accepts which as of now is Bitcoin etherium nem quantum a CT I don't know what a CT is up top my head right now as a matter of fact Z cash I believe has been added and quite a few others and you can spend your cryptocurrencies like I said cryptocurrencies yes many many people are hah tooling right holding on for dear life they're holding until the next bull run but cryptocurrencies are not designed for us to hold they're designed for us to use they're designed for us they're predominantly designed for the utility in the case of Bitcoin litecoin they're designed to not only save and store as money but also spend as money right so we need projects and on ramps like this that not only allow us customers to be able to suspend our cryptocurrencies on everyday items such as coffee clothing groceries whatever but also for businesses to be able to accept cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is payment now here's what's really cool about this as well they take it one step further so not only can you spend your cryptocurrency but let's just say you're at that same cafe in Hong Kong and you want to buy a Bitcoin you can actually go up to the counter to the big to the POS terminal and you can buy your cryptocurrency it just takes it once one step further than buying from an ATM so really the premise here is pun DX is trying to make the process of buying Bitcoin and crypto as convenient as like buying mineral water and also spending your Kryptos as if you're spending your regular Fiat cash on a bottle of mineral water the purpose of Pontiacs is convenience and I think they're already in the right step like I said their goal is to get 700,000 of these X POS terminals out in the next three years I mean just the article just came out as of late Hong Kong restaurant chain installs Putney X Payment device is 25,000 of the company's cryptocurrency checkout machines have been pre-ordered since its ICO and this just came out yesterday this article so this is what we want to see this is pretty exciting stuff not only that it's here's his thing Korea in Japan are probably the two biggest countries when it comes to volume in crypto currencies and Japan right now Bitcoin is a legal tender there in Korea you know there's a huge craze over crypto currencies and there's just a lot of volume coming out of there this is where Pun DX will do well in these regions now the wrists upon DX is that there are governments right now that are banning crypto such as India own age Indonesia etc that's where there could be some risk to their model but I think I think in for us we've been around for quite some time in this space I think it's safe to say that a lot of these governments are gonna have to eventually adapt because they're not gonna be able to stop Bitcoin nor the cryptocurrency movement the blockchain movement essentially now a couple other things as well that is pretty exciting um their pun DX terminal the POS terminal is designed also to accept other cards other crypto cards into space little cards such as 10 X 10 X again if you don't know I mean there they were also touted as a cryptocurrency wallet and credit card but they had vish issues with Visa and they're priced tank from like three four or five bucks last year I don't even think they're like fifty sixty cents now I haven't checked as of late but they're not doing anything they were in the top twenty in the market cap sometime late last summer and now they're nowhere to be found out I don't even think they're in the top 200 if I'm not mistaken and correct me if I'm wrong if I'm wrong leave a comment below but they want to be able to allow other crypto cards to be able to use their terminal which is pretty cool so tokens now the penny X tokens will be used as settlement within the ecosystem for fees they're also like interesting applications like royalty reward points that are paid out in Pawnee X tokens as a matter of fact I think I have it somewhere here if you were at a stake your hunt your tokens in the Pandya X wallet let's say you purchased it in July 2018 do you actually get an airdrop every single month so you've got it if you let's say at 100,000 Pontiacs tokens which right now Putney X I believe it's about 3 cents if I'm not mistaken yes it is by January 2019 if this is the saying you didn't sell it right but he's staked it in the wallet you'd have a hundred and forty five thousand three hundred fifty-one Pontiacs tokens so that's really cool that you you get a bit of a residual as well just for staking your tokens in the Pawnee X wallet pretty exciting stuff man I like the team I like Zack Shia let's go back to the team Zack Jie former w3c chair of html5 interest group he was a scholarship recipient at Sweden kth MSC computing and so on and so forth 12 years in tech in browser mobile gaming market he's speaking at a lot of conferences and I look for things like this I want to see what are these guys as relationships in this space are they being asked to speak at a lot of these big blockchain conferences are they being interviewed on YouTube by other YouTube influencers Infosys who've been in the space for quite some time and have a huge following you know is there is there a demand for their for their business and for their token for their ecosystem and obviously there is on top of that who is who's on their advisory boards so look at advisory board long wang president of the NEM foundation now if you don't know who nem is look in the top 20 okay nem is number 16 1.4 market cap also another smart contract platform I think they're based in Singapore I don't own any nem just based off memory I'm saying this right now if you do know more about them leave a comment below please but lonk president of the nem dot IO foundation is an advisor then we have Jeffrey Jones who's a partner of Kim and Chang chairman of board of directors am CH am Korea bruisin he's a board of directors for general mortars in Korea okay so these are not just some you know system your typical adviser on on a typical IC o—- I mean there I co ended months ago but the point is is that these are some heavy hitters got a guy named Kenji Sasaki co-founder of card ah no CEO of next now if you don't know what card on o is then you've probably been in the dark but they're in the top ten number eight right now 3.2 billion dollar market cap he's on their advisory board this is good stuff man this is why they're number 43 already pun DX that is this is why the number 43 right now at the time of this recording on the coin market cap at about two hundred seventy four million dollar market cap they got an exciting project man I'm I don't know where they're gonna be in five years okay again it depends on how they adapt technology's gonna change I personally don't think there will be a need for cards anymore people are not I'm not use credit cards right in terms of the physical card like I pay for things through my phone I don't think there will be a need for the card but they already have a wallet as well so you can spend your your pun DX tokens or your other crypto currencies through their wallet when you do visit a business or store that is using their point-of-sale terminal I think they have a really good thing going on now in terms of social media and sentiment there's good sentiment here they have thirty four thousand followers on on Twitter there's a lot of engagement on each tweet they have a good following I like what the guy going on you can stake there tokens I mean here's a white paper you can read that yourself later on coin nests will be the first and crypto exchange another piece of news to issue 300,000 pun DX card so upon DX Astana grow their presence in Korea so this is the things you want to hear when you're looking at projects you want to hear what is going on with their business development are they developing business are they getting getting exposure to traditional markets these guys are already ahead of the game and they just literally release their token to the market now where can you pick up pon DX let's look core market cap let's go to markets where can you buy some pundits you could buy right now in finance hot bitcoin nest gate io I don't use even LA token I don't use any of these exchanges you know except for a few but with that being said you got easy access to picking up some pending X tokens again this is not investment advice it's not financial advice not telling you what to do with your money you need to do your own research but I just wanted to share with you a project that I'm considering investing in again this is development right now is happening in Hong Kong for them in Korea in Japan majority of the volume in the crypto market is happening in Korea in Japan their ecosystem is designed very well for these markets and you need markets like that to be your trampoline when it comes to getting market exposure for these projects at the end of the day you can have a kick-ass crypto currency project you can have an amazing solution to a problem in the market with your protocol with your DAP whatever it is but if you don't have the team who can get the exposure through the relationships that they have or have not if you don't have the relationships if you don't have the right advisors it doesn't matter how great your product is you get no exposure nobody has any eyeballs on your product your products not going anywhere it's just it's just very common-sense business these guys got it down I'm excited to see where they go again I don't hold any Pontiacs I'm probably going to start adding some Pontiacs to my portfolio take a look upon DX let me know what you think if I miss anything in this video leave a comment below if you're brand new to the channel brand new to this to our content make sure you click the like button so others can find our videos well and make sure you click the subscribe button below so you could be any click the bell next to the subscribe button so you could be notified whenever we do upload any new content to the crypto Cowboys channel again guys leave a comment below love to hear what you think about this project let me know if I miss anything I'm sure there's some things that I I overlooked love to hear from you engage with me let's have a conversation regarding pon DX and talk to you guys soon take care you

29 thoughts on “Pundi X | NPXS – Will Pundi X take Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies mainstream?”

  1. Pundi x seem to have a great marketing strategy, already they have distributed thousands of POS machine throughout Asia and have many thousand more orders. Obviously Pundi x is taking Asia by storm and have a plan which will take a couple of years to target the European and American markets. The future looks good so hodl these coins.

  2. Great video. Only problem with Pundi X is crypto volatility. Shops, cafes, etc wont easily accept them if say i buy something from them..and the moment i walk out the door the price of NPXS has dropped 5%, etc. If the crypto market ever becomes stable then i can see it doing very well.

  3. Great crypto – PundiX has a working product and will aid mass adoption of cryotocyrrency – in my opinion they can only get bigger ?? let’s see how big they can go ?

  4. What about if u buy 1 coin pundi for $1 for buying coffee. Then after 2 years….. 1 coin worth $1000
    How’s ur felling? ?

  5. LOVE Pundi X. One of the few projects out there that are actually in the marketplace, doing what they were meant to do, and helping to insure mass adoption in the future.

  6. Hi there,what would you say about the Total supply of NPXS? Will it be good enough for the tokens to get/grow in value?

  7. Thanks for covering NPXS. Pundi has strong fundamentals and a working product. Providing monthly airdrops of 7.316% for hodling in certain wallets and exchanges until the end of the year and then lower percentage for 2019 and 2020.

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