PumaPay News – Our Crypto Payment System is Live

my name is Christina Cudahy law and I'm back with another Puma pace 60-second updates with the latest release of our business console together with the last update of the native enhanced iOS and Android mobile wallets Puma pate is proud to announce the fulfillment of our core objective to deliver a blockchain based payment system that offers an impressive and industry-first Digital payment suite of products this systems powered by our proprietary full payment protocol and is the core of our advanced filling model templates equally important to our core promise and to further position Puma pay as an industry leader is the imminent release of our third-party fiat settlement layer the settlement layer is an automatic crypto 2 Fiat conversion feature Fiat settlement for merchants is a reality once the customer makes their crypto payment of settlement layer works in such a way that businesses will have zero exposure to crypto volatility if you are a business wanting to be part of the Puma pay payment revolution and start accepting crypto payments today register now at console Puma paid I Oh in other news last week marked another important achievement for Puma pay we are one of the few blockchain companies to be PCI DSS service providers certified this means we follow and comply with global data security standards and this certification will allow our api's to be integrated with regulated PSP organizations which is big news for Puma pay to keep up to date with all things pure pay follow odds-on telegram Facebook and Twitter

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