ProximaX NOW 2 What is ProximaX? Organization

Hi! You can call me Eugene K. Nice to meet
you in ProximaX Now channel. Today we will talk about what ProximaX is
as an organization, what you should know about it’s current state, about people, directions
and activities behind it. The official date of founding ProximaX is
fifth of March, two thousand eighteen. ProximaX was officially registered as ProximaX
Limited company in Gibraltar jurisdiction that is crypto-friendly and comfortable for
token-sale. The token-sale itself took place in April,
two thousand eighteen. They raised funding from the ICO and despite
of altcoin winter that we are still watching, the organization had not been waste all the
contributors’ money and had been done a lot of work from the past year as you can see
on this slide. They followed the roadmap of the core product
– ProximaX Sirius and you can track its progress using the test network as a developer or reading
reports in Proximax official blog. Now the size of ProximaX can be measured in
more than sixty people, eighty percent from who are tech expertise,
so for now organization is quite techy with focus directly on development more than business-development
or promotion. ProximaX has people from all over the globe
that includes Asia, Europe, Australia and South America.
The headquarters of ProximaX is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The place is called ProximaX Accelerated Centre of Technology and it is big enough to house
sixty seatings and conduct small workgroup events.
It will be modeled like a work-space environment while concurrently it is used to nurture start-up
companies that are interested to jump-start their projects using the ProximaX Sirius platform
and solutions. Letís talk about leaders of ProximaX in this
slide. Mr. CEO – Lon Wong is one of the founders
and former president of Foundation – the organization that is responsible for
NEM platform development and promotion. And NEM is still one of the top projects in
blockchain and crypto world and it’s quite good to know that Mr. Wong was at the very
outset of NEM phenomenon. Lon is both a skilled engineer and good entrepreneur.
Before NEM Lon Wong served at top-level positions of several associations, institutes and governance
commissions in Malaysia. And he has more than 30 years of experience in building businesses
from engineering consultancy to software applications. Mr. CTO – Alvin Reyes is a passionate professional
in development with experience on multiple and various technology stack.
Before ProximaX, he was solutions architect and had experience in AI, databases, fullstack
development. Also he is a core solutions designer and contributor
to Interplanetary Database Java Driver. In the end, he started to evolve IPFS in ProximaX
from last year developing the P2P storage solution and now he leads all technical strategy
of the Sirius platform He is good at solving and answering questions
for public and private networks now. So, regarding these two founders I am sure
that the whole project is in good hands. AS, I said, the leaders and the team hadn’t
been wasting time. ProximaX had been already developed a few
applications, ready-to-use products including: ProximaX Suite – the kind of cloud office
but in the decentralized networks KYC solution with stored and operated data
in immutable storage Now it should work good with their ProximaX
identity – that is another developed project applicable to national ID system used for
creating, storing, and managing citizensí digital identity data
ProximaX Forensics – the special distributed and blockchain stamped database solution for
investigators and forensic scientists ProximaX File it! – the client-based sharing
app for comfortable use of ProximaX storage These and other products ProximaX proposes
at public and open-source basis as well as at commercial and private conditions.
ProximaX team has already built a lot of useful instruments for developers.
That includes SDKs and utilities for Java, JavaScript, CSharp, Swift, PHP, Rust, GoLang,
Dart et cetera. All of them you can find in their official
GitHub page using QR in this slide too. Also, want to mention that testnet runs from
November 2018 and we are very close to mainnet launch where the main story of ProximaX Sirius
will begin. Except software developing ProximaX took a
few negotiations with commercial, financial, governmental structures, discussing projects
in such spheres as food & beverage, sports, medical diagnostics, human resource management,
e-commerce and even fashion. Firstly, ProximaX is directed to emerging
markets in Asia, Australia & Europe. In my opinion, the most promising potential
project to deploy into real life, is the already developed proof of concept for the Ministry
of Community Development (MOCD), UAE in 2018. The proposed solution includes a voting system,
notarization and collaboration solutions. So, now this relations are still on and I’m
waiting for new announcements about that very soon.
Letís see some projects that ProximaX is seriously intended to implement this or next
year: The Distributed Ledger powered eXchange
The National Identity solutions The Fiat Mobile Payments
Solutions in Business Process Management And the dapp network for IoT and Robotics
These app solutions are already in development and would find the customers for ProximaX
in the future. I wish a luck to the team and I think I’ll
describe that projects in the further videos. All this work can not be done by themselves
only, so ProximaX involves IT-development companies from all over the world.
ProximaX named this involving as system integrator program which is designed to partner, train
and grow development companives. And that way the ProximaX Sirius platform
can be used in more and more environments and projects.
Here is the list of current system integrators, all of them are distributed around the world.
Personally I know only one of them – this is 482(four-eight-two) Solutions, they are
very advanced as development company, they excel at IoT and Robotics and they really
can suggest proper solutions to the future markets with ProximaX Sirius platform.
If you are a solid IT/outsource company and you want to become a ProximaX system integrator
you can contact me via Telegram – I’ll be glad to answer your questions and contact
you with right people. A list of activities backed to my observations
is displayed at this slide. Except product development ProximaX as owners
of the project are responsible for its promotion. And this is why system integrators are needed
– to produce and sell commercial solutions in private and public networks.
This is why all the agreements and memorandums are required – to make mass adoption though
government and social meaning projects. This is why ProximaX is open to and in developing
of promising real world use cases for their technology – that we all could discuss in
official social medias. The social medias are the main way how you
can contact the team and the founders of ProximaX and here’s responsibility of the organization
to keep contact with the community and answer all the questions.
If you’re active member you will be lucky to take a part in the bounty tasks and competitions.
It could be a little money spin-off and opportunity for self-realization outside of your normal
businesses. I expect more marketing activities after mainnet
launch – just mention that marketing doesn’t work at altcoin downtrend period and I wish
the team a lot of wisdom to spend marketing costs exactly where they are needed.
The ProximaX ultimate goal is only one now – to achieve big scales in adoption across
both public and private network solutions. That scales can be reached through a range
of avenues, direct ecosystem building and business development from the team or through
technology partnerships that are being set up globally.
This is all I wanted to say this time about ProximaX as a company, don’t be shy if you
want to discuss something, for example, ask questions or for the new video topics – to
the comments below the video. You can call me Eugene K.
ProximaX NOW Thanks for watching!

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