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the big change was in the buying by Wall Street the behind by institutions directly from the company that number was up really big nearly 400% quarter-over-quarter there seem to be little signs that Wall Street is moving closer and closer towards adopting digital assets as we could see that the third quarter and about 70% of that is coming from institutions and just q3 alone that run-up caused them to get really excited about the asset class and are now stepping into the space when prices are a little bit more attractive the investors that we're interacting with these are folks they're on our retail diet method visa these are folks that have ten plus your track records of six acts they have deep investment committees and deep convictions and they're investing into the space for the medium to long term it despite skepticism from the big regulatory powers that be Wall Street's enthusiasm for crypto is heating up I think blockchain technology has tremendous promise for the securities industry eliminating costs I mean the cost of verification in the securities industry incredibly high we can if we can make that more efficient terrific finally over the last few months major Wall Street firms have been getting in on the crypto action goldman sachs is set to launch its own bitcoin trading operation for institutions out there who want to buy something other than cash settled bitcoin futures we're gonna offer you know a small number of crypto currencies virtual currencies so in that regard the conversations are real and we're kind of building it out and we've built it out an institutional grave platform that could scale very quickly you're gonna see the institutions come in it's gonna kind of correspond with all of this custody all the stuff ready to go so to me that's the bullish that's the most bullish kay hi guys wondering if or sweetie is ever going to invest in cryptos i'm going to show you why they will and already are there's a lot of people saying Wall Street is coming but what makes this video different is that I'm going to give you a series of concise facts and proofs of why they are going to ensure the market even some insider info so keep watching as you may know a lot of money will potentially flow from institutions into the crypto market and if it happens it will trigger the next crypto wave the crazy dream come true for you and I so let's get started and look at facts so first let's listen to what the Cardinal co-founder has to say about Wall Street's Wall Street is showing up to the party with all the laptop capital that stands up trillions of dollars entering the space eventually future is bright it is my friend future is bright they have tens of trillions of dollars that are going to be invested in cryptocurrencies right now the cryptocurrency total market cap is about two hundred million dollars so even if only ten trillion dollars are going into the crypto market this means it's a fifty times increase and it will be focused on the top ten I think but how far are we in the process of institutions jumping to cryptocurrencies well what for Street is saying publicly is completely different from what they saying privately interesting cryptocurrencies is an L is in an all-time high in wall street just listen to this podcast from Unchained at the 57th minutes I'm going to play it he's talking about how Wall Street is reacting from the inside let's listen to him what we're seeing right now is you know despite the drop in prices that despite the drop in volumes this year the level of engagements in the level of seriousness that we see coming out of the Wall Street institutions and banks is that an all-time high it's not you know there there's plenty of commentators that you know you know say that you know bitcoins dead there's plenty of commentators that say that you know bubbles burst and it's over behind-the-scenes it's kind of full steam ahead right now and you know what what's pretty clear is nobody wants to be first but everybody wants to be a really fast follower certainly no one was to be last so I do think whether it's you know what what Goldman has announced they're doing or what ice is doing I think one of the one something is kind of is gonna I think kind of you know break open that damn and it's gonna be very very popular and very socially acceptable for a bank to be offering to their clients customers access this asset class pretty quickly when that happens what happens I don't know but when it does happen it's gonna happen very fast crazy right we can already see the demand increasing grayscale a digital asset investment firm has seen an increase of more than 30 percent of diamond in the third quarter compared to the second quarter quarter of this year with the large majority being from institutions 70 percent being from institutions now let's see about the big institutions and how they're reacting to it so we have more JP Morgan that have to adapt the company said it could be forced to adapt its products to retain customers while stressing that it could eventually lose market share yes they have to adapt otherwise they will lose market share so it makes total sense for them to get involved in cryptocurrencies morgan stanley then announced that it was helping clients clear beak on futures contracts they're already helping clients buying Bitcoin in March the company told clients that Bitcoin was similar to the Nasdaq but moving 15 times faster faster furthermore Morgan Stanley speculated that financial markets would move to what the use of crypto in the future they're also going to use crypto talking timelines lets those are really interesting quotes that are putting everything in perspective think about how institutional investors operates its how to tell your boss I have money in places you have never heard of you need a trusted name custodian a Japanese bank or HSBC or ice or gamma sacks to other institutional investors to fluid to feel comfortable and that's precisely what's happening that's what's preventing institutions to invest in kryptos right now but this is changing I think now in the market you have a lot of regulatory clarity that didn't exist even a year ago you have different types of order flow you have retail and institutional as that institutional flow increases critically with the rollout of new institutional products you see more of a level of consult and consumer and consolidation in the market large financial institutions are Kappa capitalistic in nature they are interested in serving their customers who want to make money of course while driving better financial performance for themselves taking money in as well as more customers look for Bitcoin cryptocurrency and digital asset products these financial institutions will be forced to participate again they'll be forced to participate and this sums it up perfectly Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will continue to grow without without the support of the legacy financial players with that said the markets benefit from the sophistication and size of their participation which means that whatever happens with Wall Street we're talking about Wall Street's when they're going to invest to be involved in cryptocurrencies but it doesn't really matter because bitcoins Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay and that's their role to adapt otherwise they're it's basically this whole article is about adapt or be discarded now what about ETFs the approval of a beacon ETF would have a very positive impact on the crypto industry the main advantage is less friction for the mass retail consumer to purchase Bitcoin without having to deal with complexities of digital assets digital wallet sorry and exchanges if the introduction of gold ETF to the gold market is any indication we should anticipate a large inflection point post Bitcoin ETF Wow what more well we have more Morgan Stanley now officially recognizes crypto as a new institutional asset glass this is also it's it's huge guys does know the word I mean now it is recognized by a big name as an asset class and institutional investors need that they need when they want that when they're investing in something they need it to be recognized by other institutions not only will it add credibility to the institutions but also to the retail customers now it's not the the talk of one year ago that bitcoin is that bitcoin is really bad it's highly speculative highly volatile that it has nothing to do with regular investments now all of this is changing and for the better we also have some interesting quotes here now crypto enthusiasts or downbeat about the number of suits at the conference it's not Krypton suggests only that I attending anymore it's also Wall Street and Wall Street attendees were euphoric can you hear that can you read that Wall Street at in this very euphoric they want to make money Wall Street is our sentence and it's coming to dominate the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem we have some more interesting codes down there Goldman Sachs has been public about entering the market this summer the GP Morgan Barclays and others have all signaled interest in getting a crypto desk up and running by the end of the year the end of the year the retail exchanges have started to focus on institutions that's what we're going to talk about with conveys exchanges such as Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange have said they are interesting in participating when the regulatory regime is better defined so with that said if someone says that Wall Street is not going to invest in cryptos I don't know where he gets his info now let's see all the platforms designed for institutions that are being created current based custody specific for institutions the third current based platform now for institutions with safe custody we have backed from ice the Intercontinental stock exchange which is the firm behind the New York Stock Exchange which is the largest Stock Exchange in the world we have fidelity which handles seven point two trillion dollars in client assets now launched their fidelity digital digital asset services a whole new branch for digital asset those are not minor players that are the major ones we have the Nasdaq that is also planning to become a cryptocurrency exchange in the future as the market matures and it is already on its way to acquire sin Ober which is a crypto Swedish crypto currency exchange now to really show you that something is moving inside Wall Street we have major wallets the one thing you know with Bitcoin is that you can see all the transactions and wallets all the contents of the wallets you cannot see who owns them but you can see the address on what it contains and we have five wallets big wallets that have been created very recently and that gathered a lot of Bitcoin that bought a lot of Bitcoin over the counter so I took the first one for example and here we are it's the same address you can shake it if you if you're willing to do so and it has started to acquire a Bitcoin on the 20th of October and now it has bought about almost 60,000 Bitcoin which is about four hundred million dollars four hundred million dollars now there are two questions who's the owner and why is he buying that much Bitcoin as of the owner we have not a lot of possibilities there are about 2,000 billionaires in this world according to Forbes and most of them cannot get out that much money out of the of their investment easily so it's got to be someone from the top forbes list or it can be and it's probably an institution now why they're doing it well I can't answer this question but they're preparing for something that's for sure and they know the wave is coming which leads me to one points I really wanted to make which is that one thing I really want you to understand so listen closely is that the media is always manipulated and cryptocurrencies are no exception to the rule the media is literally controlled by the largest financial institutions and they manage to keep the prices crashing throughout the year by telling us it was dangerous not worth it etc so that they could enter the market at low prices just look at this clip trend is clearly down we're down 60% from the highs not long ago until it stabilizes you can't touch it I think you can't press a short here the trend is down but you're short that's massive it's massive jargon on a Monday stop it Chris you can be short here let's say it that way but you have to be very mindful of your stocks we see the volatility here you can't be dogmatic about this if it starts to go the other way you have to think otherwise this is propaganda I'm telling you they soon will start saying these are great products a great technology that is definitely worth investing in mark my words that's already starting to happen with the sentiment in Wall Street seems to be changing as they got time to invest now the palms are set and they're ready to burst the market the ones will be rewarded will be the would be them and those who invest it who bought when they told us not to buy low sell high that's the whole principle and only good investors do so I'll tell you one thing that's what I've done I've bought XRP and other cryptocurrencies throughout the year every month with dollar cost averaging and I don't regret it now let's go to the bonus points which concerns XRP repo says that their cells the cells of ectopy from ripple to the institution's have more than doubled in the third quarter compared to the second quarter so this is an exponential trend which again shows that the institutions are getting involved and interested more than interested actually they're starting to invest in cryptocurrencies and XRP is no exception to the rule actually in my opinion the ones which will benefit the most of Bitcoin and xrp Bitcoin because it is the most notorious it is it is a storage of value and exactly because it has utility and it is working with banks so of course if they have the choice these institutions will work will invest in something that supports them that is not looking to destroy them so as you can see institutions are getting involved on different levels with cryptocurrencies not only is it a great investment opportunity and they know it's the early stages but they also can use this technology to tokenize other assets but that's for a whole other topic so I won't dive into it right now I hope you enjoyed this video though and that it was helpful if it was make sure share it with your friends and family so they don't miss out on this opportunity and I'll see you in the next one

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  5. This guy keeps saying "that bitcoin will go up, that bitcoin will go up"? yes it will eventually go up, but not in a prolonged bear market. That's why you have been wrong all this time. Holding contrarian views or beliefs in trading only work for picking tops and bottoms not when the market is moving in a certain direction, because if you go against the masses when a market is moving in a particular direction you will get burnt. And that is what I think will happen to you and any one who watch and listens to your videos. I got burnt a couple of months ago when you said bitcoin was going to move from $8,000 to $9,000. I lost a lot of money but I made up to 75K I started trading few I had left with the help from Mr. Adams Hudson, he gives the best strategies, advise and patterns, everyone can contact him for help on [email protected] I am just going to listen to my Mr Adams advise and teachings, after watching all these YouTube videos from various You Tubers about the market, read new articles, watch the charts and listen to the Holy Spirit. I think the advice you are dishing out on here is crap and if any person wants to got poor they can listen to you. There are two time frames for BTC . Before and after October 2017 . Before that no one knew what bitcoin was and after that every knew what bitcoin was . Trying to use history is absolutely useless in this situation . BCH, BTC, XRP, XLM and Altcoins will only spiked because of the fork and no other reason . The sad reality is that no cares about crypto any more except those who are already into it . Trading volume has plummeted and more people leaving then coming in . That's the stats and no amount of technical analysis is going to change that . The best we can hope for is the ETF bump followed by the dump and that we continue to go side ways . Prices don't just go up out of thin air or because they should be going up . It needs a huge demand for it and we are just not seeing that . 2019 is going to be bleak and if we don't get this " expected " rise from now ,January will see a massive sell off for all those people exiting crypto once and for all .

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