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good morning everyone it is February 7th that time again for a daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and today I'm will show you an article that actually provides proof that investors are holding and not selling off and I think this is one that we should pay attention to as well as some other opinions that's going around right now in terms of where the market is going to go are we go go down to 1800 according to some or our week I'll start rallying according to some and and other various pieces of news and as always appreciate your support make sure you smash up the like subscribe to channel and hit that notification button and I do have these live sessions every day at 11:00 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time alright guys thanks for tuning in those of you guys that's running in a chat as always I appreciate it and we always keep it light and have a good time in here so we'll go do to Q&A after I go over the news all right so let's get started let's talk about the main topic for today which shows that investors are holding and not and not selling and what's going on right now with all these mini pumps and thumps that we're seeing with Bitcoin and so forth I've speculated that it was due to bots and it's looking more and more like that because you and I Drita investors the ones that's in it for the long haul are simply huddling all right so according to this article Celsius which is a wallet maker it was interesting I've heard of that Celsius network they actually pay out interest based on your deposits which is interesting and I don't know how they're able to do this but they do more than more than this debt right they also do have this lending platform which overall I'm not a fan of like if you have if you have Kryptos I don't think it's in your best – he putting down your cryptos and taking out collateral because that leads you to get to become rekt basically right going having a kryptos go down you know is one thing but having a credit go down and you're forced to sell and getting liquidated that's even worse so not a fan of lending but anyway Celsius offers a couple things lending and also they give you interest based on your deposits I don't know if that means you have to lend or you could just put it in there so I haven't used it yet so if you guys have please chime in but according to them according to them and this is what's interesting one of the most surprising trends we saw during 2018 was resilience of our holder community despite BGC and earth losing half of their value during the first half of 2009 2018 we saw 184 out of 191 days in which deposits outnumbered withdraws like you Celsius was in the network and the market Himalayan BDC and earth almost every day as we collected interest on our loans it retreated back to our members so out of out of the 191 days and I don't know why it's a hundred oh okay this was second half of 2018 so they didn't they didn't count the first time I'm like why is it a hundred ninety-one days but anyways they saw more deposits then withdraws and according to them this is this is this shows that investors are holding and not selling out right because you got to think about it even though you think oh maybe deposits it's worth it to keep interest you know you're gonna make money from interest but not when the underlying asset is dropping 50 percent right so those people that are still hurt still have the assets within our whole are holders right like you and I so I think this is this is pretty interesting it's always interesting at least for me it's interesting to hear what some of these leaders are saying right the ones that have insight that that we don't we can't get unless we're in that position right like a lot of times cz shares his insight Brian Anderson from you know from coinbase sometimes share some things but you know we have seen OTC you know OTC brokers come out with their data and so forth so it's always interesting to get an insight into in terms of what what these guys are seeing on the inside and not necessarily just what's going on in the news right so I think this is interesting and I think most of you guys just tuned in right now also know this that you know we're in it for a long haul we're just go Kim late as much as we can while we still can right while things are low and we hold for the future right and we hold for that life-changing well so I wanted to lead with this because I think this is pretty interesting and I want to bring up something else that has nothing to do with this but I just saw it this is one of the trends it's on Twitter now that Wells Fargo supposedly they're online and mobile services are down and it's just out and people are frustrated like what the hell why can't I use it you know I mean their money is not gone but it's another reason why people are frustrated with banks because as large as they are and as with as much assets they have right and with as much experience and all that things still go out right so the two arguments against this is one is a centralized system where if you had a decentralized system it would be a lot more efficient and resilient and number two is you shouldn't even rely on a bank to control your money you should control your own money and that's where Kryptos come in so I just want to bring that up really quick since this is ongoing thing right now all right so let's move on so I mentioned there's articles okay from the same there it's articles for the same same place CCN and I kind of like it because they're doing you know their their arguments are both sides so some some traders okay and not even just with this one trader I heard it from other people but this one trader is forecasting Bitcoin will sink near to thousands before Bulls takeover right and he has this pretty diagram that shows where things were going and where it's heading now if you look at like this chart he is saying well if you this is go follow this and this this and you should buy here which is between 3000 and 2100 and you don't you know bulls are not gonna come until we break all three of these lines right that's that's according to him this is purely based on just ta this is not based on anything else fundamentals or news or or any of the triggers that I've been talking about so that's his opinion and this is what a lot of traders are focusing on and even in this article you know the author of this article is like why are traders bearish because because there's the fundamentals keep improving right and we have seen a lot of strides with in 2018 2019 but why are traders perish and that's a good question I think only traders can answer that but I my guess is most of these traders they're focused on short-term right they want to make money they want to make money like day to day or week or week right and and what do they rely on right they rely on their charts they rely on what they can justify I guess what makes sense to them and according to their charts you know it shows that hey we can go down more but like I brought up before like I brought up recently about mom Cox right there's a lot of things happening behind the scenes Mongkok sold 300 million bitcoins in May of June and no mostly May and early June of 2018 and no one knew about it until now it was kept secret and we have seen every time Mongkok sell-off majorly it has a huge effect on the market and those kind of things are things that charts and ta cannot predict these they can't see that it's not a fortune-teller right so that's why I caution a lot of times you know if you're just going by purely by charts you know if nothing else is going on right I guess it does work but many times have we seen in crypto world something else is going on just like when we fell from 6,000 down to 3000 a lot of people just said well you know the charts show we should have done that right now there's more that's behind a scene that we just don't know about and unfortunately won't know until people do research and and come out with it all right so that's one traders view and I know a lot of traders that are actually forecasting that we're gonna go below 3100 our recent low and go into the 2000s now this other trader is saying no he is using these six triangles and overall forming a bigger wedge right remember I've been showing you guys that yeah you know market is basically well at least BTC is following this pattern that's that's been basically driven by BOTS and it just shows endless triangle descending wedges and every time we break out and come down breakout come down and the last two we didn't even have any momentum to break up upwards we just broke out downwards right but according to this trader if you take all those wedges and make a bigger wedge that's actually a bullish thing he's like traditionally let's see according to him technically a falling wedge pattern is a bullish indicator it begins broadly at the top and it squeezes the assets moves lower while forming reaction highs and reaction lows that eventually converge upon closing in towards the cones apex the asset goes to resistance breakout to find a new support area so according to him you know we are looking at a breakout above which would be which would be a welcome thing right now but obviously right now everyone is still focused on the 200 weekly in May which I've been bringing up a lot we're right there right we're like 50 points away so it's not like you know we're we're really far off so if the 200 weekly I'm a keeps inching up and we inch down we're gonna hit it maybe we breakout above like last time like right over here right and I'll also make sense in terms of if you make this a huge wedge it also shows that were you know breakout is imminent so it come too so there's that's why I want to bring up both sides of the argument you got mostly most of the trainer's focusing you know being bearish focus on us going down long term you know holders right obviously focus on long term focus on accumulating and so forth but it's interesting there are still some traders that anticipate that we will go up it just really depends on which which indicators you're looking at right all right so let's move on from there let's go back to some news and I talked about Amazon for a while Amazon is the biggest retailer I don't really tell her you know in the world if you want to count Alibaba but Alibaba is kind of different okay they don't really control their own inventory and so forth they rely on third parties only Amazon does have their own so it the bottles a little bit different but anyways in Amazon I don't know I trust this I guess there was a survey of a thousand Amazon clients so not like $10 not know anything really large at thousand and out of the thousand twelve point seven percent said they would like to see cryptocurrency services I have a really hard time to blame the Kleins aid they select it must be real tech savvy or Bitcoin believers is I have a really hard time than a thousand random Amazon clients out of there that you know 12.7% would say you know think about it that means a hundred and twenty seven people out of a thousand would say that they would like to see cryptocurrency services I really really really doubt that at this point but anyway I just want to bring this up overall I think if Amazon adopts Bitcoin right utilize as a payment I think this is one of the triggers that can spur up a lot of excitement because I think other retailers will have no no choice but to follow right like Walmart the Walmart's and targets and anything anyone else that's online will say well if Amazon is doing it they must be doing it for a reason right it must be doing it to save on credit card fees or something like that so we gotta adapt to so overall I think I think we all would like to see Amazon take it up and this has been something that's been talked about for a while there's remember six months ago you know there was a report coming out that Amazon has been looking at Bitcoin forever the only problem they can't solve is the fact that it could be really really hard to do returns I mean that's a big part of Amazon service is to have these really convenient returns where now they've partnered with coals and you can even bring your stuff to coals Amazon is all about service so with Bitcoin obviously it's gonna be a bit harder what I'm gonna do returns because article base it on the Bitcoin amount because maybe the next day you return or week later we return it's a different a different price it is so do they convert it to USD and calculate that way to return or do they return the same amount you know there's a lot of stuff that that needs to be handled all right moving on bat basic attention token a lot of people ask why they're bat pumpup and it's because coinbase now has a new educational site where you can learn about Kryptos and specifically crypto companies and if you actually do tasks you will actually earn that token so right now they just open one for basic attention token which makes sense because they do trade bat on coinbase and and there's three things here no four things what's interesting though is if you go to coinbase earn zero X is also in here so there's a course for zero X and I don't believe zero X being pumped because of this so you know I don't know why but this is a reason why I bat all the Sun is going up but overall bat and zero X they're not pump coins there are legit projects that I really like and I think I think they go gold place especially bad like right now I'm you guys can see I'm using the brave browser and it's just as good as Chrome if not better so those of you guys that that are worried about your privacy because Google controls everything and you want to look at an alternative browser that you know brave is something you should look at and plus they're go open up their ads pretty soon which means that you as a user if you want to opt in ads and you want to view them you actually get paid for doing that and this will be the only browser and only and network that is going to be doing that right now everything else everyone else remember back in the day when everyone was trying to shell add bank add acts and all these other digital advertisement companies where are they now they all died the only one that is still thriving is basic attention token because they have a really good triangle set up right concentrating on consumers and publishers and advertisers and they it all starts with the browser because that is the gateway into the internet right and that's a genius of Brendan Eich and this is why I love basic intention token all right let's move on so quadriga more more details coming out but basically the hospital that that declared that he was dead said that yes yes we are we did see him die and it was approximately 726 so they are basically saying that yes the the founder did die there right because people have speculated that that's all false that he got a fake death certificate and and he is just trying to do an exit scam and so forth right so I think at this point even with this hospital releasing this doesn't mean that they can't be paid off either so I think at this point really its goal its go come down to like authorities going and looking at the body all right obviously there are pictures of the body online but like yet like yeah if the Canadian government really wants to investigate this they'll probably send it you know agents down to India and check out his body or wait until the body gets shipped back home or something like that I think until that point no one really can trust any of these details so but unfortunately a lot of people a lot of people in this chat even have said that they lost money there and it's unfortunate alright let's see a couple of couple other things so veterans of uber and each trade is coming out the free crypto training platform that is gonna be publicly traded they actually bought a company in Canada and they did a reverse merger so that means they get to be listed right away without going through all the the paperwork and all that stuff so I think this is pretty interesting the companies called Voyager I've I haven't heard of them before so who knows this could be a good alternative for those of you guys that's in Canada that's looking to trade and it's supposed to be all free they raised seven million dollars in private sedated they didn't do they didn't do IC o—- and because these are veterans of uber uber and etrade it just sounds more credible or ready right not from someone that we haven't heard of before so this is just interesting those of you guys are looking for alternative exchange take a look at Voyager and let me know how it is ripple ripple is partnering up with ten universities for blockchain research that's always positive and I think cz recently I think a couple days ago also said that they will be helping ripple test out X rapid which I'm surprised ripple didn't uh didn't pump because of that but basically financed right now is concentrating on finance their finance chain and their new launch pad and so forth but they still want to be involved in other things and ripple is partnering up with a lot of changes to test out X rapid especially not just really testing amount actually utilizing them as a platform to exchange Fiat to XRP especially if banks and so forth want to do that right and financier a public said that they will work with report on that so overall I think ripple is still executing pretty well what else is there okay lastly someone is impersonating back so I created a website called back platform I owe and you don't you know they're asking for your Bitcoin address and so forth right so I don't have to tell you guys if any if any site is asking I'm asking for for your your public your private key right because whatever excuse they give don't give it out okay public key publicly is okay private key no okay private publicly they can't do anything with it they can only send you bit coin and crypto so so that's okay but private key that's where they can access your funds and you never want to you never want to give that out in any circumstance even when you're working with exchanges and so forth and you you know did somehow they're asking for it don't give it out interesting story and it's an unfortunate story because one of my insiders he was running an all snowed okay agent node and he had significant amount of nulls right and he got hacked he got hacked and all his nulls was stolen then he told me this story about how he worked with a null support someone from the support team and he created a new node with a new new wallet new everything and he put in a lot more nulls again it got hacked then he did it again and it got hacked so it got hacked three separate times he was so paranoid and every time he had a different IP address at different VPS different everything nothing was the same he even moved his computers to different houses and so forth it was always hacked and then guess what you know he reached out to me he's like hey can you can you help me because I'm in deep financial trouble because of this and nulls didn't seem to be able to help me so I contact nulls I'm like hey what's going on with this guy and they're like what are you talking about and it turned out that person somehow went on the wrong support website for nulls and and he was working with impostor someone that that that had almost a sim same name and he was working with that person on telegram and the guy was asking for details like the private key to his node and his wallets and so forth so in the end he lost out on a tremendous amount of knowledge because of that so that's my story it's unfortunate story it seems very far-fetched but it's unfortunate but my point of that is okay it doesn't matter who you're working with okay even if you think you're working with an exchange or a project support person or whatever never give out your private key because there's actually no reason why they would ever need it okay so just take that remember that all right so let's go back that's pretty much it all I have to say overall market cap did not move a hundred eleven point eight billion so roughly the same thing as yesterday and I showed you guys this based on what this trader is saying you know we're there I didn't draw the overall but if you zoom out a little bit there's an overall wedge that encompasses all these and you know based on the fact that we're hitting at 200 weekly on May and we're getting to the apex point of the wedge there should be a movement there should be a breakout movement either upwards or downwards and you know what right now we don't know it's anyone's game it could be the Bears of bulls with volatility and volume being as low as it is especially since this Chinese New Year now which a lot of people in Asia is on vacation so who knows which way would go go alright that's pretty much it guys yeah that's pretty much it so turn back to you guys let's do some Q&A why is Google so interested in et Cie not necessarily I think et Cie I mean therm classic group reached out to them because you throw in classic wants to find use cases for itself right because they want to differentiate themselves differently from me thorium I as far as I know they do not have any plans to move to proof of stake all right they want to stay more like a currency yet you can still develop the apps on them they want to stay with proof-of-work and I heard that they reach out to Google and Google is interested in blotching just like every other company so their goal utilized I don't know their goal utilize just you thrown classic blotching Network you know solely or just go look at them right and get advice from them and so forth good morning everyone Voyager's partner with ethos that's interesting I looked at ethos recently you know one thing I didn't like about you throws all along outside of just Superman showing you throws like crazy the fact that the the the CEO wasn't even finished with college I think he's still attending college right he just seems like he's way too young to be leading especially when ethos was like hundreds of millions of worth hundreds of millions of dollars right now Youth toast it's about thirteen million they're one of the they're one of the universal wallet makers however they have fallen harder than all their their peers like bread it's a 16 million ID Oh which I talked about a lot before is that 19 million and what else is there you can look at I forgot the other one darn it but anyways my point is yeah they have fallen pretty hard April yeah I haven't used ethos myself so if you guys have tell me how it is mal Cox is likely to redistribute 150,000 BTC this year wouldn't that make the market completely implode to the 30,000 have yes and no I don't see the thing is I have I've gotten conflicting reports because I've heard from people that they're not gonna redistribute the hundred the BTC that's one to one value okay which means that let's say you had a thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin before and obviously before that was a lot more Bitcoin when Bitcoin was worth only like a hundred dollars right so if you lost let's say a thousand dollars with a Bitcoin now when they distribute the Bitcoin it will be based on what a thousand dollars worth today's price so you're not gonna get the equivalent of BTC that you had before at least that's what I heard okay so a lot of people feel like they're getting ripped off because they should have a lot more they would love to get the same amount that they lost because it will be hundreds to thousands more now that's what I heard I'm not sure if that's a hundred percent true I haven't looked into it that much if they are go give the same amount out as before then yeah that's gonna be a whole bunch that's gonna be a whole lot but on the flip side maybe some of those guys won't be selling all of it right because they know if they start selling everything it's gonna cause a whole market to dump even more so it's it's it's it's uh it's unknown at this point all I know is mal Cox has been a gift that keeps on giving and they have been nothing but trouble for this market and hopefully we're finally over actually I don't think we're over I forgot to bring up this articles it's reading that that someone else Brock Pierce wants to bring Mount God's back he wants to he wants to bring it back and and I don't know if that's a good idea or not so uh George Microsoft Facebook Apple all by college kids yeah that's true but that's three out of how many billion I know we all love stories right we all love stories you all love to see that yeah you know we'll all love to think that the next company is going to be the next Apple Facebook or or Google or anyone else right but those are successful stories and you look at the unsuccessful ones and they're they're out league you know out Leavey there's a lot more unsuccessful story that you don't hear about so that's the only thing you got you got you got you gotta be realistic about things right Amazon is didn't like quiet no I don't think so Amazon did not accept anything right now yep Brock Pierce actually who's you know part of block one he actually bought like the shares of shares of Mount Cox from from mark cappellas for like one BTC or something so he's actually this he's actually like the majority owner at this point it's it's it's a wild story I was just actually reading it before this before the session and i closed it unfortunately accidentally but it it's really wild if you read about it and how he plans on revitalizing it i talked about i produced yes tokenizing stock so though you don't really own the stocks you just you just you own a portion of what eyebrowns basically so you don't have any voting rights but they will distribute revenue and stuff like that so it's interesting and they're copying the the concept from DX exchange which opera i trust a lot more at these days and they'll be interesting to see if that concept growth because i like that idea your take on steam steam it is losing traction okay and there's someone that keeps chilling this other site uptrend with two ends which is exactly basically the same concept except there's no token involved I think I mean it's a good concept it's good to have that platform but it's losing steam and and I don't know what the thing about steam overall I know that there's their staff that's on their ready but they're not really being used so we'll see and plus plus a lot of these a lot of these companies like steamin and so forth right Dan Lear mayor is now trying to come out like a second version I know Dan already says he's trying to work on steam at 2.0 on euros so I don't know if that's gonna be trouble for them in the future there is a website alconbury or like one from one base to make purchasing Amazon that is extent yeah it's probably some third services George if I had a wallet bitcoins how can I sell them well you could sell them on coinbase or Gemini or any other exchange that takes Fiat transfer in there and sell it the problem is if you if you're not if you don't go through the KYC process you can only sell limited amount usually it's like to be TCS or something or one BTC per day so if you had a ton it's go taking a long time to sell or or you can go through and reach out to like an OTC person like I get reached out on LinkedIn all the time you know I go these OTC people like hey do you know anyone that wants to buy or sell thousands of bitcoins I'm like no but there's you know you can find those guys at LinkedIn – we're putt we're tired of pump-and-dump well I gotta say that's the only thing that's going on right now so that's actually keeping some excitement for some people I took a survey at pull on Twitter about 20% people were saying they heard to say participating in pumps while they're just waiting so unfortunately that's just how the market is because most things are not moving hey Phil I haven't seen you tune in for a while Sony X I know that's all I saw sometimes I'm afraid mouth thing would what's ok shut up the potential a BDC having pump back that very well maybe I honestly I can't like I've come to the conclusion on mount cox has ruined the rally in 2018 it wasn't because of anything else it was purely a mount GOx now I granted mom guys was not the problem in terms of the bubble for me and how bubble burst that I recognize but in terms of every rally that we try to have every time we push back to like 12,000 to 15,000 to 10,000 to 8,000 every time we had a pretty good run up and then it falls flat Falls rapid the reason was because of our God's more and more details keep showing how they sell tens of thousands of bitcoins in the open market on purpose and not in the OTC desk and they cause it cause a relative paid so I've come to that conclusion I've come to conclusion a mile Cox tada Adams chimed in hey I'm a mom gosh creditor will be getting a percentage of what we had in our accounts about fifty or seventy percent I won't be selling in mind it's good to hear well it's interesting so how did they come up with that number or is it different for every person fifteen to seventy percent it's kind of kind of weird how that you know weird how they came up that number it the likes peeps can me chain 100x in the next thirty five years or no can be chained 100x 2.35 in the next year no no I can't nothing is gonna be a hundred X in the next year everything was a marketing machine you know not so much marketing machine you know just during the heyday every single press release everything that was coming up was a pump you know just like all the good news during a bull bar can pumps all the bad news in a bear market causes a dump but now it's gotten to a point where it doesn't do anything good news comes out bad news comes out it doesn't move so that kind of shows you where we are that basically you know handlers or holders are holding and and nothing is happening right now no one is really putting in more money and everyone is just waiting for that bottom to happen and no one knows words go you know when it's go come unfortunately that's also contributing to this extended crypto winter because as long as no one puts in more money and actually and holds it there right there disco you know we're we're not gonna see any gains do you think it's worth holding BTT yes I do now Granton you know I said that after the air drop it might it might dip a little bit but overall I think BTT bit toward token it's one of the things that's people are talking about right now it does have that momentum behind it it seemed to a trot even though I'm surprised Tron has not moved etn never really been a fan of ET and I always thought at the beginning it was gimmicky with their mobile mining simulator but I know they've moved on to other things so I haven't really paid attention to anything else but I've never been a fan of them once fidelity and wall street comes there will be enough Bitcoin for investors to own just one BTC no you know that that was a story before think about it so there's only gonna be 21 million bitcoins in existence right think about how many people are are into bitcoins right now how many will be into the future so just to own one Bitcoin right you're gonna be in a minority and as time goes on five years 10 years 20 years it's gonna be harder and harder and harder to own even one Bitcoin so this is this is the reason why now is the time to accumulate when you can you see if fakes should totally get his panties in a wad what buy dad's couldn't pass them up I didn't see I stopped following him so so I didn't see what he said I do like nulls now good nas is is still executing despite this bear market which is really good how will countries get their taxes on Kryptos why would they support it they can't afford Texas well they are they're starting to they're cracking down on exchanges and asking for information and stuff so eventually they will be able to but that's part of the reason why they hate privacy coins because they can't get information from so so all these privacy coins right now like Manero – Izzy cache and so forth they might have problems in the future being listed in exchanges because of that reason did you bike kind of hundred acts for sure a wall I don't know about that but let's just say it could buy warm Apple in the next year I think the this thing about 100 X in the next year that that is not gonna happen this next year if we have a rally you know it's gonna be I think a slow sustained rally which is what we want anyways okay we don't want something where we jump back up to 20,000 right away because that means where does this girl fall flat once again so hopefully we can have a slow sustained rally up and by the end of the year maybe maybe we can hit you know 10 15 maybe even 20,000 right something slow not something where it's like 1 1 boom we're back up you know that's unsustainable Richard yeah I talked about it already you probably turned it late but yeah this is the reason why bad is pumping because the coinbase urn allows you to earn cryptos while learning about project I think this is pretty good I think this is this is actually pretty good because we know coinbase single add like 50 or 100 tokens and not everyone knows about these so why not learn about them get paid for learning about them great I think it's a good good idea but I don't know why zero accident get pumped well that did from this so it's kind of weird any chance Katie and Kyrie ends up in the next I think kairi's gonna end up with LeBron again and the light and with the Lakers because now ad seems like that is that whole come to be Kyrie probably get there J says new sub here do you personally recommend keeping cryptos on ledger exchanges or combo both always the preference is your nano or Hardware wallet you leave one on leave on exchanges what what you must may be stable coins or or what you want to trade right because I think recently you have seen crop quadriga and crypto Pia both suffer major major problems and everyone had that had the Crypt us on there it's gone right so you don't know right now like claim base finance coo coid you know Gemini these changes look legit and they haven't had anything happened to them but you never know right so the problems is always to leave it I'd your hardware wallet all right guys last question do you thinking about buying a OS I'll give me about yields over Tron and Earth yose definitely over at this point I like Tron better because of what's going on BitTorrent I think they got the momentum right now and there's a lot excitement about it heõs is still executing right but right now it's kind of early they're really not any worthwhile apps to even mention they're all gambling apps at this point so so let's go take some time before they actually get something that people use and that's where BTT comes in because bit torn is already being used by so many people all right guys that's it for today thanks for tuning in to wrap up here's proof you know the title and the main topic of today's video is proof that investors are Holden Ling and according to Celsius Network which is a lending and wallet provider they are saying they saw more deposits and withdraw you know in all of 2018 I think this is very interesting and it kind of shows yeah most of us that are holding Ling we just continue to hold all because we're holding for long term and holding for that life-changing wealth right all right guys that's it thanks for tuning in make sure you smash up the likes subscribe to channel hit that not've game hit that notification button and i'll see you guys tomorrow and Friday at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time all right take care guys bye bye

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