despite the down market despite low volume on exchanges and despite institutions and big players remaining relatively silent about all of this Bitcoin is being bought in mass from over-the-counter trading desks and today I have proof welcome back everybody to alt coin daily here at ulta coin daily you subscribe for our daily videos on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space and like I said I think this is some of the most valuable the most pertinent information I've come across in a long time I bet most of you haven't heard this and this is actual proof as in something that can be verified and we're gonna verify it that bitcoin is being bought in Mass privately and without you knowing it I can almost already feel a few of you being resistant to this information I can almost see a couple of you crossing your arms going oh really proof you say well I'll just see about that Hey do yourself a favor hear me out on this come into all of this with an open mind watch this whole video because from beginning to end I'm going to lay out a case and try and open your eyes to what I just found out and this is very interesting stuff and I understand why you'd be resistant right you know the fact is this is something they don't want you to know this is something they don't want you to see the mainstream media doesn't report this in fact they're actively trying to suppress this information from you and if you want to know how I know that it's because this is what they want you to see right now this is just from today actually and these are foot articles as in articles meant to scare you away articles meant to make you sell and what a coincidence that the mainstream media all these articles came out today from Forbes from Telegraph from Business Insider from the independent from Washington Post all creating fraud all meant to make you stay away from Bitcoin while they invest and it's not that hard to figure out why they're doing this right they want these prices to nice and low as they cost average at least nice and low until they're ready because when they're ready we are going to see a flip switch and they're going to send they're going to signal all their cronies in the mainstream media they're gonna say alright guys game on let's see how high Bitcoin can get so anyways let's get to it let me show you this stuff and like always hit that like button if you want to support our channel if you appreciate the research that I've put together today if you want to get this information out there so other people can learn hit the like button I really appreciate it and to start things off this article is from T Hartman he is a journalist who holds degrees in both politics and economics and recently this articles just from a few days ago he wrote an article compiling information that shows us over the last four weeks over a hundred and thirty three thousand bitcoins have been bought by five entities all cost averaging into five wallet addresses over the past four weeks huh four weeks well that's a coincidence that's the same four weeks that we've been seeing this eerie market stagnation but now we know that behind the scenes hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin have been flowing into the wallets so let's do it let's get into it one of the advantages of this technology called blockchain is that it's a public and immutable record and that everything that happens in the chain of blocks will be recorded in plain sight without face or identity and by visiting bit info charts com you can actually check a top 100 record of addresses with the most Bitcoin or to put it another way it's the top 100 of crypto millionaires there are also records of other wallets but we're going to focus on the big ones today and actually also something we're not going to focus on but something interesting one thing that caught my attention is that there are several addresses that have been created in the recent weeks with transactions with transaction amounts of ten thousand Bitcoin on average that's 65 million dollars on average of Bitcoin flowing into these wallets most of them created in May July and August of this year but we're not even going to focus on those because the ones we're gonna focus on are five wallets with amounts between eleven thousand Bitcoin and fifty five thousand Bitcoin in the period of the last four weeks from the end of from the end of September to the last week of October so very very recently and the total accumulated by these five wallets is more than 133,000 Bitcoin and to put that in perspective that's just as much Bitcoin as the exchange BitFenix holds in there cold storage it's more Bitcoin than Finance exchange holds it's more Bitcoin than bit ryx exchange holds so this is big institutional money buying this up and in fact this shows that large amounts of money are entering the Bitcoin market and feeds the theory that heavy financial institutions could be taking a position in the crypto market but doing so stealthily through the back door through the over-the-counter OTC market and below are the five wallet addresses and the approximate dollar amount at the time of writing and this isn't just some graphic that was altered or anything we're going we're gonna compare this to current information on bit info charts com so just so you know what you're looking at these are the five wallet addresses these are the dates of the last amount of Bitcoin that entered them so we can see they're all from the end of September or you know then the last month of October and these this is the amount of Bitcoin currently in the wallet and the u.s. dollar equivalent so some of these wallets have eleven thousand Bitcoin in them some of these wallets have fifty five thousand Bitcoin in them and these were all generated in the past month and this money flowed into them over the past month and we cannot know the identity of these owners of these accounts nor if two or more addresses belong to a single entity however the remarkable thing about this is that there are not many people who can afford to handle purchase transactions greater than ten thousand Bitcoin right especially at the price of six thousand four hundred per coin and less in such a short period of time over the last hence it can be assumed that these are financial institutions so let's check this out just to prove to you that this is not just some doctored graphic we're gonna this first address here and the second address here I'm going to show you where they currently what they currently have according to bit info charts so actually this first address here 34 X P at the time this person wrote this article it had 55,000 Bitcoin in it and the last Bitcoin was deposited on October 18th if we go I found that right here the same wallet address whoa lo and behold now they have 57,000 Bitcoin in it and the last time Bitcoin entered the wallet was just yesterday October 28th and we can actually go up here and see this is the address this is the current balance this is the first time that Bitcoin entered the wallet and then the last time Bitcoin entered the wallet and if we go down here again so the first time Bitcoin ever entered this wallet which holds 57,000 Bitcoin was 1018 a couple weeks ago and the last time was just yesterday 10:28 so actually over the last 10 days this wallet has accrued 57,000 bitcoins next up the third address I found 3 ke X at the time of writing the last time Bitcoin entered the wallet was October 23rd it had 22,000 100 Bitcoin in it now we see if I can find it there we go 3 K R oh and is that the right one oh this isn't the right one 3 ke X okay well you know whoa 3 K 3 K e XR Sisson ok e XR ok it's the one right above it I think this just changed on me and for some reason this is still highlighted so we can see that it has 22,000 100 bitcoins still in it you know let's fix this right here this is how relevant this information is and the information is still the same so 22100 Bitcoin the last time it was deposited 10:23 and that matches up with exactly what we see here and the first time Bitcoin ever got deposited in this address was 10:10 so like this article says like I'm saying millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin are flowing into these wallets all over the past months where Bitcoin has remained stagnant so the question is the question is why do Wales buy over the counter let me try and answer that the reason is simple a lot of public exchanges like finance and bit recs etc they have max by orders because with huge orders they can't provide reliable liquidity so if a public exchange like you use you use by Nance if they did try to handle such huge by orders of a hundred or you I mean even ten thousand Bitcoin or more what would likely occur is something called slippage and slippage is basically the price changing before the order is filled so Wales and institutions they prefer to buy over the counter where they can agree on a set price before the trade is made and sometimes OTC trading desks are set up directly with Bitcoin miners because it's in everybody's best interest to keep the price stagnant so big Bitcoin miners have large amounts to sell and they do not want to drive the price down so they choose to sell on OTC platforms on the other side big investors want to buy large amounts which have done in normal exchanges would drive the price up so big miners and big buyers use OTC because it's more convenient for all of them yet on the market you know we see just stagnation also if you look into this you will find that OTC trading desks OTC despite the market being down OTC is up and that's even according to Bobby Jo of Cumberland which is a leading platform for over-the-counter transactions and there he is saying that there is that institutional investors are taking over mostly those institutional investors by add a hundred thousand dollars in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies and also the CEO of Circle has said we've seen triple digit growth enrolling in our OTC business this is a big growth area so to conclude this video I want to leave you with this audio perhaps the most powerful audio I've heard in the past couple of weeks it's from the podcast unchained and our regular subscribers they've actually already heard this but for me it still gives me chills so 57 minutes into this podcast almost at the very end the host asks the host of Unchained asks Wall Street CEO Barry Silbert what's going on behind the scenes of Wall Street as far as cryptocurrency goes you're gonna be you might be surprised what he says better not traded in USD they've just out there I believe that's the only one we've invested in you just mentioned Wall Street and I know that in previous remarks you have said that what Wall Street says publicly about crypto is differently from what they say in private what are those differences well look I think that the you know the Jamie Dimon quotes have been fantastic and there's you know plenty of anecdotes of you know people you know who being in the JPMorgan building meeting people about XYZ you know digital currency related when Jamie makes these comments what we're seeing right now is you know despite the drop in prices that despite the drop in volumes this year the level of engagements in the level of seriousness that we see coming out of the Wall Street institutions and banks is that an all-time high it's not you know there there's you know plenty of commentators that you know say that you know bitcoins dead there's plenty of commentators that say that you know bubbles burst and it's over behind-the-scenes it's kind of full steam ahead right now you


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  5. these institution are under sealed indictments just like Jeff bezos and all the tech barons so crypto goes to zero, I am a crypto expert because I am a fourth grader

  6. So whoever owns that bit coin will wait until it goes up a bit the sell it all, then the crash happens, probably a banker.

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  9. right now i am wondering…if institutions secretly bought huge amount of btc for the past weeks…did they make a big mistake not waiting for this huge dump on going now?

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