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right into this through all the introduction let’s get to all the good
news so first of all is crypto exchange Co a cop in Hood launch Fiat trading
with US dollars I don’t want to spend too much time on this mainly because I
don’t use this exchange I’m not a big fan of this exchange you guys know the
exchanges I use by Nan’s cool coin those are all great not too big a fan of this
one but the fact that they are starting to be out trading might know might give
them a sense of credibility it might give them more people coming into it for
this reason I think a lot of other exchanges are going to fall we’ve seen
some start and I think we’re gonna see more and more I want to say this will
happen more and more in the future but I believe this might be one of the first
ones with us dogs that know some others have been using the euro now this one is
going to launch via training with us dogs so very cool to see a positive sign
I think for adoption something that I think a lot of us have been waiting for
from exchanges and I’m glad to see it’s slowly starting to take effect
now the next you know the next few articles I think you guys are really
going to enjoy because we were talking about this yesterday
and how in order for the cryptocurrency market to grow what’s gonna cause the
cryptocurrency market to mood we’re going to need a one to educate more
people so that we can get more people in but overall you just need more money in
the market that’s the old single thing that’s going to cause the market to go
up is more money coming in and I think the more people see these big investors
these billionaires you know we’re Multi multi millionaires starting to invest in
cryptocurrency they’re going to see the possibility they’re going to start
taking it more serious so although this isn’t necessarily a step in the
education sense I think this is definitely a good step in the
credibility sense it’s going to give cryptocurrency a lot more credibility
and make a lot more people consider investing into it so what the first
article I have is about the Google co-founder so Sergey Brin he’s actually
the president of alphabet which is the parent company for Google he reveals
that he is an etherium I know so on the side as a side hustle
he is mining the world’s second largest cryptocurrency aetherium together with
his ten-year-old son I just thought this was really cool to see and it’s not even
just him investing in cryptocurrency but it’s also him taking the time out to do
something with his son and it’s mining cryptocurrency something that also has
been given a bad rep I think the idea of mining cryptocurrency is really cool
obviously as the prices at the prices we are seeing right now it’s not as
profitable as it once was although I do think it will recover and we will see it
get back there at some at some later date in time now next piece of article
again very cool news is a billionaire or billionaires keep putting money into
Bitcoin Steve Cohen dumps millions into crypto a hedge fund so crypto
enthusiasts have been begging the gods to turn things around in the current
bear market and this time it may have worked first of all before we continue I
want to say guys the market the cryptocurrency market goes in cycles
every market every single market goes in cycles it runs in cycles and the
cryptocurrency market is no different the only difference the cryptocurrency
market has two other markets is the fact that it’s more volatile so when it’s
going up it’s going up so much more than any other market does but when it’s
going down it goes down so much more than every other market does
now actually watch the video from crypto daily yesterday I’m sure you guys know
who he is 160 that’s 160 thousand subscribers I believe he’s that right
now very entertaining cryptocurrency content definite recommend checking him
out if you guys don’t know who he is and he was talking about people are very
impatient with cryptocurrency because if it was the stock market if it was real
estate you wouldn’t put your money and expect it to go up in one month you’d
put your money in there for the long run he’s talked about how he deals with the
bear market and I agree with him 100% the reason I stay so calm in the bear
market the reason why I can continue to build my position is because I’m in this
for the long run so it doesn’t matter to me what happens in the next month I
understand that cryptocurrency runs in cycles and therefore I’m comfortable
with building my positions and waiting for that cycle that bull cycle to happen
because it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen eventually but anyways back to
this so he is dumping millions of dollars into cryptocurrency so Bloomberg
scooped an investment made by Stephen Cohen
Afiya hedge fund fame who famously outwitted several levels of the US
government as they pursued him for insider trading and securities fraud yet
ultimately were unsuccessful so I don’t know what that has to do much with the
article but he has made an investment into a crypto hedge fund now it doesn’t
say specifically how much how much money it was but apparently it was millions of
dollars and this is not the first time we’ve seen big names do this I’m
actually gonna be talking about another one tomorrow because I wanted to get
more news from it before I presented it to you two guys but there is a very
successful very famous person as well who is selling his Lamborghini 458
bitcoins selling his Lamborghini and perform on teh Lamborghini Huracan
Huracan perform on teh 458 Bitcoin so that’s roughly three hundred seventy
seven dollars I believe that where the market price is that right now and
because he thinks this is the lowest cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is going to go
so again another person looking to get their hands on as much cryptocurrency as
they can’t because they don’t want to miss out on this opportunity now the
next piece article the next article have you guys
I think it’s a little more is a little more entertaining because you guys know
Warren Buffett has been a big hater on cryptocurrency and we don’t know why
that is same thing with Bill Gates we don’t know
why that is it might be because of lack of education lack of understanding what
it is maybe they’re they don’t like the change maybe they you know they prefer a
different type of investment whatever it is it’s valid I would definitely
recommend them doing their um their research if they’re if it is the fact
that they are uneducated I definitely recommend them doing their
research but either way I thought this was funny so Warren Buffett was trolled
again punter bets Millions bitcoins price will soar above Berkshire Hathaway
stocks of Berkshire stock Berkshire Hathaway is the company that Warren
Buffett owns and I thought it was funny it was sort of taking a dig at his
company saying well you don’t believe in Bitcoin
I bet big point is going to be worth more than your stock so it’s no longer
fashionable to just promise to eat your you guys remember what John said if a
Bitcoin price prediction doesn’t come true now the real deal is staking
millions in cold hard cash perhaps peeved by Warren Buffett’s
constant bashing a Bitcoin and unidentified crypto bull in Australia is
betting millions of dollars that the Bitcoin price will exceed the share
price of the Warren Buffett headed investing conglomerate Berkshire
Hathaway by 2023 so of course the chief executive officer of a bookmarker
William it will he’ll Australia Tom Waterhouse and anonymous punter made
this eight point five million Australian dollars on the belief that Bitcoin will
be worth more than the price of Berkshire hash wait Hathaway Class A
shares which are currently trading at more than 280,000 dollars above Bitcoin
within half a decade so I thought it was really cool to see obviously maybe the
guy who did this didn’t want to say that he was going to eat his private parts
maybe he’s got a wife and she wouldn’t be very happy with that but either way
the amount of money this guy’s willing to put down on this bet I don’t know if
he’s crazy or if he’d if he knows something that we don’t work he’s just
very very bullish but I like to see this standing up to Warren Buffett kind of
putting it too especially because the bet involves his
his company is the involves Berkshire Hathaway I thought that’d be really cool
and I thought you guys would find that very entertaining lastly though let’s
talk more about ETF so the increased likelihood of ETS approval from SEC in
early August so guys worth around mid July right now so not too long before
early August and it looks like the possibility of the ETF is is growing
more and more likely apparently the probably the decision is going to be
made in August and hopefully everything does work out correctly and we do see
the moon or the bull of the Bull Run break out of the bear cycle that we are
in hopefully this is what does we are in a very strong downtrend one that’s been
going on for a very long time sure you guys are aware you guys aren’t looking
at your portfolios for this reason we’ve we’ve been at a very strong downtrend
but I believe that this could have this could be what it takes to break away
from that downtrend and start moving our way back up and once that happens I
think we talked about this before as well we’re gonna get to the $10,000 get
to the 1520 and then more people are gonna start coming in for some for the
same reason as they did last year and I think that’s going to be something that
eventually will cause the market to continue going in cycles and after the
bull market there will of course be a bear market eventually as well but
that’s why we’re gonna make sure we take some profits on the way up definitely a
lesson that I learned I should have took it I should have taken more profits at
the end of last year definitely something I’m going to be keeping more
of an eye on this next of this next run around cycle but still very positive
news I think this is going to bring more money into the market and like we said
when more money comes in market cap grows price of everything go up all this
basically what drives the market all other words what drives the market up is
more money coming in but if we do take a look today guys an overall Green Day
which I’m very excited about not too much green but I’m sure you guys are
loving to see the green change change from the red that we’ve been seeing hey
a lot of recently sure you guys are enjoying this big we managed to stay
above that six thousand dollar level which is good I’m glad to see it didn’t
break below that but I do want to touch on Tron and rip
really quick Tron apparently has acquired BitTorrent a hidden secret gone
live now there were talks about this before
apparently this did happen and it’s sold for a hundred and forty million dollars
to the Tron foundation however this acquisition has not been confirmed by
Tron foundation or its founder Justin Sun yet so it seems like that this was
said it was mentioned by one side BitTorrent said this is what happened
still waiting for Tron’s confront confirmation on the fact but still I
think this is really cool to see again we’ve been we’ve been seeing this for a
while I’m excited to see how this plays into Tron how this can help Tron grow
obviously I think every acquisition they make or every partnership they have is
in the way isn’t to follow the one goal of growing their cryptocurrency to be
the best it can so I’m excited to see the rule that this players want to keep
you guys updated with the Tron news and lastly ripple wanting to take over more
than half of India’s financial sector dethrone Bitcoin from the top now the
very interesting wording from this articles ripple once
now I’m sure ripple does want will ripple do I don’t know if ripple will do
that’s more only time is going to tell with that but ripple wants to do it I
thought this article was very obvious of course every crypt every cryptocurrency
wants to dethrone Bitcoin from the top I believe aetherium wants to do that as
well and even drop bill which is ranked out like 80 pretty sure it wants to do
that as well by the way make sure you go vote for
drop o on to be listed on the cuoco in exchange it for those of you who are
invested in drop bill make sure you go do that I received an email saying that
they need people to vote for them to be less on the ku-ku-ku-ku in exchange but
yeah that’s gonna be it just a short rundown of what’s going on ripple again
very very cheap I think very undervalued definitely worth taking a look at if you
are a fan of rebel don’t forget I’m not a financial advisor this was all not
financial advice this was just my opinion on the matter and me delivering
the news to you guys but guys if you did enjoy this video don’t forget to leave a
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  2. QUESTION for you Patrick, what are your thoughts for new comers to start mining while we are in a bearish market? is it smart to mine at this time when everything is down? this also can be for people that are in the know for crypto currency… For me I'm not mining because it's not profitable at this moment when the difficulty is high up…

  3. wait a sec, didn't Warren Buffet made a remark comment saying that Bitcoin is rat poison. Does he still stand by what he said a few months ago. since he is old money?

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  7. Pretty sure it's safe to say we are all more than ready for the bulls to return. Here's to hoping those ETFs really kick things into gear finally.

  8. Out with the old blood and in with the new. People usually fear what they donโ€™t understand. Mr. Buffettโ€™s investments are being disrupted by Crypto. Why else would he call it rat poison. Excellent info Patrick.

  9. Thanks for showing us all the positive news mate !!! great stuff ! if it doesnt turn soon , i'll eat my Hat ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Great review the market will be back august 7 my prediction oh yea im not a financial advisor
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    Thank you

  12. I agree Patrick the only way for things to go up is for more money to enter the market. However, I'm not sure if we have hit the bottom yet. I think we may have another month to three months of slow decline and we land somewhere between $3000-$3500 bitcoin before we see the bottom.

  13. The fact that eveyone keeps calling out buffet shows hes still top of the tree


  14. My washing machine has cycles, but it doesnt take all my money each and every week !!
    Thanks for the update Patrick.
    Waiting and trying to grow bags for when BTC breaks free.
    Lambo for BTC hehehe

  15. Hhhhhhhhhhhhh. I donโ€™t get why subscribers from other channels they are subscribed to. Come all the way from their favorite yourtuber because he/ she uploaded a sad video telling no moon and come to this space, just to hear their favorite crypto currency moon??
    Knowing that we are in a bear market, nothing will moon yet. For an example the reason why he made this video with moon on the title because that is what he thinks could cause a bull. If everything goes as planned. That donโ€™t mean he is right okay! Lmao ?โ€โ™‚๏ธ You donโ€™t have to automatically assume that the market will magically run on a bull. That is his opinion and not yours to go around and to tell people that Patrick said we are going to moon. ? holy moly with guacamole ? what Patrick preaches to you is do your own research on that ico and or coin before coming to conclusions. Thatโ€™s why people leave the market for believing what other people say. Yep Iโ€™m throwing shots at the weak hands and at the ones being desperate for a ? . If anything you can be emotionally disturb because there were no moon at all yet. Have faith and be patient, hey look at the bright side you can pick more of your favorite altcoins while we are in a bear market! #CryptoBlackFriday ?

  16. Your right Pat! Investing in crypto is for long run, not for an overnight trade.


  17. Trons BitTorrent purchase whats the point? You can't share files legally? Who wants non copy write materials. I don't see the value. Can someone explain why Bit Torrent is a good thing?
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