Proof American Express Don't Want You Learning About Cryptocurrencies

it's official American Express doesn't want you even learning about cryptocurrencies and I can tell you how I know that's true so as you know I run crypto versity which is an online school for Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and blog chains and I build online courses to teach people about Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and block chains now on my website I use stripe to process credit card payments and just to give you some context Kickstarter use stripe to process their credit card payments as well so anyway a few hours ago I get this email from stripe subject line your stripe account for crypto a sitcom with the words I'm reaching out to you with a bit of bad news about your account now due to my many years of meditation practice my immediate reaction was but then I read on an email and it says it's been flagged by American Express so it's only Amex that have done this so American Express in their infinite wisdom have decided they will no longer be able to accept payments from American Express cards on my stripe account so they've looked at the site they've seen I do Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education and they've decided they don't want their customers paying for that with the American Express cards now as it says in the stripe email American Express are allowed to do this they're a private network they're a closed loop system so if they want to block a particular merchant in this case me from taking payments from their customers they can do that but isn't this type of behavior the exact thing that gives rise to cryptocurrency adoption I mean they're only speeding up their demise aren't they so let me know in the comments below whether you're an Amex user or whether anything like this is happen to you before but until next time guys it's me Chris Carney saying bye for now

42 thoughts on “Proof American Express Don't Want You Learning About Cryptocurrencies”

  1. Stop searching and start learning by taking my structured cryptocurrency courses at:

  2. Perfect. Never accepted amx in my business and glad their cutting thier own throat! Ce'la vie! A dying brand anyway! Great report. Cryptos scare the life out of the control freaks!!

  3. …and isn't that the exact reason why we should not be thinking that systems other than Bitcoin system are important… you know… systems like Lighting network, which is also a private and centralised system in its nature, as in that system every user must give consent to 3rd party, like banks, to trust with their funds, in order to spend it? This is exactly why scaling on Bitcoin system is most important thing and which is why people supporting Bitcoin Cash are the ones that are on the right path, and people supporting Bitcoin BTC, advocating for SegWit and Lighting… are not.

  4. Assistant: And how would you like to pay, sir?
    Customer: American Express?
    Assistant: I don’t think so, sir.
    Customer: Bitcoin??
    Assistant: That’ll do nicely, sir.

  5. They cant protect their customers or process chargebacks unless they take on the loss , so they dont want to lose. Banks and visa / mastercard are doing the same not realizing they are getting in the way of progress. They are essentially becoming the blockbuster video of the 2020's.

  6. American Express will be the first to go. Their merchant fees are so ridiculous that less and less merchants accept them. Their business model is dying so hard. This is the next Kodak

  7. Absolute wankers! The positive thing I can see from this is that they are truly admitting cryptos major threat and disruption to their corrupt and ancient failed system

  8. Too bad AMEX. Weird though because apparently you can use an AMEX card with the Abra app for btc. (I'm not an AMEX user)

  9. i welcome that. let them come at us and cryptos with everything they got. not only it will show their true color, but will also show how powerless they are against an idea whose time has come. They are also akcnowledging at the same time, that cryptos are in fact a threat to their business, despite all their comments.

  10. I'm listening to The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations- published in 2006 (that is, just a couple years before the BTC whitepaper), it's whole thesis is the flexibility advantages of decentralized over centralized entities, and the utter powerlessness of top-down organizations to defeat a de-centralized competitor. Fascinating stuff. Someone should tell Amex to wake up or they'll go the way of the dinosaur…or maybe we should just let them slowly die off.

  11. We acept American expres for our services and today we whil stop acepting their srvices! No more American Expres payments in our cars, we do not need them;) They just lost 250 payment spots!

  12. As a corporate entity they might have been advised by some attorneys that the tax implications are not worth it at the time.

  13. it's for the best really. the more they limit their own usefulness… i mean, you were kindly providing their option of payment and yet they decided to remove that option from their own customers, lol.

  14. I guess they really understand. The earth quake has already happened and in a few years the tsunami will hit.

  15. Do you take crypto, Chris? Because this is a trend that will only accelerate in the future… I expect soon no credit cards will be usable to purchase crypto. They did it to Wikileaks, they can do it again with crypto.

  16. A lot of (web)shops using "bitcoin accepted here" as a sign of the future, from now on they going to ad another one "We proudly decline American Express"

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