Profit Trailer Settings UPDATED Jan 28th 2018

okay this one’s gonna be a little bit
different video what I wanted to do I’m get asked about the settings all the
time will they constantly change and one thing that I have found with profit
trailer and using feeder that the settings in a sideways market are
incredible I mean it’s it just goes crazy but what I struggle with
occasionally is buying some coins that end up down one or two percent pretty
quickly just because the trailer can only hit hits the API like once every
five minutes to update settings but the trailer sometimes doesn’t catch as quite
as early as what I would like so I’m gonna show you my strategy on what I
look and then some of the settings and what they mean so you’re looking at my
profit cherry they’re right here on my dashboard and I have it set to my
possible by log my settings are based off EMA spread and you can do some
research on EMA spread to see what that means but I’m basically set up to I
believe it’s two percent below the EMA spread that I want to buy so what I like
doing is looking at the possible by logs and finding coins that are triggering
and then manually going and looking to buy those now on a sideways market like
I said you’ll kill it all day long but when this market has been very volatile
lately and you’re seeing Bitcoin drop quite a bit and then up again I find
it’s a lot easier doing it this way and I’m actually increasing the amount of
profits that I’m making on each one by quite a bit so I’m just gonna show you a
my sells log here where you can see WTC OMG you know some of these that I’m
buying here and yeah my goal is to get 1% at least on every single thing and I
do that for the most part but that adds up quick and I feel that I reach that
profitability stage much quicker by doing some of these buys manually in
this type of market ok so again I’m back to my possible by log and you can see
WTC and l42 that it’s showing currently that are hitting my trigger so I’m gonna
go look at both of those right now and looking at WTC let me get
into the advanced here so looking at WTC you’re gonna see my indicators here my
EMA lines and it got way below so that’s where it was actually triggered was down
here because that is more than two percent below the actual EMA lines so
that’s what triggered the by but if you don’t do it manually
then I could end up buying up here and that would have taken away some of my
profit or in this case it may have bought up here so that’s why I kind of
like to watch these once they do trigger and do a manual buy on it and in this
case I ended up I think I showed you got in at three hundred and sold it 303 and
then another one got in at 308 they sold it three twelve so even though this has
been going down I’ve still been making money on it
just because of the settings they have in place so let’s pull up and look at a
few of the settings okay now I’m on my VPS
and I’m taking a look at the settings I currently have in place and as you can
see my trigger is set at a – 1.5% won’t start – one point two five percent so
that would be where I get triggered at and that is below the EMA lines so that
is a little more aggressive than what the crypto CROs settings are I think his
ascetic – three percent and I know a lot of people that are using that yeah
you’re making one money with it and that’s wonderful but I believe you’re
making more money on the dca side with less buys and DCA means that you’re
doubling down with your dollar cost average when it hits a certain
percentage down so if it drops – it’s under 3% you’re the coin II bod is down
3% already then it may double up on that and this current market I’m not doing
that as much I may do more down the line but I’m relying less on DCA and more on
what I can make and buy and sell quickly so the
1.25% is what I’m sitting on and mine is set on a six percent total stashes so
that’s how much I can spend on a coin it is set on dca enabled if I have the
funds in there I use this particular account just for my trading bot so a
couple other things you’re gonna want to look at while you’re here I have my
trailing max trailing by set to 0.15 percent so what that means is when that
does trigger that trigger the bot to buy the bot does want to try to buy it a
lower percentage so the best possible price it can get for the coin so it’s
gonna continue to follow it down and follow it down until it goes back up
0.15 percent and at that point that’s when it wants to buy now the bot isn’t
watching the exchange every single second it sits there and goes back and
goes back and check prices if you’re using a or if you’re looking at a very
volatile coin you know that some of these can jump two percent in a 30
second period so you may trigger a coin but then end up paying a much higher
price so that’s why I like to look at mine a little bit more manually when I
have time in a sideways market it’s not a big deal but when this volatile market
is so volatile it can be an issue and so you might look at that and in this
situation I actually have I have been setting my bot to sell only mode when I
am watching the market so then I’m doing my manual buys and then it will sell on
its own but that I’m trailing by same thing happens on the sell so my trailing
sell is set to 0.15 and again it will go and they’ll keep going higher and higher
and as the coin gets more profitable as soon as it drops point 1 5 percent it
triggers the bot to sell same situation now I have my minimum profit set to 1.5%
which that’s when I wanted to trigger and tried it to look at selling it then
I believe in the crows settings I believe it’s 0.75 percent is that it’s
looking so that way it will do a minimum at
point five percent is what it will it won’t go below that I like to get mine a
little higher right now especially with the volatility that’s happening if you
have any questions message me in the comments below but hopefully this helps
you out if you’re just getting into to the profit trailer in the feeder and you
want to buy it I put links in the description below I’ve also got a link
for the VPS down there and then some of my other videos thanks

96 thoughts on “Profit Trailer Settings UPDATED Jan 28th 2018”

  1. Hi Marc, I would love a download link to your PT Feeder settings please. Thank you for another great video! Also, thank you for your download link in used in one of your previous videos to sign up with Binance.

  2. What settings would you suggest if your looking into just setting and forgetting it ?other then the fact your checking up on in once in a while. Thanks I'm using trailer and feeder

  3. Hi Marc, thanks for video and update. Do you base your feeder settings on newest gnome ones, with TOPCOINAVG? Greetings!

  4. Is there anyway you can share your settings. MY SETTINGS ARE TRASH! I have had PT and PF for a week, and the last 2 days, it hasn't bought anything. I feel like I need reset everything. Let me know if so. I would really appreciate it. I love your videos. You are my favorite PT and PF youtuber.

  5. why not make a bigger trail for your buys – say instead of .11 like .5 or something so that those buys that dip down really trail for a long time.  It reminds me of the saying "quick to fire slow to hire" meaning take a long time to buy, but be quick to sell – .11 trailing sell.

  6. Great tips, Marc. You're really showing progress with PT Feeder. I'm going to try Crow's settings with your mods and see what I need to adjust for my own. Thanks for the effort you're putting into this.

  7. Best coin for buy For the future Shift , exchange Bittex LIVECOIN . Official group in the telegram — Shift-Web 3.0 ! (You are welcome!) Twitter @ShiftNrg

  8. what if we can't watch our bot? I work 12 hour days and then come home to sleep. i would only get to spend a few hours maybe looking at my trades/bot

  9. Marc, Thanks for the update. I was just wondering, when you decrease the profit margin to profit over more trades, does the PTF already take into account the transaction costs?
    Or do they go off the profit PTF took?

  10. I am only able to see the feeder settings in the comments. Could you please share the Profit trailer settings as well

  11. Thank you for these great videos. Please make the volume louder. I cannot hear it on the train with the volume turned up all the way. It’s much softer than other channels.

  12. Hey Marc can I get a copy of your host settings as well minus the personal stuff I just want to see the 3 True/False questions

  13. Hi Marc. Great video!
    What version or Feeder are you using? The latest one only has three options (bear, boring and bull), but in your settings you use 5. Have you changed the folder inside config in feeder?

  14. Hi there. I see that you only have 1 DCA level. What is the buy trigger for that DCA level? If any coin goes south of that you are gonna get deep in bags, especially with that many pairs. I had 25 pairs once at 2 DCA levels and it took 2 weeks to get out off, and I still have 3 of them to this day at around -%35 each. Also do you use the default indicators on the bot? (I think its 1800, 20, 5 on EMA period), I saw that on Binance you indicators were 60, 25, 7..

  15. Hey Marc,
    appreciate you sharing your video and settings, what do you do with your bags sitting in the dca? do you just sell it of at a loss? or hold it until it goes back up? I now have 10 bags in dca and tied up all capitals, I tried various settings and still end up with the same situation. Maybe set a stop loss? but that could eat up all the profits also, what are your thoughts?

  16. Hi Marc, how do you feel about using EnabledPairsOnly and only trading pairs that you feel are strong and wouldn't mind holding if large dca? Also, can you tell us the version of PT and PT Feeder that you use for Binance. Thx

  17. I followed your link to purchase both items from and they did not send me a valid Profit Trailer key any suggestions on support?

  18. Marc, thanks so much for your help. You'r wonderful. You may know answer to this question: How can i get PT or PTfeeder to trade in Etherium. This coin seems to be excluded, why?

  19. Hi, maybe you can help me. I have profit trailer and feeder, I tried using crow and gnome base settings on each and I can get the trailer to work by it self but as soon as I turn on feeder and it changes the settings my bot doesn’t buy anything new I’ve let it run for a ful day and a half and it bought nothing. Went back to gnomes under .2 settings on trailer only and it’s starts buying and selling like normal. Any help would be great appreciated. Thanks great video btw.

  20. Do I have to have BTC in Binance or Bittrex or any other alt coin will do the work? Like I have TRX BNB and other coin in my account at Binance. And some Top 10 alt coin at Bittrex. I  don't have cash to buy BTC at the moment. Is it possible to start trade with my coin or i have to have BTC? Please let me know. Many Thanks.

  21. im stuck on the login password on profit trailer. there was never a set up password just buy ? i purchased it set up everything now i can't log in to get started. i don't even see lost?forgot password link to recover it

  22. Are you manually buying simply through Binance as someone would if they didn't have PT? Then PT will sell it automatically per your parameters?

  23. Your videos about PT are the best and easy to understand. I’m also new to PT. in profit Feeder what settings you have for the 5 folders for different market conditions Bear, Superbear, Boring and so on? It will be helpful if you share more settings. Thanks and keep up the good work bro.

  24. Quick question! If i have say $10,000 in Bittrex trading and i wanna just use $2,000 to trade with on profit trailer how does the bot know not to touch the other $8,000. Will it sell my other positions that im already in on bittrex?

  25. You're a good teacher bro. So the Feeder settings will over ride the Trailer setting right? You shared the Feeder settings but with these settings should any changes be made to out Trailer settings so they work well together? If so can you please share the link for your Trailer settings? Thanks!

  26. U mention you turned on SOM is there a way to turn it on without restarted feeder? Iv wanted to turn it on and off on a whim

  27. I am just getting into the bot trading, I have not purchased it yet.  I have watched several videos about the bot, everyone seems to be using Microsoft computers, will I be able to use this on my Mac as well?

  28. I've been struggling with the volatility myself and your video really helped me out! I've been working on the same settings for the past few days but this video probably just saved me a week or more or tinkering. Thanks man!

  29. Have you been trading with your bot for the past 3 to 4 days. I have been applied your settings and have not bought anything in that time. I understand the martket has gone to shit. Are you in som until it bounces. or are you making profit still?

  30. I received a message that my crypto profit bit order was not filled. I suppose this is becuase I paid the 0.08 bitcoin but after payeer fees only 0.07780050 was received and there is a balance of 0.0021995 which I can transfer immediately. Below are details of my transaction.Operation date: 01 Feb 2018 17:20Operation ID: I have this availableOperation type: withdrawPayment system: BitCoinStatus: successDebited: 0.08000000 Credited: 0.07780050 Payeer fees: 0.00019950 Gate fees: 0.00200000 
    Account: 1JmuvP8qVEcCepma4CfbzdML6fPTqXKwF6How do I reach the cryptoprofitbot support team.

  31. Hey Mard, does profit Trailer have a limit on how much BCT it trades? I wanna put like 10 BTC for it to trade, is that possible?

  32. Hi Marc, thanks for sharing your settings with us. Much appreciated! I have based mine on these and been using them with pretty good gains for a couple of days but also collecting some pretty heavy bags. I have tried tweaking settings, and it's probably wishful thinking, but I was wondering if you had by any chance made adjustments to consistently make the same gains with less in the DCA log? Thanks very much 🙂

  33. Hello Marc, thank you for a very "clean" explanation of your feeder settings…I would love to take you up on your offer and get a copy of your PT Feeder settings. My email is: [email protected]…Thank you Man…much appreciated!!

  34. Question…I noticed that my dashboard is showing "0" in my possible buy log. I am assuming this means that based on my settings (the settings I've used from your recent recommendations) that there aren't any buys meeting our criteria from the settings….Is this an accurate interpretation?

  35. Hey Marc, great videos!   I am definitely interested in your Profit Trailer Feeder settings.   Very intrigued by this bot.

  36. Hey Mark…those settings were wonderful! I hit 2.7% profit over 24 hours….Thank you!! I do have a quick question….the settings show that the "min_buy_balance" is set to 35% which is stopping any further trades. Any further "pearls" you can share short of depositing additional funds? I have 8 DCAs totalling about $300.00….

  37. Hi Marc, I also use Crow's settings. Would love to have the settings that you enjoy for Feeder and Trailer as our goals seem to be the same? Thanks for the videos!

  38. Hey Marc, great video, Im just starting out are your settings good for the market right now? Cant find a link to them… I havent got Feeder yet can they be used with it?

  39. Hi Marc, I've had a look over your appsettings and I like the look of it, I would like to test it out but I'm wondering what settings you have in your market condition folders? Also in your hostsettings I'm assuming you have these all set to true?
    "CalculateTrailingValues": "true",
    "UseMaxCostPercentage": "true",
    "UseMinBuyBalancePercentage": "true",
    "BackupTradingFiles": "true",

    Thanks mate.

  40. Hey Marc, thanks a lot for your great vids! As I was actually experiencing the same problems with Crow's settings, it would be nice to have yours! I saw you posted the ones for Feeder below, but I couldn't find your settings for Profit Trailer – would be awesome, if you could post a link… 🙂

  41. Hey Mark, question re: DCAs…I have $1,432 tied up in my DCA logs to attempt to recover a difference of $92…I'd rather cash out to free up my Bitcoin to get back to trading rather than sit on trying to recover $92. What is the best way to go about selling off these coins in my DCA batch? Can you provide some ideas/direction?

  42. Having settings issues. Already added the server.enableConfig which enables me to change it on screen however has there been a change made with the indicators BB_period? I changed my settings to a more aggressive stance with cryptognomes settings and its not running. mind if i borrow yours crypto cro?

  43. Hi Marc. Thanks for inspiring with your videos and settings. Much appreciated! .. One quick question… The hostsettings.json, should following be set to true or false? .. 

    "CalculateTrailingValues": "true", // whether PT Feeder should calculate the trading values for you
     "UseMaxCostPercentage": "true", // whether cost should be as a percentage
     "UseMinBuyBalancePercentage": "true", // whether minbuybalance should be a percentage

    Thank you.

  44. Hi Marc

    May I ask for your settings, my Profit Trailer (with Feeder) does not make any new buys.

    Thanks for the videos, I appreciate it.

  45. Hi Marc, first of all. Nice video’s with hoof info. i would like to have your settings! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  46. Hi Marc, can you please send me your PTFeeder settings? I've configured for Crow's most updated settings, and see that there are quite a few differences between your settings and his. How would you describe the difference between your configuration strategy and Crow's? More aggressive? More conservative? Ect. Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!

  47. hey marc, I enjoy your vids, I was wondering if you could send me a link for your trailer and feeder setting please, thanks in advance

  48. Hey man thanks for the videos on this so far! I just got the bot and waiting on the feeder to come as well. Can anyone send me a tutorial on the basics as I have never used a bot before? Please and thank you in advance 😁

  49. Profit Trailer doesn't look to be profitable at all.

    Why does Profit Trailer lose BTC and the profits it shows keep going up? Actual BTC amount goes down while daily profit percentage seems to be going up.

    Can someone please help me understand Profit Trailer trading strategy? It seems to only lose money.

    Using BTC as a base coin (not even comparing to USD yet) then the object is to earn more BTC by trading alts. Only you get bagged up if BTC goes UP OR DOWN! I understand settings are important and you have to stay on top of them adjusting all the time. I am not talking about that.

    In order not to get bagged up you have to keep only a small amount in Profit Trailer trading at any given time. Which means, if you can get it to profit, those profits are very small. And you could just buy and hodl BTC instead and come out ahead without Profit Trailer.

    It seems Profit Trailer could only make money if BTC is going sideways on any settings. There are people who publish their earngings all the time. And their BTC amounts just keep going down while their daily earnings showing on the Profit Trailer are going up. That simply doesn't make sense.

    I guess I just don't understand how Profit Trailer could ever be profitable?

    1) Is anyone really making a profit on Profit Trailer over a few months time (not just the first two weeks they turn it on)?

    2) And where/how do I get those settings? I have already tried several different settings on multiple bots over the last few months.

    Can anyone help with something better than, "Yes, I profit. You just have to figure out good settings on your own by tweaking Profit Trailer yourself."

    Otherwise, if you have to keep adjusting Profit Trailer all the time on your own then you might as well just trade BTC manually. It would be easier.

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