17 thoughts on “Profit Trailer : Sales Update | Bitcoin Trading Bot | Binance Crypto Trading Bot”

  1. Sorry I'm curious but with your balance of 17 btc to what you have set the settings DEFAULT_initial_cost and max_trading_pairs ?

  2. one more comment………in order for this to work you have to have enough to let the bags dca down to 30 times or so. if you set your initial buy too high like i did when i first set it up then your dca bags are gonna be huge and you might run out of funds to keep the dca going if you have to many pairs. im playing around with about a half a bit coin and i set my max pairs to between 8 and 10 with an initial coast of around .005 btc (50 bucks or so) they can dca up over a grand. if i was playing around with more btc i would try upping my initial cost first, then my pairs. this is different than ema where you might set your initial buy to 500 and then only dca 3 times.

  3. Mate will your setting work if i trade in ETH not BTC with all other settings the same? Cheers mate love your stuff

  4. Hey Gnome do you or anyone on your team do one on ones for some $$ I would love to cut the learning curve have PT 2.0 set up and ready to go

  5. I was in test mode and it almost doubled my holding in three days. I don't think that was right. there is something wrong with test mode.

  6. Just purchased PT yesterday and set it up, what a pain but I know it will b worth it. In new version can you take your settings and replace file in PT or do you have to do it through GUI only?

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