Profit Trailer 2.0 : Cryptocurrency Trading Bot – My Honest Opinion. My PROs & CONs

Hello everybody, I hope everyone is fine. In today’s video, i want to present you ProfitTrailer
2.0 It’s a cryptocurrency trading bot that works
24/7 and trades BTC and many other alt. coins with the goal of course to make a profit
For this, it relies on indicators that are used in the stock market too
These are the: BB, EMA, SMA, RSI, STOCH, MACD and the DCA feature. Don’t worry if all these are not familiar
acronyms. At this point in the video, you can skip them
Profit Trailer is created on java That means you can run the same program in
Windows and Linux without any modification, just the java runtime that both OS have. However, to run it properly you should leave
it run 24H in a dedicated computer or in VPS which is the same but on the net. I will tell you the pros and the cons of the
program, why I use it and how you can make a profit. From the very first moment, I started using
the program I fall in love with it. It’s like a lego kit but for cryptos. The configuration and the strategies the bricks,
you can apply as you think fit to make most of it. Everything can be combined, prices, trading
volumes, indicators, everything…. or nearly everything because my favorite trading platform
is TradingView and is not integrated somehow but let’s skip it… So imagine having this power in your hands,
you lose track of time. There are two times I catch my self-sticked
to the monitor The first time was when the old HDD worked
with the defrag program and i was looking the known Norton Defrag and the little-colored
boxes to move around without pattern. The second was Profit Trailer and the ups
and downs at the prices, the Bitcoin trend and the tsunami that created for alt. coin
at each move. That journey started before 8 months and I
must say that I lost money and not created a profit but I’m OK with it because it was
fun and educational to witness crypto trading. I like Profit Trailer, I really do. The program is awesome, the support superb,
at their discord channel are always people to help with technical or strategies but I
really believe their marketing and sales have really messed up
When I got Profit Trailer 1.0 before 8 months the price was about $300 USD
I bought PT Feeder an addon to be protected from market instabilities whichs reconfigures
automatically Profit Trailer based on predefined settings
The reason I took Profit Trailer, that I will call it PT from now on and the Unique Selling
Point was the fixed price, even back then there were far fewer bots than today When version 2.0 released they stopped the
fixed pricing and turned to a subscription service which is what you see here. Of course, i must say that for the people
that bought ver 1.0 they owners of PT honored the grandfather policy and gave them a lifetime
license which means they don’t have to pay a recurring fee or anything at all. Now at the webpage, even if i take the 90
Euros plan for every 3 months which makes it 30 Euro per month when i click to purchase
it the total that i see now is �108.90 I believe this is simple webpage error that
can be fixed but the issue here is not that There are so many competitors with so many
new features that are hard to compete with this model of operation. We’re talking about a program that needs a
constant upgrade with fixes that were found and constant lookup, it’s not a set and forget
system. Of course, no bot should be a set and forget
by no-one but PT even more. Added to all these is the VPS cost because
as i said it needs to run 24/7 Check these references of VPS from PT site
and their prices Also, there are third party add-ons to minimize
the loss probability, PT Feeder which is paid and PT Magick which is free track the market
trends, PT Defender tries to fix the bags you created from the trades and few other
not so popular. So you end up paying more for the tools and
you get less capital to work with. I started with 0.1 BTC and now i have about
0.03 BTC at the bot i use Let’s dive in to see how PT looks like
1. Here’s the main screen
2. The pricing tables
3. The basic features
4. The suggested but no endorsed VPS services
5 The order page of the 1st service that is mentioned in PT site with preinstalled PT
6. The order page of the 2nd VPS service
7. The site of Binance which is the exchange
site that you can trade cryptos depositing or withdrawing your cryptos. Of course, there are many exchanges out there. Binance is the most popular and as far as
i know the cheapest at their trading fees. 8. Now the juice, the control panel of Profit
Trailer. You can access the same panel from their site. It’s a demo account maybe with real money
but you don’t have admin privileges of course Have a look it’s very good, informative and
well designed. It shows in a very visual way your positions
and your pairs and how to know exactly where you are. In the config section that you don’t see here,
you can set everything up. Adding PTFeeder or PTMagic you can transform
Profit Trailer into a monster bot with extreme or not scenarios to know how to react in every
possibility Profit Trailer can be used for day trading
too. If you did try it you should know that exiting
with a profit is not so easy due to rapid market fluctuation. So a nice strategy i used is to buy with TradingView
and let PT sell it for me setting the profit level i wanted and trail it to get me more
profit Even I’m a fan and still use PT and will continue
to do so, i will jump to another board soon having PT also for a side bot for small trades. It’s always fun to work with Profit Trailer
just that the more you deal with these issues the more features and profit you ask. Last but not least, all bots and Profit Trailer
too can’t work with low budgets even if they say they do. If you fall to a bag and you want to DCA this
pair, that will not happen without money even PT Defender will not work. I don’t explain the terms because it’s not
my intention to make a tutorial for PT. There are very good tutorials on at Youtube
from PT team and many other good PT users Check your options, make a thorough research
and go with the buy if you see this is for you Thank you for the time watching this video
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2 thoughts on “Profit Trailer 2.0 : Cryptocurrency Trading Bot – My Honest Opinion. My PROs & CONs”

  1. Note : Income Loss was not caused by PT but from my impassioned nature of seeing all the BTCs to be bagged and trying to get out using DCA and not STOP LOSS. So it's not that PT was responsible for LOSS. However i believe a bag buster like PT Defender is now, should be inside the core of PT.

  2. I forgot to say that it's also locked per Crypto Exchange for my example Binance, i can't change it to Poloniex for example. I need a new license ….

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