ProBit Security Features (English subtitles)

uys, Hello! With you Obzorshchik! I continue a series of video reviews about the ProBit exchange. Let me remind you, it opens on November 30. In this video I will talk about all the solutions security that are implemented on the platform. The team has global plans and they set the task to win a place in the top of cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, one of the main features of the exchange will be high security. Several layers of protection will be implemented on the platform, I’ll tell you more about them next. The first feature is that 95% of all funds will be stored in cold wallets. These wallets are not connected to the Internet. Thus, they are protected from hackers. And that small part of the funds that are online – is not of interest to hackers. Because the cost of a hacker attack is much higher, than the money they can get. In addition, all wallet information and keys are encrypted multiple times using a strong encryption algorithm. The next level of security on this exchange – ProBit supports Fido U2F hardware security keys. And 2FA. FIDO U2F technology allows you to use USB keys, and NFC. This ensures that no hacker can manipulate your account. Information about this technology is presented in their article on the blog in Medium. A article is published here, which is devoted to all the security features on the platform. You can also read an article on the bitcoinwarrior website, which also describes the security on the ProBit platform. Other interesting information is also provided. A link to this article will also be in the description below the video. And also the link to whitepaper and the article in blog Medium. It is worth saying that you not obligatory to use FIDO U2F technology. You can only use 2FA. This is a reliable security tool and it will not allow hackers to withdraw funds from your account. On exchange ProBit are also implemented security protocols. The platform will monitor you, and if you are not active for a certain period of time, it will automatically log out of your account. As well as ProBit uses the secure https Protocol. Always pay attention to what link you have in the address bar. If it starts with https, it means that all information is transferred to a secure client server. ProBit holds regular events prevention from various hacker attacks. For example, such as SQL injection, DDoS attacks and others. The team is constantly improving its methods of protection platforms. Thanks a lot to them for that! Let’s look at the information on the blog. In principle, all that I told, contained in this article. I added something else from myself.
And told all the information I know about all the security features on this platform. The opportunity is now closed buy tokens within the Pre-Sale, but ProBit team will provide another opportunity to buy tokens for those who did not have time. This will be the Initial Exchange Offering program, it will be launched soon. This will be the last program within which it will be possible to buy PROB tokens. After that, you can get the PROB tokens only in trading mining. So for those who wanted to invest in Pre-Sale – do not despair. You will have such an opportunity! All links will be in the description below the video. If you have any questions – leave in the comments. I will definitely answer you. I hope this information was useful to you! With you was Obzorschik, luck!

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  1. do you know an exchange that is better protected than ProBit? I don't know! (вы знаете биржу, которая защищена лучше, чем ProBit? я не знаю!)

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