Principles for Success: “The Call to Adventure” | Episode 1

principles for success an ultra mini-series adventure in 30 minutes and in eight episodes episode 1 the call to adventure before we begin let me just establish the fact that I don’t know much relative to what I need to know whatever success I’ve had in life has more to do with my knowing how to deal with my not knowing than anything I know that I should be telling other people what to do sounds kind of presumptuous to me but I’m going to do it because I believe that the principles that have made me successful could help others achieve their own goals I’m now at a stage in my own life in which it is much more important to me to pass along what I’ve learned about how to be successful than to seek more success for myself what you choose to do with these principles is up to you you have to be an independent thinker because only you can develop your own principles based on your own values this brings me to my first and most fundamental principle which is that you need to think for yourself about what is true so let’s get started early on I discovered I needed principles principles are smart ways for handling things that happen over and over again in similar situations there are principles for everything from skiing to parenting to cooking and so on I’m going to share some of my most important overarching life principles that influence how we approach everything I didn’t start out with principles I acquired them over a lifetime of experiences mostly from making mistakes and reflecting on them my life principles are simple but they’re not complete I still struggle to make the best decisions and I still make mistakes and learn new principles all the time this is the reality at the beginning I needed to escape the conventions that surrounded me which meant that I needed to think for myself unless you want to have a life that is directed by others you need to decide for yourself what to do and you need to have the courage to do it but I didn’t know that at first I only learned that from going on my adventure looking back on my own journey I now see the time is like a river that carries us forward into encounters with reality that require us to make decisions we can’t stop our movement down this river and we can’t avoid the encounters we can only approach them in the best possible way in your lifetime you will face millions of decisions the quality of your decisions will determine the quality of your life over the course of my lifetime the most valuable things I’ve learned were the results of mistakes I reflected on to help form principles so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes again these principles took me from being a very ordinary middle-class kid from Long Island to becoming very successful as judged by conventional measures they also gave me the meaningful work and meaningful relationships that I value even more than these conventional successes people often ask me how I did it I can assure you it wasn’t because of my uniqueness as a person it was the result of a unique approach to life I believe almost anybody can adopt it starts with embracing reality and dealing with it in Episode two I’ll explain what that means

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  1. I could not be more appreciative of this mini-series. I plan to watch it once a week to solidify the principles Ray teaches. I'll definitely be an advocate and encourage others to watch it!

  2. GOD Bless Ray Dalio! So much wisdom graciously given to us. I love his humility, caring, down-to-earth narrative!

  3. Brilliant series by Ray and we love this quest for constant learning and improving. As he says "You need to think for yourself about what is true"……..this statement is even more valid in times of fake news.

  4. Thank you for your videos, I loved the Economic machine video and was looking forward to more of your videos. I'm glad you made this new series.

  5. "Successful as judged by conventional measures"; EXACTLY! This is what I have had trouble with my whole life. My idea of 'conventional measures' has been at odds with that of Ray Dalio! Indeed, this is why I am so anonymous and he is so famous! We have practiced the same meditation and spiritual techniques for 45 years, and have come to a polar opposition in outcomes. I wonder if he ever considered the measures by which I consider my own path successful?

  6. This is so true. We look for guidance and permission all the time. Just do it. Wanna go to the sea.. go. Wanna get a new car.. do it. Wanna change your life? Do it!

  7. Wouldn't "I don't know much relative to what there is to know" be more accurate? You don't need to know everything…

  8. I tried showing these to my 5 y/o daughter. Didn’t take. Will keep trying after I talk up the benefits. Where would I be today if I had these principles to live by at the age of 5? They might be advanced concepts. But I believe exposure to this cant hurt. Like vegetables for the mind, might take some coaxing to get her to ingest them. Certainly not in one sitting. Thanks Ray, for organizing you mind and passing it on to the rest of the world.

  9. why not produce multi-language version like wonderful video how the economic machine running, very thanks, from your chinese fans

  10. Like everyone else is saying: this is great work. It is helping me personally, and I will pass it on to my friends and children as part of many wonderful and indispensable achievements of human thought and charity.

  11. This oppressor is speaking from a white male privilege perspective. Nobody should be allowed to accumulate billions while people are homeless and starving.

  12. Why don't you credit the animators and artists that worked on this with you. Half the people who watch your videos wouldn't without the quality visual aid.

  13. @0:54 "Only you can develop your own principles based on your own values" BY WHAT STANDARD?
    @1:06 "You need to think for yourself about what is true" (True for YOU based on your own values…is the implication based on the first quote) Again by what standard?…What if a person believes he only gains great joy from killing other people? (and there are people who believe this) Is that okay? He truly believes that is true for him. Is it from the laws we create as a society? If it is our particular society then we can not say it was wrong for NAZIs to kill Jews and homosexuals because under their law Jews and homosexuals were declared not human and it was not illegal to kill them. Why is it legal in America to kill humans in the womb?…Because of Law?
    This video series is an appeal to felt needs and feelings and does not consider why we even have intelligibility. Intelligibility is assume, but it is never accounted for. We are all made in the image of God, and because of that we have great value by virtue of being human and we all, deep down, know right from wrong. And because of that we have Human Rights. This series makes no attempt to account for the universal standard (Right and Wrong) that we all know and we all try to suppress seeking only to make our minds, thoughts, and felt needs to be the supreme goal to reach fulfillment for each of us. We lie to ourselves by saying we care about others but we turn a blind eye and thereby indorse the murder of others (i.e. unborn) that get in the way of our autonomy (happiness). This series fears to tread where actual Truth leads. This existentialism is idolatry, disingenuous, and cowardice towards where actual Truth is leading us. Please account for intelligibility and universal standards first.
    It is not easy to think deeper but I challenge everyone to go there and to not fear where it leads.

  14. Just an amazing piece of work. I stumbled upon you in Tony Robbins's book. Can't wait to see more of it!

  15. Awesome content. Thanks Ray Dalio for producing and offering it. I am going to share it and recommend to everyone.

  16. I really appreciate the way Mr.Ray Dalio Is really concerned about other people's success. this will help generations of life to grow with order and fine principles. this will start new adventures in people's life!

  17. Can you tell me what animation software was used for this series?
    Wonderful, concise, thoughtful and so well produced.

  18. Hey, let's do this! Why don't we use THIS comment section as a combination of thoughtful people around some common interest (at the very least, the function of probability of Dalio's work), and arrange a way to belivability weight people's opinion to further our points?

  19. Thank you, Ray, Thank you. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your book and your video series. Thank you again!

  20. First he says at 2:10 that he had to "escape the conventions that surrounded him".

    But then at 3:10 he says he "became very successful as measured by CONVENTIONAL measures". 😂

    Perhaps he should consider / reflect upon escaping those "conventional" measures for success as well? 😉

  21. YOU ARE A LEGEND! have read your book Principles: Life and Work. Thanks so much for sharing value to the world!

  22. Having just gone through the whole 8-episode series, I have sent a shout-out to all my 1,400+ Facebook friends recommending it. I'll put the word out on some FB pages I run, too. Thank you very much for going to the effort and expense of putting this all together.

  23. Hello, Mr. Dalio. I want to add "Turkish subtitles" to this video but it's not available for community contribution. Please please please turn on this settings!

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    Принцип а) Принять реальность б) Способы с ней справиться

  25. I was watching these episodes with my dad we watched two episodes every day and he died after the episode 6 because of a motorcycle accident… Hard to watch it without him.

  26. Amazing that 75% of viewers did not see the last video. "you can give a thirsty man a glass of water , but you cannot make him drink it !" 🙂 . Thank you Mr Dalio for sharing these priceless opinions and thoughts from your own experiences and values.

  27. I don't believe everyone can be equally successful, especially when they play it literally by the book.
    Also, what type or degree of success we are talking about?
    Is it finical, academic, social, spiritual, physical or mental success?
    Or maybe all of them in balance?
    Keep in mind, equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome.

  28. I have finished watching this video completely.


    I am a Taiwanese who cares about the global affairs.


    And, sadly, most of my fellow Taiwanese don't really care about the world.


    Hopefully Taiwan can become increasingly globally-aware and globally-competitive.


    God bless Taiwan.


  29. Sir I have been following you and reading your books , and.very kind of you to put these videos for us

  30. Ray, you are one of the Greatest of our time. So much respect for you and your work. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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