Price Predictions Cryptocurrency in 2018 | How to Win in Cryptocurrency

the family welcome back to crypto land
my name is Mathew Timothy and today I wanted to talk about some things that we
talked about in the past the price predictions without points we talked
about birch and Manero and and Cardano before and i wanted to kind of rant a
little bit on this because i think that you know predicting a price in any
market is you know unless you have insider knowledge
it’s impossible to do so we can only you know speculate and stuff there are some
things that you should know of course and that is you know how to calculate
the market gap and how to actually calculate the price and it’s fairly
simple to do basically what what that is is you multiply the circulating supply
by the price and then you have the market gap so for a coin like our DA
know to go to $100 which by the way I didn’t say you would have two times this
this circulating supply times 100 and that would make then the market cap so
people calling it ridiculous that a coin like this or hyping a coin that it’s
pennies and saying that is gonna go to a hundred is ridiculous and stuff like
that they may be right maybe it is ridiculous but look at the global
economy this is a lot of money that could potentially go into crypto not
saying that it will but what I am saying is you know what I’m doing is I’m
picking some solid projects that I I don’t care if the price goes up or down
I’m trading on them and if the price goes down I’m buying more and if the
price goes up I’m taking profit so you know even if a coin like verge is going
is going to $1 you know the growth isn’t like this the growth goes like you know
like a graph here so we’re making money here here we’re
buying here you know ideally you want to buy here sell here buy here sell here
you know sell here buy here yeah that’s basically how you calculate that and you
know a coin doesn’t go to the moon by going you know it’s not gonna be the
next Bitcoin it doesn’t need to be you know the project is good if it’s like a
long-term thing they have good intentions you know as a coin I think a
lot more money is moving into cryptocurrency in the next year or years
and you know look at the world economy again cryptocurrency is cutting out
these middlemen decentralized so a lot of industries are
gonna be disrupted a lot more money is moving into the cryptocurrency space you
know look at the 24 hour volume alone 43 billion dollars in the past 24 hours
Bitcoin dominance is going down people are starting to find out about all coins
I mean this is where the money is and you know again on this channel we’re
just you know discussing I don’t claim to know everything
we’re just discussing here also down in the comments which I really encourage
you guys to engage in because a lot of the smart people engage in the comments
section and discuss about the best quality projects is find a few that you
like that you don’t care if the price goes up or down and then you will win
and make some solid gains in crypto lands by the way I see this ad here I
just booked a flight to Rio yesterday booked to fly to Rio yesterday I’m gonna
be moving if you’re new to this channel you probably don’t know yet I’m gonna be
moving to Rio in January I’m gonna be living there for eight months and so you
know in the next week or weeks if I am you know if I don’t read your comments
or if I don’t reply I try to reply to every single one of them and that’s
actually the reason why I’m doing this video because I’ve seen so many comments
come in and you know it’s really awesome a lot of
critics too but you know I’m just trying to reply to as much as many as I can but
you know I still have to do the feasts off to get a house and everything like
that but I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying to push out as much valuable
content for you guys as I possibly can I’m gonna be doing more videos on
trading s I’m gonna you know collaborate with my neighbor here so definitely
stick around to this channel subscribe if you haven’t already turn on those
belt but Bell Bell Bell notifications and I will see you on the next one until
then stop settling and start living the corn life

33 thoughts on “Price Predictions Cryptocurrency in 2018 | How to Win in Cryptocurrency”

  1. I have $200 and was thinking of investing in MANA or XVG. Which one do you think is the better bet ? XVG is ~$0.07 and MANA is $0.10

  2. When I bought my first Litecoin at $92, I’ve since traded and flipped it into 4. I had the opportunity to invest some into Verge Coin when it was at .03, so I exchanged 2 Litecoin for XVG and I must say that I’ve been a happy camper since then. Thanks for the video!

  3. Bro…check out aidcoin…let me know what you think…it's charity based…Keep up the great work and best wishes and a smooth transition to RIO!!! $$$

  4. Your totally right I have 26 different coins. Holding till the right moment. Thanks for your info. Hope your move goes well. ✌

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  6. Too advanced stuff for ordinary people. Hope it rises though probably will because their is a lot of people who are advanced now

  7. I think the next coin to go up many times is something like ELECTRONEUM, its just lurking at the moment (0.08$) ready to rise when the mobile miner goes live and more exchanges adopt it, long term i am not sure but in the short run (6 months) i see great gains in that coin.

  8. Hey man I have a question. So I have already invested into a few alt-coins. For example I invested into Ripple, 3 times. Once at .38 cents, again at .68 cents, and again at .98 cents. When I want to sell my Ripple, how do I sell the ripple I bought at the rate of .68 and not the other rates? Does that matter? Does it work that way? Super curios. Please help!

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