President Donald J. Trump Helping Bitcoin! 3 Fundamental Indicators Bitcoin Will Rally Higher!

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's Aaron hey guys I got a great video prepared for you today we're going over recent news but it's really two main things number one I'm gonna go over three strong fundamentals that to me suggest that bitcoin is going to rally again greater than ever and this is actual data that we can point to that's in an uptrend that in my mind means that eventually bitcoins price will follow if this uptrend continues then number two I want to talk about Donald Trump now and do you like Donald Trump do you dislike Donald Trump regardless how you feel about him let's go over three things he is doing you know purposefully not purposefully it remains to be seen but three reasons why Trump is bitcoins biggest champion we'll go over this article and compare it to a couple others Trump may be good for Bitcoin we'll go over that now taking a quick look at the price we are still maintaining a price point above 5,000 dollars I don't know about you but I'm I'm waiting for a pullback I'm waiting to see if we can get a higher low than before now that being said a lot of people are kind of following in at this point and the volume is looking pretty strong so we'll keep a close eye on that maybe check back at the end of the video and yeah if you find a value in this video guys do me a favor give the video a like it's really it's a small thing you can do it truly does help us grow as a channel and let's get into it all right so I want to start things off here Bitcoin active addresses historical chart and the takeaway here is that Bitcoin active addresses are actually up 26 percent from the January 2018 low and you can see here that the active bitcoin addresses have actually been steadily increasing now for the past ten years I mean not only the past 10 years but after the the 2018 crash or correction we've been in this uptrend still so this is a very strong fundamental in my opinion and you know check it out the active address is where they are right now it's actually pretty similar to where Bitcoin was trading when bitcoins price was above $10,000 so you know given enough time I expect this uptrend will continue and eventually we'll be seeing greater all-time highs on Bitcoin active addresses and why not this no I didn't want to get into why Bitcoin has value right here we're going to be going over to other fundamentals but the reason probably more and more people are waking up to bitcoins true value and that is what I've said as here many times Bitcoin is a harder money than gold it's a harder money than fiat government currency it's better in that it is permissionless you don't need the government's permission or third parties for permission to make a transaction it's uncomplicated meaning that even if the government wanted to they could not stop you from transacting there's no single point of failure so the government can't just you know do a sting operation and shut Bitcoin down it's network is very vast and then finally bitcoin is unprintable you know it's it's a got a bigger stock to flow ratio than gold it's more scarce than gold basically and that's probably why Bitcoin active addresses are increasing now number two let's talk about bitcoins hash rate so bitcoins hash rate basically as the hash rate increases so does the security of the network and you can see here that bitcoins hash rate is actually very close to its all-time highs and yes it's been in an uptrend for the last ten years as well so it took a dip at the end of last year this is when Bitcoin capitulated from $6,000 to $3,000 I believe but even since that point we have still been seeing this uptrend these higher highs this is what I like to see this is a strong fundamental and you know as bitcoins hash rate increases so does the security of the network now the final strong fundamental let's talk about Bitcoin transactions so you can see here that Bitcoin transactions well first of all they're extremely close to its all-time highs and yes again we've been in this uptrend for the last 10 years but the fact that transactions are very close to where they were when Bitcoin was $20,000 we know that the fees are last the congestion is less now this is only a good sign right alright let's talk about Donald J Trump now whether you're on the Trump train or not Trump could be contributing to he could be bitcoins biggest champion and the three reasons presented in this article are as follows number one Trump makes the federal reserve look stupidly unand appendant he's basically waking people up to how unnecessary how how dubious the Federal Reserve really is number two he's appointing pro Bitcoin staff in high places and number three economic uncertainty that he may or may not be contributing to is the perfect storm for Bitcoin let's get into it so number one Trump makes the Fed look stupidly on independence so ever since his presidency began Trump has been on a mission to gain greater control of the central bank's hey sounds good to me right if somebody needs to get them in control whether Trump should have that power or not you know that remains to be seen but he's already placed four out of seven board members and has nominated a further two so basically Trump since the beginning of his presidency he's been at odds with the Federal Reserve and he's either trying to manage them or control them or sometimes just shame them and yeah here we go check out this check out this tweet the only problem our economy has is the Fed they don't have a feel for the market they don't understand necessary trade wars or strong dollars or even Democratic shutdowns over borders the Fed is like a powerful golfer who can't score because because he has no touch he can't putt classic Trump tweet but you know overall this publicity that he's creating you know creates a lot of doubt in the general public's opinion of who controls our money and I also believe yes I also believe that Trump has encouraged the Fed to print more money with quantitative easing so the Trump has encouraged the Fed to devalue the American dollar even more and you know that's not good people will be putting their money in Bitcoin to try and save it's valueless so number two trump has either appointed or nominated pro bitcoiners in high places and we covered some of this stuff on the channel before but in this case we're talking about Mick Mulvaney Mick Mulvaney 's recent appointment as budget director could be extremely bullish for Bitcoin his knowledge of the digital currencies goes way back and he was instrumental in educating people inside Washington about Bitcoin and blockchain technology Mulvaney even co-created a bipartisan initiative called blockchain caucus to act as a discussion Center for ways to incorporate blockchain technology in the national government it's likely that any regulations surrounding Bitcoin will be positive while Mulvaney is in office and then finally this economic uncertainty that trump may or may not be contributing to is the perfect storm for Bitcoin so Trump and other world leaders continue to bash their central banks while also leaning on them for further funding this uncontrollable spending and economic turmoil is inadvertently creating the perfect storm for Bitcoin after all political discord economic instability and demising power of central banks are all conditions that favor the adoption of Bitcoin it's immutable ledger and particularly the inability of anyone to change the rules makes it the most politically neutral form of money that's ever existed this makes Bitcoin unlike any other asset that existed before which explains why it thrives in times of political instability and economic turmoil as Max Keiser said Bitcoin adoption has always been driven by bank failures bailouts bail-ins and political unrest and this is just an example of the kinds of stuff that Trump is doing to create this turmoil for instance suggesting that the White House considers restricting remittance to Mexico the White House is considering a plan to curb payments sent to Mexico and Central America countries in order to stem a surge of illegal aliens pouring into the United States and as we saw in Venezuela there's only wakes people up to trying to find other options how to send money and you can send Bitcoin to anyone in the world in a relatively short amount of time and nobody can stop you as we already went over so what do you think Donald J Trump is he good for Bitcoin is he bad for bitcoins you think even bitcoin is or why it's valuable let's talk about it in the comments anyway just a few more pieces of news that I wanted to go over with you today we're gonna talk about coin base this is article lot of Forbes that I want to get into some eos news yes it's not all about bitcoin on this channel surely some other altcoins will succeed in yose maybe is one of them let's talk about it anyways coin base and visa what a partnership coin base and visa are making bitcoin aetherium and ripples xrp and litecoin payments are reality so check this out coin base has teamed up with global payment process or visa launching this the coin base card which allows users to spend crypto as effortlessly as the money in their bank so this is pretty cool right the the Visa debit card which has a 650 card issuance fee can be used to spend coin bases Bitcoin aetherium ripples xrp and litecoin in millions of locations around the world by converting the cryptocurrency to fiat when the card is used the merchant or store gets paid in traditional fiat currencies so I believe that any place that accepts visa you will be able to use your Bitcoin and spend it with the coin base card that is the money that you're storing in coin base so this is not something that I'm going to be I'm I'll gladly spend my cryptocurrency you know without coin base knowing about it personally now what I pay 652 flash this card yeah that'd be pretty cool now that being said I'm sure you remember the the previous installation of cryptocurrency cards where they required users to preload a specified amount of crypto on their card adding a point of friction in the process this is something I guess better and the coin based card is currently only available in the UK they do have plans to roll this out across Europe in the upcoming months and there's no plans yet for support outside of Europe now I I think personally I can understand why nobody would want to spend their Bitcoin or their valuable crypto currencies I personally think the best practice insure this might be a pain is to spend and replace that way you encourage Bitcoin adoption but you don't lose out on your investment am I going to use the coin base card no but like I said 652 carried in my wallet maybe now are there any Yost fans out there check this out a freelance job market it's moving it's 700,000 users to the EOS blockchain so over 700,000 user accounts from a freelancing website are moving onto the EOS blockchain it's called moonlighting and it's a marketplace for freelance professionals which is launched in 2014 and it has taken on a five million dollar investment the investment will be used to grow moon Lighting's user base and to integrate its existing infrastructure with iOS this is a quote from Jeff Henry the CEO he said we have been exploring blockchain protocols since the beginning of 2017 and have chosen yo Co due to its ability to scale transaction processing maintaining low transaction costs and enabling ease of user account management then we also have a quote from the CEO of EOS BC he said in a press release we believe that moon lighting contains the three key traits you look for in a decentralized application real customers real transactions in a bonafide use case for blockchain technology so hey whether you like it or you don't this is certainly good for crypto currency in general and definitely good for the EOS team I hope this goes well for them taking a quick look again at the price about the same we are we are kind of maintaining above 5,000 dollars I'll tell you what I did earlier today I actually took a little bit of profits well it's not really profits I actually transferred some Bitcoin into a stable coin not tether but a different stable coin right up here I noticed that Bitcoin is over five thousand four hundred and I'm expecting a pullback so once it gets back if we see any sort of pullback I'll start reinvesting again now if we keep going up forever that's great I'm prepared to I don't know what it was ten percent of my portfolio I'm prepared to that's fine I don't I'm taking that risk and I'm prepared to wait and be patient but that's me you know I I do expect probably like you that we will have resistance around $6,000 and you know we're not gonna go up forever anyway let me know what you guys are doing this is Erin at alt coins daily 2019 is a great year to be cost averaging Bitcoin and select crypto currencies yes indeed alright I'll see you tomorrow my friends

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  1. Great content as usual. Interesting to learn that the US government see a lot of the remittances sent south of their border is to aid in illegal immigration.

  2. Spend high buy low. Works well. Mine low double your money hodl Ravencoin ethereum vertcoin I have been lucky. Keep mining!!!

  3. Ripple XRP Brad Garlinghouse and Ryan Zagone meet with IMF & the Whitehouse. Look up “Faster Payments TaskForce”

  4. I'm in Europe, generally we don't like Trump, he gets some pretty bad press as a xenophobe, a misogynist and generally a stupid white man. But the USA crypto community has surprised me with their support of him. I suppose it's because he goes against the grain.
    But HEY, AMERICA. THERE IS MORE TO THE WORLD THAN THE USA. To start, America is not just one but two frickin continents!!!

  5. I just bought a bunch more EOS I truly believe it's going to surpass ETH within another year, especially now that it's on Coinbase. It''s already on almost every Exchange and has more Dapps

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  7. I would defenitly use that card haha. Live in the Netherlands and will probably pay with that card only when it comes to my country 😀

  8. It's good to make some profit with highs, but if we understand that holding BTC leads to adoption and further price increase, the best profit comes later.

  9. Aaron, Austin, I´d like to see your thoughts on this: That´s from Lagarde herself!!!!!!

  10. Great Video A Team ….. Gotta Love Our POTUS & Team Q Draining The Swamp As Promised Bringing Back Our Freedoms
    Watch What Happens To Our Beloved Crypto’s When He Demolishes The Central Bank

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