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right into it to articles I wanted to share with you number one this might be
the biggest one actually they’re both pretty big nevermind so breaking news
mobile payments app circle acquires crypto exchange pallone e^x for four
hundred million dollars now circle is funded by Goldman Sachs which is big
right this is big this is and just another um just again showing
cryptocurrency being accepted and cryptocurrency adoption becoming a real
thing more and more our you know big companies different industries realizing
that it’s time that they stop bashing it and start learning how to use it and
make it you know improve their business because otherwise they will get left
behind simple example look at Toys R Us that’s closing all over and they’re
losing a ton of money that’s because they didn’t adapt to e-commerce when it
came out they refuse to adapt now look what’s happening right you gotta stay
ahead of the game so the companies that are going to continue moving forward the
investment firms are gonna continue moving for the banks that will continue
moving forward at least for the time being are going to be the ones that
adapt and adopt the cryptocurrency and understand and learn how to implement it
to benefit their company and everyone else and just make a better system right
so Polonia X is a pretty big exchange it offers trades from 60
different coins it’s currently the 14th largest crypto exchange by 24-hour
volume on coin market gap you guys know we do like one market cap we use it a
lot so we trust it trading a total of almost 140 million dollars today by
press trading a total of almost 140 million dollars a day to press time
pretty good right 14th biggest biggest exchange was just acquired by circle
which is a company funded by Goldman Sachs there’s a lot of links right there
for you guys to make sure do your own research when it comes to looking at you
know research what Goldman Sachs’s if you don’t know research what circle is
if you don’t know but basically circle is a payment method is yet basically
just a payment method for US dollars in fiat currency and now obviously buying
Polonia acts they’re probably looking to integrate cryptocurrency into their
space so that’s very exciting again more the more adoption the more use of
cryptocurrency in real world scenarios that’s all we can ask for right number
two which you guys know the country Venezuela they launched their own
cryptocurrency their national cryptocurrency it’s oil back and it’s
called petrol because it’s oil back we launched it on February 20 if today it
is the 26th so six days ago almost a week ago but what’s happening now is
that they are educating people on cryptocurrency now as much as I think
it’s no I have mixed feelings you know I have mixed feelings about the whole
Venezuela having a national cryptocurrency especially the fact it’s
backed by oil it’s not exactly what cryptocurrency but you know I’ll give it
to them for trying now a country that does have its share of corruption I’m
allowed to say that guys I’m from Brazil we do too so it’s totally okay for me to
say that but Venezuela isn’t an angel just saying everyone’s gonna be upset
the comment saying I can’t say that yes I can I’m from Brazil is fine we do it
do but anyways I don’t know if I want like I don’t know if I support this be
been having a crypt or earth I don’t know if I support their national
cryptocurrency I don’t own any of it however I do like
the idea that they are starting to look that they’re starting to take
cryptocurrency seriously and so that is what they are doing and now that and now
they decided to launch free cryptocurrency training courses for
citizens 100% free cryptocurrency training courses now you know everyone
in Venezuela calls are just tuned in to this channel and watch my videos and
that’s some great cryptocurrency trading which is also free right but now it’s
cool to see that they are educating people which means more people are gonna
be educated in cryptocurrency which again it’s all we can ask for and it’s
what we need in order to gain mass adoption and to have people accept it
and acknowledge it accept it cuz we still have a lot of naysayers in the
cryptocurrency market space we still have a lot of people who do not fully
support it and think it’s a big scam and whatnot whatever they want to call it
right so two news articles that are pretty good now I forgot a tab right
here we got a look at the overall point market cap before we dive into any
specific coin overall coin market cap we’re nearing four hundred and fifty
billion dollars a recovery a little bit from the recent dip that we had let’s
click view all still down in the last seven days because the week before we
have you know it wasn’t looking too good however nan-oh up tremendously again
congratulations to everyone who picked up Nano um oddly enough spoiler Nano is
one of the top five coins in my later video I made the video a few hours
before so the price is up significantly more now that I made the video but
everything still applies everything still applies I still think it’s pretty
undervalued say at 21 with 1.8 billion dollar market cap anyways let’s go on
let’s continue so like I said everything was down a decent amount because of the
week before now you guys can see in the last 24 hours which is basically today
the 26th we’ve looked we’ve looked pretty good
and we’re starting to see a little bit of recovery from the dip so again
everyone who’s buying dips this should be a good moment for you guys starting
to see some green Neil is up a ton that’s one point I want to touch on and
also nanos another clone we’re gonna touch on because those are two of the
biggest movers today and of course at the end I have the Bitcoin chart open
we’re gonna take a look at where we see the market going how the market is doing
so nano I every time you guys know the situation
if you guys have been watching my videos what happened with nano an exchange got
hacked nano was stolen the name the you know nano the names then got you know
there was a bad shadow over it of what happened price went down a lot and then
reached a point it’s a good project I fully support this project I like it I
think I think it has a space in the cryptocurrency space and so eventually
after Centrepointe is shot back up now yes it could have been a pump um it
could have been a pumping dump um I can’t say no because I don’t know what
caused the increase it could have been a whale just you know buying a ton of nano
because it was so cheap however my logic when it comes to pump and dumps is that
the 24-hour volume in order for this you know in order for a pump to happen in
order for them to move the price by a hundred percent which is basically 1
nano deed over the span of a little over a day they need way to like you have to
have a lot of money to pump into nano to be able to increase the price and that’s
why usually they go for smaller coins with lower market caps that need less
volume to change because a little bit you know you put in a little money next
thing you know it’s up a thousand percent and that’s where most of pumpkin
dumps are made that’s how a lot of people make their money nano sitting at
21st with 158 million dollars in volume the last 24 hours and it’s not very easy
to pump uhm whatsoever so that’s why I’m don’t really think that is what caused
it and again it went back down we could we called it we called it was going to
reach a point where it was going to correct a little bit because there’s no
way we were just going to continue moving upwards everything that goes up
must come down the thing the good thing is though it didn’t come all the way
down so it bounced itself off right here and now is seeing another pump um again
not a pump and dump like it’s seeing an increase in price because the project is
there and that’s the thing I want to touch on when it comes to investing why
I always tell you guys to do your own research is because Nano could have
crashed all the way back down right I could have bought Nano right here and it
could have gone all the way down here I lost you know more than half of my
money’s worth I could have had it did happen I did
dollar-cost average it I am in profit right now with nano but you know that it
could have done that and I wouldn’t really care I wouldn’t really care
that’s what this is February 20th this is January 31st so it’s 20 days right
first of all it’s a very short period of time second of all I’ve done my research
on that no I know what nanos do what Nano does and what if I believe or if I
don’t believe in it that I like it that is why I bought it
so when it goes down and I know this is a good project
I’m not worried and I’m not looking to sell because that would only confirm my
losses as long as I hold as long as the project is good it should go back up
when the whole market goes back up because the market is down significantly
from its highest point guys so that’s you know the basic breakdown nano has
been doing great and neo today is up a ton up to $135 still I think neo is
under prize I think it has a long way to go and had this coin has a lot of
potential and I’ve mentioned it before crypto coin news I don’t know what his
actual name is but the guy who runs a channel has like 6,000 Nano which is
worth a lot of money is calculated again for you guys so show you what you know
could have been if you invested in nano like a year ago it was pretty really
really cheap he’s got eight hundred ten thousand dollars worth of Nano that’s
absolutely ridiculous I hope to accumulate none a Gnomeo and the reason
why I want to start looking at picking up more Neil is because if you hold neo
then you get gas basically it’s basically passive income for now that’s
why I am and that’s another reason obviously why people like Neil obviously
a lot of people actually believe in you know neo itself which is good you should
I mean I’m not gonna say you should but do your own research I like it
however it also has a nice element of giving you passive income which is gas
and use and we’ve seen the price of gas pretty much goes hand-in-hand with the
price of neo if you guys want to go back with Neos up a ton gas is up on time
surprising enough and you get this for free just by holding neo you have to you
know set up the correct wallet and whatnot but you get gas for free so it’s
free passive income in one gas is worth $43
and the price should continue to increase as long as the price of mio
increases right so that’s why again a lot of people are like a lot of people
are choosing to buy Neil not only because it has a lot of a lot of
potential it’s a good coin I think the price is going to increase I think it’s
very under priced it is also number seven in total market cap so it’s a
safer investment as long as it’s you know a good coin in the top ten you are
safe um I say safe you know I don’t mean your one percent safe obviously a lot of
things the market depends on a lot of things a coin success depends on a lot
of things or token success depends on a lot of things however sitting at number
seven it’s a pretty safe investment you guys know I talked about Bitcoin in
theory as being pretty safe investments I don’t think you’re going to lose all
of your money if you invest in them however if you were to go to like if you
were to go to this Ignis I don’t know what it is so don’t bash me if it’s
actually a great coin but this is a lot riskier to play with right common sense
anyways that is why neo is um you know it has a bright future I like it um neo
is not in my top five undervalued all coins even though it is undervalued
because I wanted to keep them as coins under a billion dollars and I know I
messed up now I’m gonna hear in the comments that Nano is over a billion
dollar market gap Nakhla I completely forgot that Nano was on my list when I
was making the video I knew I wanted Nano but I didn’t make the connection
the fact that Nano is over a billion dollars so I didn’t work out too well
however for those of you guys who are watching both of the videos right here
Nana was not over a billion dollars so when I picked up more it wasn’t just
saying it was this look at the overall market gap guys I know I’ve been
rambling of Todd let’s look at the overall market cap no overall market
look at the Bitcoin chart we have the technical analysis we have set up and we
are watching basically this is how you do technical now so you set up the what
you’re looking at you know we have the moving average we have the moving
average right here the 200-day we have the channel going down here this is the
support line the resistance line and we have a smaller channel up here which
Bitcoin did break under unfortunately however we are
looking to take a turn of right here with just today’s movement I use Bitcoin
again for those of you asking I use Bitcoin because Bitcoin yeah the market
Falls bitcoins bitcoins going up the mark is going to be going up so that’s
why I have the Bitcoin chart open here on trading view anyways yeah we’re
looking at a little bit of a recovery again if we manage to break this line I
think that is the entrance to our bull run because currently you guys can see
we’ve held very steady within these boundaries hopefully this is the start
and buy here will just continue to move upwards that would be very very awesome
to see however we cannot make that prediction just yet because it’s still
very very early and a lot of things could happen so guys that’s where the
market stands today hopefully you guys enjoyed any recap on the 26 february 26
the overall market recap and a little bit of news for you guys so let me know
down below what you guys think of the Venezuela currency and circle taking
over from Venezuela currency and them offering the free training and circle
buying the exchange Polonia so let me know what you guys think down below as
always guys leave a thumbs up on the video if you did enjoy the video and
subscribe to the channel if you guys have not done so already guys thank you
so much for watching I will see you guys later today for a top five undervalued
all coins video


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