PREDICTIONS!! – Interviewing Crypto, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Enthusiasts (3/3)

Do you have any predictions for mass adoption? Or if you want to talk about price, that’s cool too, for say the next one year, five years, ten years. Yeah I mean- Would you mean being in a a little video thing I’m doing? I’m asking Why are you into crypto? What would you recommend for people who are just getting into crypto? And what your price predictions for bitcoin are for 1 year, 5 year, 10 years. But you can answer how you want. Like, there’s no wrong answer. Um. You know Bitcoin could hit $50,000 in then next bull market. I think Monero, a couple thousand dollars. So short-term probably still very peer-to-peer, very gimmicky and like a niche market. But as you move on with Fidelity and a lot of these institutions, I mean IBM and Hyper Ledger, we’re going to see more confidence in the institutional world, to where I think blockchain will be as common as the Internet in terminology of household names and understanding of the fundamentals of it. But right now it’s very pop culture and buzzy. And I think that’s a really good time to capitalize. Because we don’t necessarily want mass adoption yet. We want mass intention. Then we want to evolve. Then we want the mass adoption. So, we’re here. We got their attention. Let’s keep it. Yeah I mean the truth is my price prediction means nothing and nobody’s does, but just throwing darts, I’m very bullish. I’m specifically bullish on Bitcoin, Ether, the two blue chips. Loopring, we have our own token, LRC Of course I believe in what we’re doing on the dex, protocol front. Yeah I’m very bullish on kind of the big ones like Bitcoin, Ether. Adoption I think yeah the genie is out of the bottle. Can’t put it back in. It’s not going anywhere. Ahm- good question. It’s going to be. It’s just going to come over a period of time. There’s going to be – once regulation kicks in then that will just fly basically. I think over the next year we’re going to see a big shift with regulation. What it’s going to be I don’t know. Within 5 years time, I think we’ll be well on the brink to mass adoption. Alright. I think for mass adoption, the ways that we’re going to reach people is going to be through integrating into things that we’re already doing. And the best places for that is social media and games. So I see those being the biggest bridges for online content. It’s going to be in the gaming space. Engines like Convergence, if you’ve ever heard of the Silicon Nexus project, they’re building like a Ready Player One cross-platform reality with a player acquisition service. So it’s for like gamers to get non fungible assets of in-game items. And that is the biggest audience of online people is games, 2.7 billion active gamers in the world right now. So it’s the biggest market – wow- so games is going to be a place and then social media influencers. This is going to be the next place. And so you know that’s what we focus on in society. We focus on live content for paid content and products. And so it’s you know getting, you know, things that people are going to get tangible value and then relating that to the crypto market. And allowing people to, you know, securitize their data with the blockchain, to access things that they can only get exclusively through the blockchain. And to do that in a manner where people already are. We need to meet people where they are, on the games that they’re already playing, on the platforms that they’re already on. And you know, this kind of stuff. And so as we emerge into that, we’re gonna attract more people who aren’t into the space. That’s gonna attract growth. And then the whole industry is gonna grow, you know, as a result of that. And so that’s how I kind of see mass adoption coming. And, you know, through mass adoption, obviously, as tides rise all ships will rise. So kind of my two cents, my two satoshis if you will. [Laugh] Thank you. That was awesome. I think blockchain is next very very big thing to the world. Because it’s the only- I think it’s the only technology that can push the financial and the Internet to a more decentralized way. It’s a new way to like organize the world. – Okay – So my vision at the moment is that what we’ve sort of seen with these cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that so far the first application is gambling. You know Satoshi Dice. I’m sure you remember Satoshi Dice. And then trading, crypto- trading assets back and forth. The way I see cryptocurrencies evolving is a bit different than everyone else. I think it’s going to be like Linux. It’s gonna be this backbone to this financial system everybody can use and access. I don’t think most people are gonna realize they’re actually using a cryptocurrency. It’s gonna be something they access – transactions back and forth, or coins back and forth. So actually there’s Linux. You know, they’re not gonna know they’re even gonna be using Linux Cause Linux today powers like 90% of all computers. – Oh cool. – We are all waiting for the halving, Bitcoin halving coming up. At the middle of next year. So we’ll see how it goes. You don’t want to get me started on adoption. It’s kind of like my pet peeve – Please go ahead – I get allergic to that. We should stop talking about adoption and build products that people are going to use. I think we’re trying to flip it around but we will rush it. I think it’s too early to even talk about adoption. So kind of like a prediction, I think this space is gonna grow but slower than we actually think. So we’re thinking a mom-and-pop is gonna use Bitcoin next week… We only just updated the My Ether Wallet website, which was ugly as hell. So we’re not there yet. So have patience. Go back to building awesome products. Make it as easy as possible for people to use. – Okay – Okay. That’s my whole thing. – Okay – Yeah, I kind of disagree slightly because – Perfect – the Internet grew fairly quickly but it was, you know, from the 90s all the way through the early 2000s. But now that the Internet’s already in place I think the combination of the Internet being in place and mobile phones, like you said adoption, I think that will actually drive adoption more quickly with- Like you see Flexa’s app, Spend. I’m pretty excited about that because now you can use even a stable coin at a Starbucks, or at a Lowe’s, or at a Barnes and Noble. So I think the combination of those technologies already-existing will bring this to
market much more quickly than we saw like Facebook and Apple and Google proliferate in the early 2000s. – Okay cool. Thank you – I think everyone will use blockchain in 5 years. And I believe that the road to adoption will come from gaming. So I think most of the early adoption will be gaming related _____. And I believe gaming will be the road for all the crypto, for blockchain to get mass adoption. Well I’m hoping that in the next year and half John MacAfee’s prediction is going to come true just so that he doesn’t have to lose his bet. And some people might know what the repercussions of that are. But I definitely see Bitcoin going up extremely high. I’m not a financial adviser but I do see 1 million dollar Bitcoin coming in the future. – Okay – Hopefully it will go up. But, you know, I hope it goes so high because where I’m living in Venezuela ___ money in the United States so. I just have to see I have no idea Okay. I had a few takeaways from this video. A surprising number of people mentioned gaming. And a lot people didn’t want to talk about price when it came to predicting. They talked about adoption. The first person that I interviewed actually, although you can’t tell up the video, said that I should probably not talk about price but talk about adoption. And some people did want to talk about price in the end. A lot of people also seem to be self-starters. There were entrepreneurs getting into the crypto or blockchain space and starting their own projects. So there was passion involved like about changing the world but then there was also a lot of intellect, understanding the technology and how they can maybe bring new solutions to already existing industries. And yeah some people were just looking to make money but I think that goes into the intellectual side of it where you’re trying to start a business. It was very cool to see. Everybody seems to have a pretty positive outlook for the future. I think I do too. So that’s what I have for today. Thank you for watching. Thank you for joining. Subscribe if you like my content. Leave a comment. Give a like. And I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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