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Hey good evening everyone good morning good afternoon wherever you're tuning in from in this beautiful world right guys today you've been invited to watch a short overview of a pre-launch of cwe's new HP si Pro automated trading platform guys I have never been so excited before about a pre-launch and the person who invited you here really wants you to check this out because it's something that's going to revolutionize the crypto industry everyone's familiar with crypto currency Bitcoin you know the the power of it and what it's you know capable of doing you know many people might be thinking well I missed the first big wave of Bitcoin while I'm telling you what it's only gonna get better all right bitcoin is about ready to start its second wave and you want to be a part of it don't sit back and miss out on it the second time and what I'm going to be explaining to you today guys if you're a trader already if you have experience and if you're the if you're a new person that's looking at trading cryptocurrency for the first time this H psi platform that cwe has to offer is for anybody okay so the first thing I'm going to talk about is how you can take advantage of this platform okay number one if you're familiar with it you can actually set up your own strategies you can tell this but what to do how to do it when to do it and what to do right it's so amazing because this H psi Pro platform that cwe is going to be launching here at the end of this month is going to be a game changer and why do I say that is because it's a platform where you can customize your own but however you want okay inside this platform and and set it up and run it for paper trading you can try strategies you can use other people's strategies that are already working so the importance of this and the reason why you're watching this right now is because you might be thinking well I don't know anything about crypto trading I don't know the first thing about a strategy I don't know indicators I don't know anything well you don't have to and this is why this is the first world-class platform that cwe is going to be launching at the end of this month that allows anybody from any parts of the world to plug into and capitalize on this next Bitcoin wave as you see here are it talks about an added new robot factory robot where you can actually set up the settings the way you want okay and like I said if you don't know what you're doing if you're new you can actually choose a trading strategy that's already proven and working from our top expert traders you can select the strategy that they're using and this platform will plug their strategy right into your customized bot where you can just set that strategy up and let it go now there's no guarantees of course you know nothing is guaranteed but numbers don't lie and we can we can agree that if some strategy that's working for people already it's proven why not plug into it if you have no clue what you know strategies even our indicators even are when it comes to crypto now for you experienced traders out there I'm sure you see the big picture of this where it can save you a lot of time where you can come in here and you can pay per trade it and paper trading means that you can run these strategies and even your own strategy with fake money to see how the strategy is doing in the current market or even the past market of what it would have done on paper trading with fake money and then you can decide if you want to use that strategy and implement your real money and plug it into the that strategy and the but the next thing I want to talk about are the settings you can actually choose these settings at a start date and end date the investment that you want to buy to trade for you all right out of your own exchange guys we keep control of our own Bitcoin in our own exchange the company cwe does not take and control any of our crypto it stays right in our own exchange but the cool thing about this here as well as your paper trading and testing different strategy out strategies out you can actually choose the date you want the bot to go back and see what that strategy would have done in that market which is so so powerful that way you can decide hey listen it's a bear market right now this strategy would a crush get in the bear market and currently there's a bear market I can use this strategy in this current market and still benefit from going to maximize the crypto trading space okay you can also see down here where it talks about the different percentages and like I said if this is if you're new to this that's okay because this platform is built for everybody the next thing I want to talk about is how you add strategies into your customized robot okay you click right there in this green button and it'll say add a new strategy it talks about the profit it'll show you the profit that that bot is making on that current strategy that you either choose yourself or you decide to follow one of the expert traders here and use their strategies you can it'll talk about the settings it'll show you the settings that you can have that you can edit any time or you can add to any time you want as this bot is paper trading or live trading for you it'll actually show you the total profit what that strategy has done for you and if it's not the profit that you're looking for you can come in here and adjust it using the settings module the next thing is is as you're as you're creating a strategy you can choose the name of the bot okay for a specific strategy you can choose your exchange we have offer different exchanges from finance bit tricks hit BTC and several other ones all you do guys is connect your API key to this and it takes your Bitcoin that you want it to take out of your exchange and implement into your customized bot you can also select and choose the recommended kryptos that the company offers or recommends by clicking this button here or you can select all the crypto currencies of the exchange or you can add and subtract as many coins as you want to that you want to trade have this spot trade during this during the current market you can also enter how much bitcoin that you want the bot to enter into an invest into each coin which is an absolute game changer guys there is no other platform out there in this industry that allows us to do that this is something that I've been wanting to you know to the company to launch and I'll tell you what they were ten steps ahead of me because they came out with it and it's in pre-launch right now and it's gonna be going live at the end of this month so the person who invited you to this call you want to be sure that you get back to them to answer all of your questions that you may have and also to get access to this to take advantage of this next wave of crypto and don't miss out and sit back and say man why didn't I get why didn't I get in at the first time now you're gonna say to yourself why didn't I get in at this time when it's when it's going to be booming and catching the second wave now like I said and I'm going to repeat myself this is for new people and experience expert traders guys you don't have to be an expert to know exactly what strategy to implement when you can choose a strategy that's already proven and working from our cwe professional traders the next slide I'm going to talk about is down here where you can actually customize and choose the recommended crypto currencies but from the company or you can select all the cryptos from the exchange like I said before the great thing about it is as well it gives you the option to choose to trade a coin that has been on the exchange for a certain amount of days right because we don't want to trade coins that are just pump and dump ICO coins that get added to the exchange because we can agree that those coins can do a pump and dump and you can get caught in negative trades so we actually tell you to select how many days that that coin has to be on the exchange in order for the bot to pick up with what your settings are set to to your buy signals and yourself strategies are set as I'm underneath here you can say minimum trading volume in that particular coin and Bitcoin in the last 24 hours you can set this up at 90 you can set it up at 100 whatever you want to set up for the last 24 hours in Bitcoin volume in the trading volume you can customize right here using this tool okay now like I said before if you don't know what you're doing that's okay because in a click of a button you can choose a strategy that's already working and how exciting is that where you can just set it up and let the bots do its thing now down here it'll also show you the coins again and the investment by each coin the next thing here is choosing your strategy guys this is where it really gets good because in this section you can select a variety of different chart indicators to create your own robot you may choose as many as you want by selecting the check box and adding a value in each field okay now this is just some of the indicators and strategies that we offer you know is more of a conservative side where you know the first one you can see here an RSI 14 close in a one-hour time frame you can choose the condition you can also set the value all right we have another strategy called the Williams percent are you can set you can select the condition we have the MACD we got the moving average crossovers and the timeframes right so this is a strategy that you can come in here and customize however you want you can utilize these strategies and beta test them using our paper trading option that we offer inside of this H psi Pro platform where you can test the test the strategy first before you actually go live with it and use your own money to start trading you can also decide Bollinger Bands and like I said it's going to be this is just the beginning of it guys we're going to be adding more customized strategies in here but also there's going to be a place in here where you can actually click and select a person that you're following inside of a cwe that's a pro trader that is using a strategy that is working and you can decide to use that same strategy by just the click of a button so so powerful guys there is nothing like this out there I've been looking and searching and I am never been excited before we're about a pre-launch and the upcoming of a new product that actually we can control inside of this software alright that we can customize however way we want and let the bots do its thing now you want to get back to the person who invited you here and the reason why you probably have some questions and the cool thing about this guys is we are running a promo right now all right every person that gets started it gets back to the person who invited you here will have access to this H psi probe platform absolutely for free all you got to do is choose one of our licenses that we offer all right or licenses for our software's that we offer and you get this spot for free now I I cannot tell you how long it's going to last and how long this promo is going to continue for but you get this absolutely for free inside of any like distance software that you decide to get started with today absolutely for free so you get back to the person they'll go over the licenses that you have to choose from in order to get this spot for free now not only do you get this spot you're gonna get a free fully blown out Marketing System for you to share with other people that you might know that want to take advantage of the crypto space and trading right you get a free fully automated Marketing System with funnel pages autoresponders up to like 50 pages that you can choose from you can customize the marketing funnels right in your own back office here in cwe that also comes free with any licensed software that you get started with today I have never been more excited about something guys and I'm sure you're excited as well so if you want to get more information please get back to the person who invited you here they'll send you a website or you can even get on the phone with them and connect with them to get your questions answered and also get your license today guys because like I said before I do not know how long this promo is gonna go I know it's launching at the end of this month and the people who take advantage of it right now in the pre-launch get access to the software H psi Pro and the marketing system absolutely free with any upgrade to our licenses and you're probably thinking well Justin you know how many licenses are how much are the licenses right now how much can they be in order to get all this for free well I'm telling you right now you can get started with one of our licenses for two cups of coffee a day the price of two cups of coffee a day we have a we have packages for everybody's financial situation so you definitely want to get back to the person who got you here ask them some questions and go ahead and choose which package and which license software that you want to get started with today thank you all very much for attending this live webinar and super excited to see what your results are going to be like I said there's no guarantees but we all know what crypto is doing and what it has done in the past and we're about ready to see the second wave if you're coming up here in the next couple weeks and even the next month take care of your buddy and I hope to see you all on the inside of earn cwe trading platform software where you can take advantage of the crypto space have a good day

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