Prank Invasion: A Closer Look

[progressive dubstep music] Aaah Aaah (Slow-Mo): Aaah Hey, check-check Hey, now many of you know prank invasion, aka chris monroe, as the kissable playboy, who can get any cutie he wants with a simple game of rock paper scissor. A really quick game of rock paper scissors…for a kiss. Quick game for a quick kiss? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. In fact I have banned my wife, my sister, and my mother from watching his videos because I am so critically afraid of him picking ’em up. And I couldn’t live with that. Now for those of you guys who don’t know who Chris is, I’d like to take a stroll through memory lane and just do a little refresher. So please, walk with me. [Vomit noise] [Chris]:No Clothes Family Day [Chris]: blowjob from random girls [Chris]: Mommy make out day. [Ethan]: Chris, going in for the kiss, while mommy holds her little toddler in the other hand. Dawg, you are fucked in the head. [Chris]: Beautiful Muslim girls, and kiss them. [Chris]: Pregnancy information day Now that we’ve taken a stroll down memory lane, I think it’s time to take a [dubstep music] Ah Aah Aaah The ART of the kiss! AAAAHHHHH [Gross kissing noise] make it stop Okay, let us begin with this video here. Examine as Chris takes a huge inhale AH Now, let me ask you this, when you’re making a kissing tutorial, do you think that this is a flattering lighting to be enticing people To want to kiss you just To look down there you could see the uvula Dangling, my doggy. Why you got to get so deep into that damn mouth hole, dude? How does Chris even light the inside of his mouth that well? I have a ton of lights in here How do you do it? How do you make your mouth look that hot and sexy and kissable? I do wonder if he has crazy special effects oh yeah who wants to kiss me Who wants to kiss me now here to look at my kissing tutorial oh Guys, we have insane special effects here today and I want to give a big thank you to Hila my assistant, she’s great she’s really Terrific guys it is not easy coming out here in these green-screen suits. Hila do you have anything you want to say, do you want to come out here? no give it up guys give a round of applause please for our gracious Assistant Hila here, she is terrific. All I know is that I need to take an even closer look can we go deeper Aaaaah [Disgusted] Welcome Do you guys smell that? [Ethan gag] God Here we are in the sulfur mines at the back of Chris’s throat, you could see them just chipping away tonsil stones there at the mouth Do you know what sulfur smells like? It smells like a wet, hot, dirty fart. It smells like a rotten egg was slammed on the floor, eaten by a dog shit out and set on fire. This is basically what is going on inside of Chris’s mouth Man he’s got Shawarma blacked into those braces boy it is not a good sight so I only have one question for y’all who’s ready to pucker up [Predator noise] The art of kiss Aaaaaaah If you quickly run down to the description, you can find out how he does it? How does he do it? How did this pimp get all the cuties? You probably guessed it: a magic thumb WHAT?!?! This guy’s just giving away magic thumbs for free? He’s given these things away, you guys. He is giving these magic thumbs away. How I use this thumb to kiss some several hot ladies? “Doesn’t have to even be just hot girls you trick friends and family into believing you have superpowers” He’s just given away of the magic powers. Guys, I’ve seen enough here. We need to go even deeper because guess what? This is all ancient history but Chris is back Here we are on prank invasion high school edition high school edition okay let’s stroll through the comments shall we i love watching these videos ironically the cringefest is Fantastic this is the audience they’re no longer kids jerking their ding-dong these are people who enjoy the cringefest look continue down chris it’s been a while since h3 roasted me let’s fix that “can’t wait for the h3 video.” “Can’t wait for the gay edition kissing prank.” Well, yeah that’s all that one’s actually already happened Chris: We’re going to be kissing girls, pretending that I’m gay and then this is when it gets real This is when it gets so spooky, that I wonder if we haven’t tumbled in to the twilight meme zone here. “Waiting for H3H3 reaction video” on this. Prank invasion says me too me too We have traveled into meme versus unknown we need to talk to an expert we need to talk to a cringe connoisseur and who better than Joey Salads Let’s go deeper. [We’re gonna have] her breastfeed in public with her boob coming out and we’re gonna see how people react Joey Salads tweets out: “You can’t purposely make a video for @h3h3productions to react to, it needs to be natural cringe.” And that’s true. When you become self-aware and baiting that invalidates the cringe and automatically makes it something not interesting to watch But listen as Joey continues, “But if you try so hard for the reaction, that in of itself will become cringier than the content” fascinating. fascinating stuff here. “I saw your podcast, where you talked about Prank Invasion and the brad berries, u should make a whole video on the try hards.” I believe that’s where we are here today, Joey. and thanks to your slick investigation work, you gumshoe, yeah, I believe that we have broken through To new ground. I tip the salad bowl to you, my friend Imma toss it with some ranch some, italian, maybe some caesar… and Joey, I wish you the best of luck with your child abduction prank so here’s one, to you. [Joey]:Today, we’re gonna be doing another abduction social experiment Woman: I don’t know!!! Aaaahhhhhhhhhh *exhaling* What up, invaders? Chris here! I’m so happy to be back on YouTube. It’s been a long time, but today we’re coming back strong with kissing prank, high school edition. As always, let’s do it Yes, Chris says to himself, let’s go to a high school and try to kiss the cuties there. Surely, Ethan will take the bait. Did you expect to bait this though Chris? Did you expect to bait this? Who’s been baited now? Chris, I’m talking directly to you, because I know you’re watching this. Is this what you wanted?? Is this what you wanted? Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chris: What grade are you in?
Girl: I’m a senior. You’re a senior. Are you over 18? Ethan: Um, “Are you over 18?” because that’s as we know how all good kisses begin You are? Okay, I wanted to know if you wanted to play a really quick game for a kiss with me Are you- yeah are you down?
Girl: [A kiss?] Yeah… Okay, Rock Paper Scissors. Here we go rock paper scissors… rock paper scissors I’m on a high school campus. Are you a senior? Are you over 18? Am I performing statutory rape on camera?Okay, good You know what? Forget the game, come here *High Schoolers squealing in the background* *One kid yells out “What the fuck??!!
WHAT IS THIS?”* *(Unintelligible yelling)* They’re trying to make it look like they all know what’s about, to happen. Now watch as this whole school erupts. Unbelievable *I’m fading away* Now, watch closely to the back right as you could see the vice principal strolling up on his golf cart. You see that too little… …too late. Shame on you, you just got memed and I’m fading away because of it. Where are the parents? Why is this strange man allowed to stroll onto a high school campus and perform these ridiculous pranks? Are you a senior here? Okay, and you’re 18. Please tell me you’re 18. Chris:Okay I wanted to know you want to play a quick game of rock-paper-scissors for a kiss with me? Are you down?
Girl:Okay Chris: Okay, here we go I am completely faded away into the meme verse. I no longer understand meme from cringe from self aware from me. Einstein predicted this paradox when he said “when you go the speed of light e equals mc square says within it that when you go the speed of light, you become energy itself.” How can mass become energy? Just like this here? How can cringe become inherently entertaining? I don’t understand what’s happening. And so, with that, I bid you all adieu and I wish you all good luck investigating this yourself. As for me, I am completely lost. Chris: What grade are you in? Girl: I’m a senior Chris: You’re a senior. Um, are you over 18? Chris: Please tell me that you’re a senior Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

100 thoughts on “Prank Invasion: A Closer Look”

  1. ewww I cry cringed so much when he kissed the girl while she was holding her sons hand. That guy is so fucking weird and gross

  2. 7:45
    the dude in the red hoodie looks like he is frozen in a state of sheer terror, and quite frankly, that never gets old

  3. 7:45
    the dude in the red hoodie looks like he is frozen in a state of sheer terror, and quite frankly, that never gets old

  4. I actually promised myself to never comment on a comedy video like this but I can not resist applauding the genius of this one. This might (in the original meaning of the word: literally) be the funniest thing I have ever seen.
    Now my vow to comment absence is broken.

  5. I looked down Chris' throat and was appalled at how red it was. That is not a healthy throat. I know this because of having a child that had chronic strep throat. He needs to go to a doctor. Ewww.

  6. Oh God I hat this dude. And why is his throat so stupid red? Looks infectected, gross. Hila you're adorable!

  7. How sad that H3H3's fanbase itself is giving him all those views and attention just to tell him that they can't wait for Ethan's reaction video. Shameful, really.

  8. So the original Ethan Klein is lost in the meme verse thus leaving Hila alone with a clone. Will the real ethan return to kill the clone? Or will he remain forever lost? Probably.

  9. Video and channel called Dre literally shows Chris telling all the kids what to do and how to react. Complete debunktion

  10. Chris selling his 'pick-up techniques' and 'giving away' the fake fingers is literally that stereotype of middle eastern shop owners saying "Its $$$, but for you my friend-"

  11. I feel like that water splash visual and sound you added was more upsetting to me than anything he did lol

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