PowerPoint Tutorial Bubble Chart Animation

Welcome to Design and Presentation
channel. In this video I am going to show you how to design this animated bubble
chart template. I have broken down this video into two parts. You will find the
timestamps for the parts in the video description. There I have also provided
the template download link. Let us now get on with the tutorial. First go to
Insert tab, open Shapes library and place the oval shape onto the slide. In the
Format tab change its dimensions to 0.4 inches, remove its shape outline
and change its fill color. Now create 4 copies of the circle by pressing Ctrl+D
and place them beside one another. Go to Animations tab and open Animation pane to the right. Then select the first circle and apply line animation to it. Click on
the red dot indicating end animation point and drag it to position it
vertically above the middlemost circle. From the animation pane, select Start
with previous option. Change the animation duration to 0.60
seconds. Now click on the Add Animation option and select Zoom effect. Again
select Start with previous option for this animation and set its duration to
0.60 seconds. Now select the first circle, click on Animation Painter
option in the Animations tab and click on the second circle to copy the
animation effects of the first circle. Apply the animation for the other
circles as well. Now convert the end animation points on
the red dot above the middlemost circle. Once you are done with that, add delays
to the set of animations for the circles on the right of the first one. Add delays of point 0.10, 0.25, 0.20 and 0.15 seconds respectively. Now select all these circles and duplicate them by
pressing Ctrl+D place them on the same level of the first set of circles and
change the fill color. Repeat the process to create two more sets.
Next, in the animation pane select all the animations of the first set of
circles, right click and choose Effect options. Go to Timing tab and type 6 in
the repeat field to rerun the animation six times. Similarly for the second set edit the
repeat counter to three, for the third set read the counter to
four and for the last set change the counter
to five. All these animations should be moving these circles towards the
center of the big circle which we would be creating later. Now from the Shapes
library put an oval shape onto the slide and set its dimensions to 0.3 inches. Change its color code to match the first
category then apply Appear animation effect to
this circle. Next apply basic zoom effect lastly add Flyout animation effect along
with its setting so that it moves to the top right Make sure you have Start with previous
option chosen for all these three animations. Now duplicate the circle to create two
copies. Set the Flyout animation direction as “To top” for the lower circle
and as “To top left” for the other one. Now for organization purpose select these
animations and put them along with the animations of the lower set of five
circles of the same color that is the same category. Add animation delays to
the three sets and set the duration to 1.5 seconds for all of them. Select the animations which are not
“Appear” animation from these sets and set the repeat counter to 2. Now duplicate
them to create a new triad and change the fill color to match the second
category. Reorganize these animations, set
animation delays and change the animation duration as shown. Repeat this process to create similar
sets for the other two categories. Now place a big circle on the slide and
set its width and height as 2 inches. Change its fill color and shape outline
and position it to place it on the top of the three circles. From the Animation pane, apply Basic zoo
animation to it Now reorganize this animation effect Check the end point of the above
animation and set the same time as the animation duration of this circle. Next,
create three more copies of this circle, one for each category.
Remember to edit the dimensions to 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 1.75 inches
respectively for the other three categories. Coming to the second part of
the video put four hollow circles of 0.5 inches from the Shapes library onto the
slide. Change the fill color to match the corresponding category color After that insert 4 textboxes against each category and put inside the values representing the bubbles. Change
the font size color and font type as per your wish. Now select all the hollow circles and
the value boxes, open Animations pane and apply Peek In animation effect. In the
animations pane change the settings to start this effects after all the
previous animations. Then apply 0.25 second delay to the text box animations. Now insert four circles and place one
inside each bubble; change the fill and outline color and also the dimensions. Select all these circles and apply Basic
zoom animation effect. Set Start with previous animation option for all of
these and remove the delay settings. After that, place 4 round corner
rectangles, one for each category. Set the dimensions and fill color accordingly, put
the labels inside corresponding to each category. Now in the Animation pane select
animations of the hollow circles and the value boxes and change the Peek In
animation direction to “From top”. Now if you select any of the animation, uh Appear animation, you will notice that a duration value has been set by mistake
previously. To change the duration to Auto mode, reapply the Appear animation
wherever applicable. This will produce the desired effect. Now press Ctrl+F5 to view the animated
slide. I do hope this template will add colors to your presentation. The download link is given in the video description below. Definitely I will look forward to your comments and suggestions and please show
your support for this channel by subscribing. Thank you and stay tuned for

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