Potential identity document verification use case using Cardano

Welcome everyone. I wanted to do a quick
use case video. This is a use case that I’ve been thinking about for the past
six to eight months. I wanted to expand on it a little bit and I think that this
is going to be a prime solution and a prime use case for the Cardano blockchain and it’s all about identity verification I think that this is going
to be huge for distributed ledger technology into the future and a company
that builds this correct is going to revolutionize the game and what do I
mean by identity verification well what I had in mind is we’re going to take a
government institution or a government entity let’s take the TSA for example
the TSA is responsible for airport screening
agency within the United States and they’re all about security for
transportation and one thing that I know is this is that when you travel there is
just there are a lot of bottlenecks in the traveling process so you can get
things in the United States called TSA PreCheck or Global Entry and basically
these are badges that allow you to travel domestically and internationally
with ease you register your fingerprints and you register all your information
into a central database you go to an airport or location they have a quick
interview with you and this allows you to bypass some lines and travel quicker
and I think that it’s very important in order to track people going from country A
to country B but in the future we’re living in tumultuous times and one
day of the week this country bans this passport another day of the week another
country bans this passport there’s constantly friends becoming enemies and
enemies becoming friends so it makes it difficult for the end user or the end
traveler to travel in peace and I think that the government in the future will
be looking for solutions to put identity verification within a blockchain similar to I think this would probably work best as like an ATALA project
building their own centralized blockchain within Cardano and I think
that this could highly benefit ADA in the future because what’s going to end
up happening is the government would be the verifier in this
particular use case so maybe you’d have your passport and you have a QR code on
the passport and that connected them to the centralized blockchain and all your
information was there so they didn’t have to ask you questions like did you
go to this country or did you go to this country or they didn’t have to fidget
through your passport and look for the latest stamps that maybe it could be an
electronic stamp maybe you can still get a physical stamp save a whole bunch of
time and the lines would go a lot quicker and all the information that the
government would need would be right there and then if you have the TSA doing
something like this on a centralized blockchain there may be another company a
third party for example like Clear does another version of this and they’re all
competing with the government provided solution and they put their
centralized server on a blockchain as well let’s say they use Cardano and
they have this clear transportation app where you can scan your passport in a
Clear line and go through the line relatively quickly now let’s say that
clear a third party all of a sudden says yes we have we accept Euros we accept
Yen we accept USD we accept Australian dollars we accept Rand South African Rand,
but now we’re going to accept ADA so you’ll be able to communicate in the
decentralized blockchain and pay for your services within a centralized
blockchain, but as soon as they accept ADA that immediately
requires the end party to receive ADA and all of a sudden the link between the
centralized and the decentralized blockchain is broken and there’s going
to be money flowing from blockchain A to blockchain B and they’re going to have to hold reserves in order to maybe compensate people for refunds and
whatnot and all of a sudden there’s just communication and those third-party
solutions are all of a sudden going to pressure the original solution or the
original government solution to accept ADA as well so this is what is going to
happen with ATALA if these centralized blockchains are
built correctly and the government feels completely safe in building their
solutions on this blockchain they’re going to 100% interoperate with
decentralized blockchains I think that’s what’s going to provide that’s
what’s going to happen because there’s money in that having a closed-loop
system where you’re only participating within the centralized blockchain what
happens when you want to accept different currencies for different
things so I think that this is going to be I don’t think they’re ever
gonna be fully decentralized but I think that they’re going to be accepting
currency from a decentralized blockchain and that’s really all we need for price
appreciation within ADA or within Cardano so let me know what you think about this
identity verification and it could be anything from a passport to a driver’s
license I know I go to the DMV I have a driver’s license and it’s from when I
was a teenager when I first learned how to drive I think I was 16 years old got
my license and the same picture on my license when I had to renew my license
the same picture goes on to the next license I could change the picture and
put it on the new license but the issue is I’m not gonna go to the DMV and wait
four hours to change the picture but what happens is when I go to locations people
look at the photo and they have to double take and they ask me all these
questions what if there was a little QR code on that driver’s license that
answered all the questions that they had and this way it would save time so
instead of them taking a minute to see each person all of a sudden it’s 10-15
seconds money’s spent every second that people waste at an airport or waiting in
line for something is another second wasted in potentially spending money and
we’re moving towards a system which is quicker, faster, easier to access you can
pay with your phone now you can order stuff on Amazon next day air
things are getting quicker and quicker this is what’s going to allow the system
to continue being fluid and I think Cardano is primed to provide the solutions for these governments that are looking for applications in distributed
ledger technology and I think that moving forward they’re going to be
working with the most secure block chains not the ones where they feel like
data can be compromised or funds can be compromised because I don’t think the
government of Ethiopia or the government of the United States is going to work
with a cryptocurrency or a blockchain and put serious resources behind it if
they think that somehow the money can be hacked or the information
can be compromised I just don’t think it’s going to happen a DAO hack of
people’s information I don’t think it’s going to happen and Ethereum may shape up and create these solutions to provide a little bit more
ease of use for government solutions but Cardano will be Prime in competing for
these contracts and I look forward to seeing where I can insert myself in that
space in the future because I have a lot of ideas and I think that they could
revolutionize the Cardano blockchain alright until the next video thank you

23 thoughts on “Potential identity document verification use case using Cardano”

  1. Great points ! It's all about removing friction and speeding up commerce…..something the folks at Ripple talk about all the time 🙂

  2. Too much common sense for the US gov to adopt time saving solutions imo. It'll be the Asian countries first and US / UK will adopt years later.

  3. Microsoft is already building an identity tool on bitcoin so it will be decentralized, I believe it's called ion.

  4. I visualize a scenario where you can monetize your house or car to take out a quick equity loan from the general public, bypassing other predatory title loans or the high fees of reverse mortgage loans. Would this be doable?

  5. Thank you. This is great work! Great thinking to be specific!
    I noticed in some of the newsgroups, that some investors or potential investors are concerned about things like,, Why is Cardano so concerned with 3rd World Countries when we are the 1st World? (I didn't say it)

    This is a big red flag in my book….people are missing the advantage that Cardano has, as a result of this initiative. It seems to me that Charles has had the idea of utilizing blockchain technology (Cardano) in an effort to improve people's lives long into the future. Knowing this about Charles is part of the reason why I thought that his expression of 'I don't care about the stock price'….. was monumental!

    What makes this expression so 'standout' is another great CEO of a company I invested in prior to Cardano, also expressed the same line thinking! Now, since I am heavily invested, someone might think "Why is that good news if the CEO doesn't care about stock price! Well, I should tell you, the other CEO was Tim Cook of course his company is Apple's For the record, Apple is slated to be the next trillion dollar company! I enjoyed a nice 7:1 Stock Split, later un the year after he said that.

    Charles wants to make the product better for the end-user in an effort to improve that person's quality of life. In Third World countries we can make the greatest impact in the lives of many! I'm sure you've heard Charles mention things like people not having property deeds, home titles or ways for people to prove that they own their home!…… this ranks right up there with a person's identity being of value. All without a way to maintain this documentation! These things I am saying should not be regarded as, "nice to have", but rather "must have!". This level of demand will drive adoption and adoption drives price, but we don't care about that 🙂

    Other projects want to improve adoption too, however, they are clearly choosing a different path. The focus has been more about trying to establish the right partnerships?

    Philpa, I know you get this stuff….Intelligence is a beautiful thing! 😉 Help me to share these concepts with the community. Cardano Effect podcast "High-Value Use Case Examples that will knock Cardano out of the park!?

    Other projects (Tron, "oh did I say that out loud"?) were more concerned with Partnerships in an effort to drive price & popularity? I don't know,? I can't think of any other reason why a blockchain project would skimp out on something as significant as decentralization. Not to just single out Tron, because there are several other key projects that were more focused on being first to market or something else?, something other than product integrity?

    I'm picturing the tortoise with ADA painted on the shell running over the finish line when all the Hares (Other projects )are trying to find their way!)

    Best Regards Philpa!

  6. ? but i want to stay anonymous so i can buy my drugs and intercontinental ballistic missiles anonymously!!!

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dbTs1pPJIg

    dang dude i was so excited i forgot the link….talks about your identity use case too.

    you really want to make sure you see this! Also, anyone that can't understand why Cardano cares about 3rd world countries?
    so much potential moving in ways that many projects will never consider…..vonsuder the population of the US vs. the BILLIONS in ROW!

  8. I sure don’t want my identity on a blockchain. My goal is to get rich and then become a ghost! (Self sustain)


  10. Philpa, thanks again for the great thoughts….may I ask if you plan on running a staking pool….and if so, what would a person need to do stake ADA holdings with your pool?

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